Outrageous: Devon Archer was Given Full Immunity from the DOJ

This article originally appeared on JoeHoft.com and was republished with permission.

The reason Devon Archer looks so relaxed during his interview with Congress is because he was given total immunity by the DOJ involving his actions with the Biden gang. 

This is simply outrageous.

Last week we uncovered that Hunter Biden was given a sweetheart deal by his father’s corrupt DOJ that would give him total immunity forever regarding his many crimes while his father was Obama’s VP.  It was a wink-wink deal between the DOJ and Hunter Biden.

“It Was a Wink-Wink Agreement Between The Biden Justice Department and Hunter Biden” – Attorney Mike Davis

This is unprecedented and the opposite of what Biden’s DOJ is doing to President Trump.  Others like Roger Stone told me that he never received anything of the sort.  He has been fined and attacked by Biden’s DOJ since being pardoned by President Trump.  We are living in a communist Biden banana republic.

“I Got No Break. I Got No Special Deal. I Got No Reduction, and I Will Have to Pay Back Every Penny.” – Roger Stone Responds to Hunter’s Sweetheart Deal

The interview between Archer and the House was released overnight.  This shows more DOJ corruption.  Archer was given immunity by the DOJ.  According to the Washington Examiner:

Schwartz, Archer’s attorney, revealed that Archer testified to a grand jury in Delaware after receiving a subpoena in December 2020 and “testified pursuant to an immunity order in the grand jury.”

That means the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware agreed to shield Archer from prosecution for illegal activity if he testified about Hunter Biden’s business affairs.

The revelation helps explain why no one involved in the foreign business dealings has faced charges related to foreign lobbying violations or other alleged crimes.

No one from the Biden crime family goes to jail in this banana republic.


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