J6 Political Prisoner William Chrestman: FBI Paying Criminal ‘Confidential Human Sources’ $30k A Month ‘To Set People Up’

Government spy agencies embedded confidential human sources to ignite violence among peaceful protesters on January 6 as some police officers permitted entry into the Capitol building and others murdered demonstrators in cold blood while arbitrating the deep state-conspired “insurrection,” warns J6 political prisoner Billy Chrestman.

January 6 was a communist-style “coup d’état of the United States” and the government strategically awarded the police officers who killed Americans that day, Chrestman, a 47-year-old father of six and U.S. Army veteran from Kansas, told The Gateway Pundit during phonecalls from the DC gulag, where he has been detained for over two years.

Officer Lila Morris “got an award for beating a woman to death and continually hitting her lifeless, dead body over and over to provoke the crowd. That’s what she did that day. She got a medal for that,” says Chrestman.

The Kansas Army Veteran continued calling attention to Roseanne Boyland’s murder. “I don’t even know what the medal was for. It’s such a sham. I think it’s ‘heroism’ or something. It was ridiculous.

“The real reason they did that — and the same thing with[Officer] Fanone, he got a gold medal too — it makes it harder to go and attack a person’s character when they were given a medal by Congress for being a hero. It’s ridiculous. They think that’s going to work — it’s not going to work because it’s all on video. You’re telling on yourselves. That’s the problem, is the public hasn’t been allowed to see these videos.

The government is hellbent on withholding exculpatory evidence, thousands of hours of surveillance footage that exonerates J6 political prisoners and exposes unbridled public corruption, Chrestman continued.

“The Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to keep anybody from seeing these videos and they are part of our discovery. We [defendants] have been denied too — we can’t watch them either,” he said. “There is just so much video, yet, we can’t have the video. And when they give it to us, they expect that we should have the ability to view this 44,000 hours of video that they’ve had for two years — they will give it to us right before our trials, no time to look through it.”

Lt. Michael Byrd shot Babbitt while she was conspicuously surrounded by a gaggle of reporters, including the CNN cameraman John Sulivan and former TGP contributor Taylor Hansen, and other law enforcement officials. In footage documenting the incident, the surrounding officers appear ostensibly aloof as they watched Byrd fire the weapon. Byrd is championed by mainstream media, was exonerated of all criminal charges and is provided special housing by the federal government.

Antfia-Black Lives Matter activist John Earl Sullivan, who notoriously disguised himself as a Trump supporter while recording Byrd shooting the air force veteran, was paid approximately $35,000 by CNN and another $35,000 from NBC for the footage of the homicide and was immediately released from jail following his arrest surrounding his role in the Capitol breach.



Criminal charges against CNN have been suppressed by the Biden Administration.


In addition to government-heralded murders on January 6, the Federal Bureau of Investigations embedded the agency’s confidential human sources among the crowd and months in advance among pro-Trump groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to incriminate peaceful demonstrators, Chrestman continued.

According to the Department of Justice, confidential human sources are, “Any individual who is believed to be providing useful and credible information to the FBI for any authorized information collection activity, and from whom the FBI expects or intends to obtain additional useful and credible information in the future, and whose identity, information, or relationship with the FBI warrants confidential handling.”

A CHS is typically facing criminal charges and is paid lucratively to work for the FBI, Chrestman noted.

“We’ve got confidential human sources, which is just a fancy word for FBI rat,” he said. “They are basically people who have been caught doing other bad things. So, what the FBI does is they hire them and give them a deal: ‘Hey, we’ll get rid of your charges, we won’t press charges against you, but you come work for us and we’ll pay you. We’ll pay you damn good money.’

“Some of these guys are getting paid $30k a month to set people up. I’ve got a confidential informant — and the funny thing is, they are saying I did nothing wrong. And they still lock me up — their own informant says I did nothing wrong.”


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Government spies and crisis actors assumed assigned roles on January 6, Chrestman surmises.

“That day — all we were doing was protesting and I’m telling you, there were some bad actors in that crowd… people that had other agendas. I can’t go into too much detail, but I will say this, there were foreign actors there as well that had an agenda. There were instigators,” he said. “Somebody there wanted the reaction they got from the crowd, let’s just put it that way. Right in front of us, we saw them kicking an older woman while she was on the ground. We saw them pulling an older woman by her hair while they were cuffing her. I grabbed her purse. I got it back to her the next day. There was a lot of stuff going on there.”

After years of plaguing the Trump administration with charges of Russian collusion and impeachment, the deep state finally accomplished a “coup” of the executive branch.

Democrats and the US intelligence agencies set a trap for Americans on January 6 to secure the rigged election for the Biden Crime family as Republicans tepidly facilitated the globalist takeover, the political prisoner lamented.

“This was a coup d’état. The whole point is to take down the U.S. government and hand it down to the Chinese communists. Most of our Democrats and half of our Republicans are working for the Chinese Communist Party, whether they are taking bribes or they are taking campaign contributions,” Chrestman argued. “Look at Mitch McConnell, his family is knee-deep in Chinese money and he fights Trump and every patriot every step of the way.

