J6 Political Prisoner Dominic Pezzola’s Attorney: J6 Was an ‘Organized Government Plot’ — There Is NO EVIDENCE of Conspiracy by Patriots

Defense attorney Roger Roots, representing J6 political prisoner Dominic Pezzolla, was on “pins and needles” during a call with The Gateway Pundit Thursday morning as jurors reached a partial verdict on the Proud Boys seditious conspiracy trial.

Suspense suddenly morphed into shock, heartbreak and despair an hour later when a full verdict was deliberated convicting Enrique Tarrio, Joseph Biggs, Zachary Rehl and Ethan Nordean on three counts of conspiracy and every other felony leveled against them by the Department of Justice.

 “I mean look at Tarrio — Tarrio was not even in DC! Look at Pezolla, he had only been a Proud Boy for 30 days,” Roots lamented. “They convicted everyone on the breaking of the fence, including Tarrio — are you kidding me breaking the fence from 50 miles away?”

“I can’t believe it. We fought for four months. We lived it 24/7. We are all, everyone, is depressed.”

Initially after closing arguments, the defendants were hopeful at least one of the Biden-supporting jurors would see through the government’s brazen lies and manipulation and rationally conclude the DOJ’s narrative surrounding their alleged ploy to “violently overthrow the federal government” is an elaborate fabrication.

J6 political prisoner, former GOP congressional candidate Enrique Tarrio.

But with a jury comprised of ardent left-wing activists, a judge that incessantly demonstrates partiality to the government, fear of government retaliation for doing the right thing and the weight of the DOJ’s unlimited resources combined with the corporate press running an all-encompassing hit job on the “white supremacist” Proud Boy “terrorists” for years on end, the case was doomed from the start regardless of the facts.

Presiding Judge Timothy J. Kelly, a Trump-appointed magistrate whose wife works for Democrat DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, modified the definition of “seditious conspiracy” from how the crime was originally defined and employed in the Oath Keepers trial, lowering the threshold as to what activity qualifies as sedition.

“My understanding is that what now amounts to seditious conspiracy is so relaxed. They are charged with three conspiracies,” Roots explained. “Count one is a seditious conspiracy; count two is a seditious conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding; count three is obstructing an official proceeding without a conspiracy. Count four is conspiracy to commit civil disorder.

“So, there are  three separate conspiracies and the judge is basically instructing the jury that the same evidence could apply to all three — they could use the same exact evidence and convict on all three [counts].”

During the protest, infantry Marine Corp. veteran Dominic Pezzolla, the only defendant found not guilty of the conspiracy charges, was pulled to the ground on his back for several minutes while being stampeded by the massive crowd surrounding the Capitol building.

Pezzola then grabbed a police shield he found vacant on the ground for protection as law enforcement officials fired “sting balls” at people’s faces on an incline while standing on the Capitol steps.

He subsequently broke a window before entering the building, smoked a cigar and exited the premises. Pezzola joined the Proud Boys just 30 days prior to January 6 and never met or had any communication with Tarrio, Biggs, Nordean or Rehl until trial.

Pezzolla’s other attorney, Steven Metcalf, warned jurors during closing arguments that his client was only tried alongside the leaders of the Proud Boys to further “muck” the other defendants with assault and robbery charges.

J6 political prisoner, Army veteran Zachary Rehl.

Tarrio, the Proud  Boys’ national leader, was arrested on January 4 after burning a Black Lives Matter flag and was not in the District of Columbia during the protest that escalated into the infamous riot.

Biggs, Nordean and Rehl gathered at the Washington Monument and cavalierly stopped at the food trucks before walking to the Capitol Building where Trump was slated to speak. They entered the building for mere minutes unarmed and never committed an act of violence.

J6 political prisoner, decorated Army veteran Joseph Biggs. Biggs earned three purple hearts during several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All text and online communications exchanged amongst the defendants on January 6 exhibited during discovery confirm they primarily conspired to return to their hotel rooms, attend a concert and were eager to safely get back home to their wives and young children following the protest that no one fathomed would escalate to an “insurrection akin to 9/11.”

But the natural inclination of many good men during the brief moments that would decide their fate, particularly amongst veterans trained to serve and protect during combat, was to stop the police from beating and killing innocent people.

“There were some people who ran away. Everyone was in a state of shock,” Roots said. “Some of them had military training — look at Pezolla. Pezzola was trained infantry for the US Marines. They are trained to not retreat.”

While the government embedded the Proud Boys with Confidential Human Sources for months and years leading up to January 6, mysteriously, the undercover federal agents failed to mitigate the “conspired” so-called insurrection.

The government failed to present any substantial evidence of a premeditated plan contrived by any member of the Proud Boys throughout the 51-day trial. “1776 Returns,” the only document distributed amongst the Proud Boys blueprinting an actual strategy for January 6 was created by the FBI.  The feds disseminated the document and convinced members of the Proud Boys, including Bertino, that Tarrio created the document.  

