Massachusetts City of Somerville Scrapping Columbus Day In Favor of ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’

Somerville, Massachusetts is the same city where a leftist recently urinated on American flags at a veterans’ memorial cemetery. Now the city is kicking Columbus Day to the curb over political correctness.

CBS News in Boston reports:

Somerville Mayor Says City Will Observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Not Columbus Day


The city of Somerville is ditching Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Mayor Joe Curtatone announced Thursday.

Somerville joins Cambridge and other places in New England like Portland, Maine and Durham, New Hampshire by choosing to recognize those who lived in the Americas before European colonization instead of Christopher Columbus.

Here’s part of a statement released by the mayor via Wicked Local:

Curtatone: Why Somerville is observing Indigenous Peoples’ Day

This year on Monday, Oct. 8, the city of Somerville will observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day. We will join — among many others — Alaska, Vermont, Durango, Colo., and Traverse City, Mich., in doing the right thing. It’s been an issue we’ve given careful consideration, and many inside and outside our city have made compelling arguments for this change.

The arc of history bends not only toward justice but toward reason. Columbus Day is a relic of an outdated and oversimplified version of history. This is not to say that Columbus has no place in history. It does not deny his skills or courage as a mariner. Nor does it weaken the important role his legacy has played in our national identity. But during the period when Columbus was elevated to an American symbol of discovery, the full story was less widely known.

Mayor Curtatone came under scrutiny earlier this summer for announcing a boycott of Sam Adams beer because the company’s CEO thanked Trump for the tax cuts, claiming it would make the Boston Beer Company more competitive.

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