Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Joe Biden at Orlando Rally: “He Gets Up to Stump, to About 4 People… Usually as He’s Groping Someone” (VIDEO)

President Trump is holding his Campaign Kickoff Rally tonight in front of a massive overflow crowd in Orlando, Florida

Donald Trump Jr. revved up the crowd before his father was set to speak tonight.

Donald Trump Jr. is definitely a crowd favorite… And he went off on Joe Biden.


Donald Trump Jr.: I don’t know about you but when Joe Biden is putting about 7 people in an audience I’m saying, “I think they may be a little wrong with the polling. But what the hell do I know?… I’ll tell you what I know. I know you guys are not sick of winning yet… I watch the Democrats and I ask who the hell are they fighting for? Cause it ain’t Americans!… Joe Biden, he gets up on the stump. Usually to about 4 people. And says, “Government has failed you.” Usually as he’s groping someone.

Here is the full video via Right Side Broadcasting Network:

Donald Trump Jr. tossed MAGA hats out to the crowd when he went on stage.

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