Meet Samuel Armes – Groomed by the CIA and FBI and Author of the Original “1776 Returns” FED-SURRECTION Document – That He Reportedly Told a Friend to Send to the Proud Boys to Set Them Up

Even the government’s witnesses who pled guilty to seditious conspiracy insisted under oath and repeatedly when “squeezed” during multiple interrogations by the FBI that “there was no plan.”

“There is no evidence of a seditious plot of any kind,” Roots declared. “You would think that there would be some whistleblower that would come forward but the whistleblowers they have, like Bertino — their whistleblowers have nothing. So, they squeeze Bertino and  Greene, they squeeze these poor guys, Bertino was not there. I can’t think of a single crime that Greene committed but yet they squeezed him. He was forced to plead guilty to crimes he didn’t commit just to stay out of jail.

J6 political prisoner Ethan Nordean.

“The evidence that the government put on is a bunch of Tweets and Telegram chats about things leading up to J6 that were completely taken out of context. The vast majority of Telegram chats that are violent talk were about preparing for Antifa on the street. Half of it is just joking around and it’s all about Antifa and street fighting and things that have nothing to do with the US Capitol.”

Asked why some police officers held doors open permitting demonstrators entry into the Capitol Building, while others appear to have been given shoot-to-kill orders as they tear-gassed, beat, and shot sting balls and flash grenades at the crowd, Roots warned there is a smoking gun of “fedsurrection.”

“Let’s face it there were legitimate Trump supporters who misbehaved. It certainly was not well orchestrated by anyone. There is no evidence of a well-organized conspiracy or plotting by the patriots, no evidence at all,” he emphasized. “You can look through a fedsurrection — there’s evidence that there was an organized government plot — there’s enough evidence there.”

Judges in tandem with the government are also obfuscating discovery surrounding the murder of 5 unarmed protesters in broad daylight on J6, evidence that would justify self-defense and warrant exercise of the Second Amendment.

Several J6 defendants are detained in the DC gulag after witnessing police beat Roseanne Boyland to death. They are charged with assault for attempting to intervene to save her life. Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris, who is seen in surveillance footage beating Boyland’s unconscious body,  was awarded for “heroism” after the murder.

“What happens in these trials is everything is compartmentalized,” Roots said. “One defendant or five defendants tries to present evidence about people being killed that day and the government objects, ‘Irrelevant’ [and the judge sustains.] They say murder is only relevant if it affected the defendant’s state of mind and, ‘Of course, that’s pretty rare in itself — where can you find someone that can say his state of mind is affected by a dead person?’

J6 political prisoner, Infantry Marine Corp. veteran Dominic Pezzola.

In decorated Army Veteran Christopher Alberts’s case, Judge Harvey, G. Michae refused to allow Alberts to testify about witnessing the cops kill Benjamin Phillips on Jan. 6 or tell jurors about police pushing a man off a 30-foot cliff.

“It happened in Chris Alberts’ case. [Attorney] John Pierce and I tried the Chris Alberts trial and the government objected every time we tried to point out what Chris Alberts saw with his own eyes,” Roots said. “Benjamin Phillips who was killed was involved in trying to clear the crowd and yet the government stopped all evidence from coming in about that.

“Also, Alberts was on the stairs and saw the government push some guy right off the side, Varga, they pushed him right off. From Alberts’ perspective, it looked like he was being pushed to his death because it was about a 30-foot drop and he did not see the landing.  All he saw were cops pushing the guy.

“That affected his state of mind — you can’t say it didn’t. But every single time Chris Alberts tried to put on that evidence the government would object saying it was irrelevant.”

Conviction of the Proud Boys on the bogus charges that could send them to maximum security in a federal penitentiary for decades is another notch in the belt for the enemies of America and advances the deep state’s relentless effort to bury President Donald Trump, Roots concluded.

“The Gateway Pundit has the most honest journalist covering J6, honestly,” he said. “The mainstream commentary and all the elite branches of government claim J6 is a huge ‘insurrectionist moment.’ This is the trial where they have fingers pointed at the people they claim were “the masterminds” of this so-called insurrection and we know the evidence does not substantiate that, at all.

“The guilty verdict will be trumpeted by the mainstream press and it will be used to set the stage that ‘Trump was behind it’ and there was this big ‘conspiracy.’ When in fact, the evidence is very clear that it was a shit show, it was absolute — it was chaos, total chaos. There were undercovers from different agencies, some probably didn’t even know the existence of the others and there was Antifa there. I can’t believe the jurors were so interested — why would they sit through four months just to convict? It’s just sad.”

The attorneys representing Tarrio, Rehl and Nordean declined to provide comment after jurors reached a verdict. They have insistently cautioned TGP that talking to media risks upsetting the judge prior to sentencing and could adversely impact the ultimate outcome for the defendants. Defense attorney Norm Pattis, representing Biggs, told TGP on Thursday night he was “too bitter” over the verdict to provide comment at this time.

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