WINTRICH: These Students Were Able To Escape A Deranged Shooter, Does That Mean They Are Above Rebuke?

Tonight, on FOX News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson brought up a point that many on the right have been too scared to touch with a ten-foot-pole: why are we not allowed to criticize the talking points being injected in the media cycle by acting students recruited by far-left organizations?

In this country, all views and beliefs need to be examined and debated. As journalists, it is our job to examine EVERYTHING that is in the news cycle.

There are no “free passes.”

By all accounts, the Parkland shooting was a failure on the part of federal authorities and then all of the authority figures all down the line. In the wake of the shooting, a select group of students were pulled from the chaos and spoke – word-for-word – the very talking points that progressive liberal adults have been screaming about for decades.

It is insane and beyond negative definition what the left is doing by dragging high school students into a public spotlight, sticking a microphone in their face, and working them through the perfect political talking points that work toward their goal of removing the Second Amendment entirely.

These faux-indignant media vultures and their radical, far-left activist comrades are playing the puppet-masters for these children. The left is propping kids up as political pawns so that the right can be cast as demons for disagreeing or even critiquing their hyper-political and radical misconceptions about gun safety.

Meanwhile, we have not heard a word from a single pro-gun individual who was at that shooting. Instead, some kids who were fortunate enough not to die are playing the pious, self-righteous shame distributors, calling out the president for something he had no control over, calling out the GOP en masse for their support of the Second Amendment, while failing to point the finger directly at the FBI like a logical individual would.

And so these kids, one of which has a father in the FBI and all of which have been coached on what to say, preach from their new pulpit and cast aspersions on the conservatives who want to end gun violence by upping safety and by ending gun-free zones. You’ll never hear that sentiment shared on mainstream news, it looks like the anti-gun, anti-Trump kids who survived were just lucky.

You know who wasn’t lucky? You know who won’t be able to give her opinion on what to do to prevent mass shootings? The daughter of the Trump supporter who was ridiculed and attacked for his t-shirt.

Where’s his voice? As he drove around looking for information on his daughter, he happened to be wearing a Trump t-shirt and the left ripped into him and made him scared to speak. Where’s his pulpit?


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