REPORT: Stephen Miller Under Consideration For White House Communications Director

After embarrassing CNN’s Jim Acosta this week, top White House aide Stephen Miller, is now under consideration to replace Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Director. 

Axios reports:

Stephen Miller, the Trump senior policy adviser who just tangled on-camera with CNN’s Jim Acosta, is under consideration for White House communications director, top Trump sources tell me.

The effort to find a Mooch successor is still in the name-gathering process, and Miller is not the top contender, the sources said.

  • But Steve Bannon likes the idea of Miller for the job, and Miller was the hero of the West Wing after he attacked Acosta as a “cosmopolitan” for his views on immigration.

  • When Miller finished that press briefing, his colleagues high-fived him, according to Sebastian Gorka, a national-security aide who’s a favorite of the president’s for his over-the-top TV hits.

  • The super-key point: Trump cares primarily about how people perform on TV. He’s totally uninterested in the behind-the-scenes, unglamorous planning work of a comms director.

This week, President Trump announced immigration policy reform today at the White House.

The new “merit based” policies greatly benefits minority and Middle Class workers in America.

CNN hack Jim Acosta attempted to make the immigration bill seem as if it was a racist bill from the beginning, but first he brought in a comment about that Statue of Liberty that was out of place and laughable:

“What the President is proposing here does not sound like its in keeping with American tradition when it comes to immigration, the Statue of Liberty says give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, it doesn’t say anything about speaking English or being able to be a computer programmer, aren’t you trying to change what it means to be an immigrant coming into this country telling them they have to speak English?”

Stephen Miller then schools Acosta:

“Well, first of all, right now, it’s a requirement that to be naturalized you have to speak English, so the notion that speaking English wouldn’t be part of the immigration system would be actually very ahistorical . . .”

Acosta then interrupts Miller and the exchange goes back and forth with Acosta attempting to virtue signal to his fellow liberal reporters in the room, he just ended up being Miller’s chew toy.

At one point around the 4 minute mark Acosta posits that immigrants from Great Britain or Australia are only going to speak English. Miller rips into him pointing out Acosta’s “cosmopolitan bias”.

Then Acosta steps in it . . .

“It sounds like you’re trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people into this country with this policy . . .”

Listen at 4:25 as Stephen Miller DESTROYS him:

“Jim that is one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant, and foolish things you’ve ever said, and for you, that’s still a really . . . the notion that you think that this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting, Jim the reality is that the foreign born population into our country has quadrupled since 1970, that’s a fact, it’s been mostly driven by green card policy. Now, this bill allows for immediate nuclear family members to come into the country, much as they would today, and it adds an additional points-based system . . .”

The policies will also reduce income inequality in the United States.

Democrats are against this.

They know unlimited immigration is the only way they can win elections.

Today CNN’s Jim Costa ambushed Stephen Miller at the daily White House Briefing on the new immigration policies. Miller DESTROYED the CNN hack!

This was brutal.


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