‘God and Cancel Culture’ Author Urges Americans To Pray, Stand Up Before It’s Too Late: ‘We Do Not Lose Our Constitutional Rights When There Is A Crisis In America’

We no longer look to North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, or third-world countries to find peaceful citizens with big fat targets on their backs.

America is in a war.

This time the enemy isn’t thousands of miles away on a distant battlefield or hiding in a cave.

It’s here and ruling over us, canceling, marginalizing, blacklisting, bankrupting and even coordinating federal entrapment of anyone threatening its power.

Even voicing dissent will soon be a criminal offense, if we proceed down this trajectory, author of  “God and Cancel Culture” Steven Strang warned in an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit.

The political left proclaims to champion liberalism. In reality, its ideology is predicated on “socialism and communism, which is atheistic, which has always been against God,” the award-winning journalist explained. “There are secular people who never would have identified with me as a Christian, but they’re being attacked so much that it’s like we stick together as brothers.”

Strang, CEO of Charisma Media, examines a turn of events that are leading up to the nullification of the US Constitution in his new book “God and Cancel Culture,” and draws upon a lifetime of experience and outstanding interviews for insight into how to triumph over evil in this dark hour.   

The left’s ability to galvanize the public into replacing faith in God with “wokeness” directly correlates to the tyrannical takeover we are witnessing unfold, he argued.

“It’s almost like wokeness is a religion – like a secular religion. They have certain sins – they have penalties for their sins. The only thing is that in their philosophy there is no way of redemption,” he said. “Christianity is about redemption. Even if you mess up, even if you do wrong, you can be redeemed through Jesus Christ.

“If you mess up with ‘woke’ people or if woke people aren’t woke enough, a lot of times they eat their own. There’s no redemption. It’s really sad. We do not want this to happen – we do not want our children and grandchildren to have to grow up in this kind of America.”

Social justice radicals have had a monopoly on popular culture for decades and the sore-loser leftwing mob has cried foul after every election that has resulted in a Republican victor.

As former President Trump began to successfully resurrect the American economy and culture from a communist stronghold, the effort perpetrated to stomp out patriotism rose to new heights as Big Tech, corporate giants, Democrats and many in the Republican ranks joined forces to “prevent another Trump situation.”

Suddenly, a bioweapon was unleashed that singlehandedly destroyed the reelection prospects of the America First leader, kill millions of innocent people and crush dissent.

The leftwing mob managed to cancel the will of the American people in 2020, Strang argued.

“If there’s fraud in one precinct in America, it ought to be investigated. We can’t have any, certainty about our elections,” he proclaimed. “Ballots in the middle of the night and all of them are for Biden and nobody down-ballot – I mean, that is fraud on its face! A fifth-grader could identify that as fraudulent. Nobody votes for Biden – not hundreds of ballots in a box in the middle of the night.

“But these people don’t care. They lie, steal and cheat. So if you prove they did all that and they don’t care. They know they’re doing it. As a journalist, I’ve always tried to be sort of reasonable and not an alarmist, but I’m very, very concerned what’s happened,” he continued. “The left is saying, ‘We won. You lost. Sit down, shut up. And if you don’t shut up, we will cancel you – we’ll be sure that you can’t earn a living, that your name is mud. It used to be in Europe, in the Middle Ages, one group would fight the other, but back then they would cut off each others’ heads and shoot each other. Now it’s character assassination online.”

Strang, who has nearly 50 years of journalism experience and published thousands of books, witnessed election interference firsthand when corporate retail giants canceled his books “God, Trump And The 2020 Election”  ahead of the steal.

“I tried to warn that if Trump did not win all these bad things were going to happen and sadly has come true. Amazon carried it and sold tens of thousands of that book. But then mysteriously in July, August, September, and October – running up to the election – they ordered zero copies. They took the buy button off and they said the book was ‘not available.’ They didn’t actually take it off,” he said. “We made calls and inquiries and asked what can be done and, ‘We’ll ship you the books and put the buy button on.’ Nothing.

“After the election, they put the buy button back, they bought a whole bunch of copies, and you can still buy it on Amazon. And that’s just a small way that I’ve been able to see with my own eyes. This cancel culture – what’s happening to Michael Lindell and, and a lot of other people is much, much, much worse.”

Amid the communist takeover, books about God are anathema for Walmart.

“Walmart, which has sold big numbers of all my other books, my books about Donald Trump, they’ve declined to carry this book [‘God and Cancel Culture’],” Strang revealed. “Is that a big deal? Well, it was to me.”

Even after using a bioweapon to hijack economies around the globe and steal the election, deep state bureaucrats and installed lawmakers continue to desperately perpetuate COVID “crisis” to implement a social credit system that flags, shuns, punishes, and eradicates political dissent.

You’re no longer a “racist” or “conspiracy theorist” for supporting the GOP, being a patriot, or defending your faith. Refusal to comply with illogic – like injecting yourself with gene therapy that could kill you or struggling to breathe in a germ-ridden mask – is outlawed in states across America. Even the creator of mRNA technology is ostracized and banished for presenting facts about the effects of his experiment.

“If there’s even a possibility that may be [Ivermectin] would help, doesn’t a person have a right to try it? Maybe it’ll help,” Strang charged. “It’s not going to kill them.”

The ban on medications that treat COVID coincided with a ban on churches during COVID that will ultimately, like in all dictatorships, will result in a ban on the belief in God unless The People stand up, he surmised.

“I’m concerned about how they’re suppressing Christianity. We have the first amendment, which is freedom of religion and churches were shut down because of a virus. We do not lose our constitutional rights when there is a crisis in America,” Strang said. “If you went to church, you could be a ‘super spreader’ and die of COVID. But you could go to a liquor store, a marijuana dispensary, or even Walmart and somehow that was okay – it’s insane. I document this and I talked to brave pastors in ‘God and Cancel Culture who stood up to this. If ever people needed the church, it was during a crisis. People were depressed. Parents were dying in hospitals, and they couldn’t even go visit them.

“These woke people – they want to stamp out Christianity. Some of them would make the Bible a hate book if they could get away with it. Thank God. We’re not that far. We’ve got to stand up.”

The woke agenda is being implemented at “warp speed” as our once free nation precipitously morphs into a dystopia that was incomprehensible just two years prior. But it’s not too late, Strang insists, because with faith in God all things are possible.

“People are waking up,” he concluded. “There are millions of people praying. Even as bad as things are now, we have to believe that God’s word is true.  I document [in God and Cancel Culture] how some good things are happening – we’re seeing people turn to God. Young people are turning to God, but if you watch CNN or even Fox, you don’t even hardly think anybody goes to church, let alone somebody prays. At Charisma, we try to report that kind of thing.

“When things get so far, people get hopeless. There’s an empty spot in all of us that longs for God. Some people try to fill it with wokeness.”

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