Leftie Mayors Push Back Against POTUS Trump’s Crack Down on Illegal Sanctuary Cities (VIDEO)

President Donald J. Trump announced on Wednesday that his administration would hold back funding to cities that defied federal law by shielding illegal criminal aliens.

As Trump adviser Reince Priebus noted this has been Republican Party policy for eight years.

Several far left sanctuary city mayors pushed back against Trump’s plan to follow federal law.

Buzzfeed News reported:
California legislators and New York’s attorney general threatened immediate legal action just minutes after Trump signed an executive order to withhold federal funding from major cities, calling the actions unconstitutional.

Mayors of cities said they were prepared to forgo federal monies instead of making their local police enforce federal immigration policies, which they said alienates immigrants from law enforcement and makes fighting local crime much harder.

“We will not spend a cent or lift a finger to help his actions,” Kevin de León, California state senator and majority leader said at a press conference. “If the new president wants to wage a campaign of fear against innocent families, he can count us out.”

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