“It’s the Swamp Being Chicken Little” – Michigan Voters Stand by President Trump after Helsinki Meeting Despite Media Attacks (VIDEO)

News Channel 4 interviewed several Trump supporters following his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

All of the Trump supporters could not care less about the president’s performance despite the unhinged media reports.

One Trump support, Meshawn Maddock, had this to say, “We laugh out loud,” at the media attacks.


Bill Rauwerdink added this, “I’m supposed to change my opinion about a President that’s doing all kinds of amazingly positive things because of a one-hour press conference?”

Another Trump voter chimed in, “The public expects nothing less from the swamp in DC and their cronies in the media. It’s the swamp being Chicken Little like the sky is falling in and the American people are getting tired of it.”

This was a memorable line. When the reporter said, “But there are Republicans criticizing President Trump?”

Meshawn replied, “Those are “Never Trumpers.””

The President Trump supporters are standing with this amazing president — despite the media and NeverTrumpers.

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