CBS News Posts Results In Laura Loomer’s Race, DAYS BEFORE ELECTION!

A South Florida CBS affiliate, CBS 12, posted the primary election results for over a half-dozen races last night to their website, days before the final votes are to be counted. Florida’s final absentee ballots and in-person election day voting occurs on Tuesday from 7am to 7pm. Despite this, congressional candidate Laura Loomer, who is running in the Republican primary to take on far-left career politician Lois Frankel, found herself shocked to see that 100% of precincts reporting their tallies late Sunday night.

The “results” showed the establishment candidates facing Loomer with a lion’s share of the votes and the journalist turned candidate barely snagging a few thousand votes. Given the fact that Loomer has built a massive volunteer army and raised over $1,000,000 and spent over $500,000 in the primary, those numbers are statistically impossible. However, if you are looking to suppress excitement among her very dedicated fanbase in the final hours of the election, posting “election results” like this would be one way to demoralize people into staying home and becoming hopeless.

Speaking exclusively to TGP, Loomer blasted CBS12.

CBS12, one of the major local news stations here in Palm Beach County where I’m running for Congress is actively engaging in VOTER SUPPRESSION on their website by posting fake election results! The election is on August 18th! Today is August 16th, yet CBS12’s website claims to have 100% reporting of all precinct votes!


My campaign contacted the station tonight and explained how this is voter suppression, we requested for them to take it down, and they are REFUSING to do so. Call CBS12’s news desk ASAP and ask them why they are posting fake election results to suppress voters ahead of the August 18th Florida Primary election!You can reach them at 561-881-0796.

When CBS12’s leadership was reached by this GP reporter, they claimed that the results have been removed and were intended to be an “internal test” of their election night results tools. This comes less than 12 hours after officials had refused calls from dozens of people who asked them to remove the phony election results.

An archived version of the phony results can be found here.

Watch Laura Loomer’s response to CBS12.




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