James O’Keefe‏: “Most overlooked part of #AmericanPravda [is how CNN] selectively edited segment to make Trump voters look bad.” [VIDEO]

James O’Keefe took to Twitter today to share what he believes is among the most damning from the steady leaks of CNN undercover footage. Project Veritas has dropped bombshell after bombshell on CNN as part of a series dubbed ‘American Pravda’. Videos range from undercover clips of CNN Associate Producers calling American voters ‘stupid as sh*t’, admitting that Trump/Russia ties are a hoax for ratings, calling Kellyanne Conway saying that “she looks like she got hit with a shovel”, and much much more. Despite all the damning footage, O’Keefe recently Tweeted one of the segments out that he believes perfectly showcases how selectively CNN edits interviews and clips with Trump supporters and conservatives to make them look uninformed.


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