Dem Lawmaker: We Are a Permanent Minority – Not a National Party, We Are a Coastal Party (VIDEO)

Democrat lawmaker Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) is challenging Nancy Pelosi for Democrat House Leader.


And because he is challenging Nancy Pelosi liberal hacks are calling him a sexist white male, or something.

The bottom line is we are at the smallest number of House Democrats since 1929. We’ve lost 68 seats since 2010. And my question to my colleagues and anyone in the Democratic establishment is, “How many seats do we have to lose before we decide we need to make a change? 80 seats? 90 seats? We are in a permanent minority right now. We are not a national party. We are a coastal party. We saw Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and almost Minnesota collapse for the Democrats. We’re doing something terribly wrong.

This guy makes too much sense.
They will never listen to him.

Via Varney and Co.:

Ryan is right.
Democrats lost five central states to Donald Trump this year alone.
Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania


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