VIDEO: LIUNA Union Head: Our Members’ Health Care Funds Under Siege Because Of Obamacare

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

A previous Gateway article notes the tax payer dollar abuse of an HHS propaganda video contest on Obamacare. The obnoxious video praise is a sharp contrast to the criticisms coming from AFL-CIO and other union leaders.

The New York Times reports that Obama met with Union leader, Richard Trumka, and pleaded a case for a softer tone when criticizing Obamacare:

According to officials briefed on the call, the president voiced concern about labor’s criticisms, prompting the union federation’s leader, Richard Trumka, to promise that he would try to soften the harshly worded resolutions that several unions planned to push at this week’s A.F.L.-C.I.O. convention in Los Angeles.

Guess that meeting with Trumpka didn’t go so well. This video below was recently posted in which the LIUNA Union head rails against health care funds under siege because of Obamacare.

Hat Tip Robert S.