Surprise: FDA Warns That Pfizer’s Experimental Covid Pills Cause Life-Threatening Reactions When Used with Many Common Medications

Pfizer’s antiviral oral drug Paxlovid that was developed as an early treatment for Covid-19 can cause severe or life-threatening effects if it is taken in tandem with other common medications including some anticoagulants, anti-depressants, and cholesterol-lowering drugs that are used widely across the US, according to a warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There are six pages of warnings with this drug.

Hillary Asks for Donations to the Clinton Foundation and Gets Grilled on Twitter

The Clintons are likely the most corrupt couple in US history. If we had a DOJ and protection for Jeffrey Epstein, they’d be in jail. Can there be anyone as corrupt and oblivious to their own corruption as the Clintons? Bill was impeached for obstructing justice and tampering with witnesses involving numerous incidents and crimes that took place in his administration. Hillary and Bill made millions in their foundation while giving a huge percent of US uranium to Russians for a few more million. Next Hillary created the bogus Russia collusion sham that the corrupt DOJ and FBI ran with. Now Hillary is asking for donations?

China Again Threatens the US with “Unbearable Cost” Over Taiwan

China is raising the pressure and again threatening the US not to interfere with their actions related to Taiwan. American Military News reports: In a Thursdayinterviewwith China’s state-run CCTV and the official press agency Xinhua, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the U.S.

Poll Shows That Only 6% of Republicans Believe that Joe Biden’s 2020 Election Win Was “Definitely Legitimate”

(Above a picture showing no crowd at Biden’s Inauguration) A recent poll out of Massachusetts shows that only 6% of Republicans believe that Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 Election was “definitely legitimate”. (We can name the individuals included in the 6%: George Conway, Robert Mueller, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, and the Bush and McCain families.) A poll from the University of Massachusetts Amherst shows: One Year Later, New UMass Amherst Poll Finds Continued National Political Division Over the Jan.

PART 4: – It Was a Set-Up: As Soon as Jan 6 Committee Obtained Deep State Operative Don Berlin’s Bogus Election Dossier Claims, They Were Leaked to the Mainstream Media to Claim ‘Trump Insurrection’

They knew what they were looking for. Information from the Deep State dossier created by Don Berlin that was presented to President Trump right before Jan 6, was leaked to the media as soon as Mark Meadows provided it to the Jan 6 Committee in December 2021 per the committee’s subpoena.