“Do you think that these railroad derailments — the rash of derailments, of hazardous materials on railroads all over the country is an accident? No. This is all on purpose. This is part of the subversion. This is part of the sabotage that goes on before you invade a country. They’ve weakened our military. They sent all of our excess arm-stockpiles to Ukraine. Why?”

Chrestman, a Kansas City Proud Boy, is charged with multiple felonies stemming from his alleged actions during the Capitol riot. He maintains he was permitted entry into the Capitol building by police officers.

“I don’t feel that I really committed any crimes to be honest with you. I’ve got no violent charges. I hit nobody. I hit no police officers, I hit no civilians. I committed no violence that day. I committed no vandalism,” he said. “I asked the police before I went into the building — they gave me permission.

“I asked the police as soon as I got into the building where I could go and where I could not go. They told me where I could not go and to stay in a certain direction and I would be fine. That’s exactly what I did. As a matter of fact, I asked people to pick up trash and told people to stop trying to do harm to statues and people listened. It’s all on video.”

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State-run media warns the Proud Boys are “a violent, right-wing extremist gang” as federal prosecutors claim that many of the gang’s members including  Chrestman, plotted and incited the breach at the Capitol.

Chrestman is charged with Conspiracy, Obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Aiding and Abetting, Obstruction of Law Enforcement During Civil Disorder and Aiding and Abetting, Threatening a Federal Officer, Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds and Carrying a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon, Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds and Carrying a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon, according to the DOJ.

“I joined the Proud Boys because I got sick of having to bite my tongue every time politics was discussed in public. I had nobody really to talk to about things that mattered. I didn’t want to sit there and shake my head [yes] if you read to me about transgender youth surgeries … and how awesome it is while I’m drinking a beer somewhere,” Chrestman admonished. “I wanted to be around like-minded people, where if I disagreed with somebody I wasn’t accused of being a bigot.”

In the DC Department of Corrections, J6 defendants are isolated in the ‘Patriot Pad.’ Most J6ers have endured a claustrophobic nightmare, solitary confinement, throughout their incarceration as Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser exploits the government-manufactured Covid crisis to enforce tyranny and impose psychological torture.

In the Alexandria Detention Facility, J6 “domestic terrorists” are confined 23 hours a day in 4ft by 10ft concrete cells. Correctional officers surmise the isolation is justified in light of the danger “insurrectionists” pose in close vicinity to the US Capitol building, J6 political prisoners, Proud Boys leaders Enrique Tarrio and Army Sgt. Joseph Biggs told this reporter during visits to the jail. Tarrio and Biggs, who concluded day 52 of the Seditious Conspiracy on Friday, revealed during visitation they were provided a single mask to prevent the transmission of Covid when transferred to the jail over a year ago and are required to wear the same visibly filthy mask daily while freezing in the concrete cells that remain below 30-degrees Fahrenheit.


In reality, the FBI is committing acts of terror against innocent Americans, Chrestman, who had no criminal history prior to J6, explained as he described the horror of waking up to a predawn raid.

“It was absolutely ridiculous. Once again, I’ve got no violent charges and they swat my house. They raided my house at 5 or 5:30 in the morning. I woke up to flash bangs going off outside of my window — and I mean, right outside of my bedroom window — scared the hell out of us. Lights going off, bullhorns, my phone was ringing, pounding at the door,” he said. “Looked outside and all we could see were red and blue lights flashing and reflecting off of the snow. It was surreal. It took me probably good three or four minutes to realize what was going on.

“I picked up the phone. It was the FBI on the phone and they are talking to me, and at the same time, they were yelling — another one is yelling at me over a bullhorn, yelling horrible things,” he continued. “I mean, the FBI is already talking to me on the phone. Why have a guy on a bullhorn unless it was just to intimidate and embarrass in front of my neighbors?

“That’s exactly what that was for. They wanted to embarrass me. I walked to the front door. They told me not to bother getting dressed. I knew better than that.”

Chrestman’s six kids are now residing with different family members in different states after his wife resigned to selling their house while struggling to afford Chrestman’s defense against the U.S. government.

“None of my kids are together. They are all separated,” he said. “We lost our house — we got almost nothing for it because the sale had to go through so quickly. All of my possessions are gone except what can fit in a small closet-sized storage locker.

Securing an attorney “was an impossible venture” that assures the poor man spends the rest of his life behind bars, he explained.

“I thought there would be lawyers lined up to take the case — I was naive. I thought this would be a slam dunk for a great lawyer like you see in the movies, you know, a high-powered lawyer comes in, takes it pro bono slam dunk, [their] picture is in the paper and stuff. It’s not like that. Not at all. Nobody wanted to touch these cases unless you had a hundred grand to give them –that was just to start.”

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In the pits of hell, innocent men are steadfast in faith in God, Chrestman assured.

“This is all about crushing our spirits…taking everything they can from us. It’s beyond just punishment. We are being put on a show. We are supposed to be an example to show patriots what’s going to happen to you if you fight back,” he said. “You’re going to just accept their plans for you and their new agenda.

“My faith is on the ground. I’ve never doubted God. This actually proves His resolve toward us. Christ has seen me and the rest of us through this so far. This is a horrible, depressing experience and God has let us know in various ways that he is with us one hundred percent and we are not alone. We will not just make it through this, but we will overcome.”

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