Teenage Victim of Las Vegas Shooting: President Trump Was ‘Comforting’, ‘Not Who We See on Social Media’ (VIDEO)

A teenage victim of the recent Las Vegas massacre spoke to reporters following President Trump’s visit and recounted her experience, stating that he was “amazing”.

The 43 second clip shows a young woman with bandaging on her hand and sitting in a hospital bed surrounded by press. When asked what her conversation was like with the President and whether or not he offered her words of comfort, she commented:

“Yeah, he was like, super nice. He wasn’t who we see on social media. He was much more comforting.”

She went on to cite his tone of voice and his demeanor as comforting and how being with him in person was something of a relief to her in some capacity. Throughout the video, which you can watch below, she seems physically moved during her recollection of the President’s visit:

As always, the media tries to paint the President as heartless and cruel, when in reality, when people open their hearts and their eyes, they see that he is a loving man, a grandpa, a father, and a caring, kind leader.


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