President Trump Gives Initial Response to Tucker’s Termination Moments After It Happened (VIDEO)

On Monday it was reported that Tucker Carlson was terminated from FOX News. Tucker had the most watched show on cable news by far, but it didn’t matter. BREAKING: TUCKER OUT AT FOX President Trump had a scheduled interview with host Gene Bailey with Flashpoint on the Victory Channel on Monday and it happened to occur right after President Trump heard about Tucker Carlson being removed from FOX News.

WE WERE RIGHT: Latest Twitter Files Release Uncovers Lies that Russian Accounts Impacted 2016 Election

The latest Files release (#21) provides evidence that the narrative that Russian accounts were materially impacting US elections was a lie. This is exactly what TGP said years ago. Before the 2016 Election, the Hillary and Obama gang was scared that President Trump might win and then lo into their crimes so they created the lie that candidate Trump was tied to Russians.

EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Adam Schiff Is in Deep Schiff – Ethics Complaint Filed Alleging Several Violations of Law in California and Maryland

US Congressman Adam Schiff from California is in deep trouble. An ethics complaint has been filed against Schiff by a concerned citizen alleging that Schiff has committed election and voter fraud claiming he was both a citizen of California and Maryland. A concerned citizen from the state of California uncovered what is believed to be crimes committed by Adam Schiff.

Oracle Will No Longer Collaborate with the GDI After the Company Is Identified in Lawsuit for Targeting Conservative Media Advertisers (Like TGP’s)

Oracle says it will no longer collaborate with the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) after the company was mentioned in a lawsuit against the GDI blacklisting conservative media. The Gateway Pundit discussed GDI in recent articles on the website.Global Disinformation is an industry for the radical globalist left.

“It’s a Settlement That Never Should Have Happened…Something Else Had to Have Been Involved.” – Harvard Professor and Attorney Dershowitz on FOX Settlement with Dominion

The likelihood of FOX News winning a case with Dominion was better than 50% says Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz. Attorney and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz was on Linl TV last night with Brannon Howse to discuss the FOX News and Dominion settlement that was announced this week.

Before He “Became a Psycho, a Very Sick Puppy” Alec Baldwin Wanted to Play Trump in a Movie

President Trump is coming out with a new bo that includes letters he received from a number of people during his life in the public eye. Last week President Trump released a letter that he is including in his new bo: Letters to Trump. This letter was from President Richard Nixon who gave citizen Trump a word of encouragement back in 1987 for “when” he decides to run for President.

REVEALED: Antony Blinken Was Behind Effort to Organize and Gather 50+ Members of Intel Community to Lie and Sign Bogus Letter on Hunter Laptop Being Russian Disinformation

Current Secretary of State Tony Blinken was reportedly behind the effort to put together a list of government intel leaders to claim that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. This narrative was another liberal lie. According to a report in the New York Post yesterday, it was the current Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, who called an Intel insider to put together a list of Intel leaders who would sign a report stating the lie that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

Alameda County, California Republican Party Unanimously Passes Resolution Denouncing Indictment of President Trump Calling for Its Withdrawal

Alameda County, California Republicans unanimously passed a resolution last night denouncing the indictment of President Trump by Soros-backed Manhattan DA Bragg and calling for its withdrawal. On Monday night, Alameda County, California Republican Party passed a resolution calling for the withdrawal of the indictment against President Trump by corrupt Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Senator Mark Warner’s “Restrict Act” Is the Patriot Act for Elections that Gives the Government Enormous Power – Forcing Counties to Enable “Albert Sensors” or Mandate Other Sinister Election Activities

THE RESTRICT ACT WILL ALLOW THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO STEAL ELECTIONS AND SHUT AMERICANS UP ABOUT ELECTION INTEGRITY Contributors – Estancia News, and David and Erin Clements Last week we published two articles detailing the Orwellian election surveillance tool called “Albert Sensors” which were put in place by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through a private partner called the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

CRAZY: San Francisco Chronicle Reporter Shared that California GOP Are For DeSantis When Straw Poll Showed the Total Opposite – California Is SUPER MAGA

A member of the San Francisco press attended a recent GOP gathering in California. The message d was the opposite of reality. The California media is apparently all in for DeSantis – or anyone but Trump. At a recent gathering of GOP in California a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle reported that California GOP were moving away from President Trump.

Marc Elias and the Democrat Party Accused of “Possible Criminal Violations of Both the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) and the Federal Criminal Code”

Marc Elias was Hillary Clinton’s attorney during her failed run for the Presidency in 2016. He is now being accused of possible criminal violations of both the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) and the federal Criminal Code. Marc Elias was Hillary’s attorney in her failed attempt to win the Presidential election in 2016 but he became famous after the 2020 Election. Elias went around the nation and got himself involved in numerous actions and lawsuits in an effort to put in place -in ballots and ballot drop boxes. These efforts allowed the Democrat Party to drop off ballots in the election that were not validated for where they came from (i.e.

Kyle Rittenhouse Countersues Gaige Grosskreutz, the Guy Who Attempted to Shoot Him and Got His Arm Nearly Blown Off

(Above – Kyle Rittenhouse shooting Gaige Grosskreutz in self-defense as Grosskreutz pulled a gun on the young lad.) Kyle Rittenhouse is known as an American who protects himself. He saved his own life and now he is protecting himself again. Kyle Rittenhouse made the news in a big way in 2020 after defending himself and the property of others against BLM protesters in Racine, Wisconsin.

PERFECT: FOX News Host Rachel Campos-Duffy Calls Out Feinstein, Fetterman, Biden and Lindsey Graham for Not Voting or Having a Clue What They’re Voting On

Rachel Campos-Duffy says it all on FOX and Friends this Sunday morning about the many politicians in the US Government who are unable to do their jobs. The discussion this morning on FOX and Friends Weekend started with a discussion of California Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein. Feinstein, who is 89-years-old has been out for medical reasons for some time. This is preventing the Dems from pushing through radical Biden judges onto the bench. Even Democrats are calling for Feinstein to resign.