Dr. Zelenko Discusses His Highly Regarded Z-Stack Zinc Delivery System with The Gateway Pundit — Must See Video — Buy It Here!

Dr. Zelenko was an early advocate for the use of hydroxychloroquine — which was shut down by Governor Cuomo and Dr. Fauci.

In response, Dr. Zelenko found an over-the-counter solution for zinc delivery and created Z-Stack.

Z- Stack contains Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. It is Kosher certified, GMP certified, and proudly made in the USA. Kids Zstack is also available for pre-order. To order, click here: https://zstacklife.com/gateway (by purchasing through this link, you’ll be supporting and benefiting Gateway Pundit)

Dr. Zelenko sat down for an interview with Gateway Pundit to answer the many questions we have about his work and this product.

Watch: Here is Dr. Zelenko answering our questions (a transcript with highlights is below):

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Highlights from the video:

Q: The Omicron variant has been in the news a lot lately. Should this variant change the way we think about COVID?

You know, the Omicron variant or the Delta variant or any other variant – they’re all the same to me. The reason why I say that is the difference in those variants is in the shape of the spike protein and its ability to get it into the cell. My focus has never been the virus getting into the cell — my focus has been to stop the virus from making copies of its genetic material, viral replication. And that is the same pathway for all the variants.

By blocking the common pathway — the common denominator — called RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase — you actually inhibit all the variants simultaneously.

That’s why zinc, together with the zinc ionophore, is absolutely crucial. Because zinc blocks that enzyme. And the zinc ionophore allows for zinc to get into the cell. The most common zinc ionophores are hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. But those are prescription. Due to governmental tyranny, they’re difficult to get.

And so there are over-the-counter options such as quercetin, which is a derivative of apple peels — it’s a bioflavonoid — together with Vitamin C that is an effective zinc ionophore…So my formulation of Z-Stack is based on quercetin, together with Vitamin C which delivers the zinc into the cell. And it also has Vitamin D….

Q: There is now a great deal of debate about whether “fully vaccinated” means two shots or three or even in some cases four! Is there any reason to believe we aren’t headed towards a regime of endless vaccine boosters?

Regarding the vaccine boosters, let me tell you its the biggest joke in the history of medicine. These vaccines whether its the first round or the thirty-second shot that you’re going to get cause AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Before you think I’m nuts, I didn’t say it causes HIV. HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. But there are other things that can damage the immune system. And there are dozens of peer-reviewed papers showing that these vaccines are damaging your innate immune system…you’re becoming much more prone to developing cancer, auto-immune diseases and other very serious infections…

Q: From the very beginning you encouraged early treatment of COVID and now suddenly big pharma is producing pills that they say will treat COVID if administered early. Do you feel vindicate by this?

I’d like to congratulate the pharmaceutical industry for seeing the validity and the merits of the Zelenko Protocol. It took them two years and 7-8 million dead people and not to mention closing the world economy and the trillions of dollars lost by middle class families. If you put that aside, I’m glad they’re coming around to realize that common sense should reign supreme…

It’s not surprising that early intervention for anything will have better outcomes. Like cancer. Of course, you’re going to have better results if you treat it when it’s in one place, not when it spreads to every part of the body…the same thing with COVID-19…The only problem with their drugs is they’re based on HIV medications that have a lot of side effects. And they’ll cost $700 to 1,000 per patient course. While the treatment approach that I’m advocated for costs about $15-$20.

Q: Do you believe we should have a federal investigation into the entire response to COVID? Starting with asking the question about how many lives were lost by failing to treat COVID early?

I actually believe we need not a federal investigation but an international military tribunal where the conspirators — and I don’t only mean Fauci and Gates…[also] the stakeholders that orchestrated this event. These people should be brought to justice in a military tribunal, charged with crimes against humanity, mass murder and genocide and, if convicted, should be hung up.

Q: Can you talk to us a little bit about ZStack and about why you developed Z-Stack?

Z-Stack was a gift from God in response to tyranny. The ghoul Cuomo who killed 20,000 nursing home residents in the state of New York, blocked access for my patients to hydroxychloroquine…I lost my hydroxychloroquine zinc delivery system, so I was forced to innovate. So on the NIH server of all places, I learned about quercetin, which is available over the counter. I realized ‘Oh my God, I just found the cure, not for COVID, but for tyranny.’ Because now I could say to my patient: ‘Go to the vitamin shop, buy your zinc delivery system over the counter, and you’ll be okay.’

So Z-Stack was in response to oppression. It was in response to government overreach and getting in the middle of the sacred relationship between the doctor and the patient…

The most common response that I got from people was, ‘We can’t find everything. We don’t now the dosing. We don’t know which type to buy.’ Practically speaking, people were not getting the treatment in the right timeframe that was needed. So I was asked to develop a product that’s all in one bottle. And it makes it much easier for the public to get the needed treatment in the right timeframe. That’s how Z-Stack was born.

Dr. Zelenko has made available a special link to his site for Gateway Pundit readers (by purchasing through this link, you’ll be supporting and benefiting Gateway Pundit): https://zstacklife.com/gateway.

For a limited time, use code TGP2022 to get a discount on your order of Z-Stack.

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