Scandal: Half-Naked Female Israeli Soldiers Pole Dance Around Rifle (Video)

Half-naked Israeli soldiers filmed themselves pole dancing around a rifle.
(Warning on pole dancing content)

What a horrible thing.

Iranian Press TV reported:

A new video has surfaced on YouTube showing a group of half-naked female Israeli soldiers pole dancing around a rifle in their army barracks.

The video, in which the women’s faces are blurred out, was aired on Israel’s TV on Thursday.

The three women in the 30-second video dance around the weapon, which one of them is holding like a stripper’s pole in the middle of the room.

One of the soldiers in the video is heard telling her companion to “dance on the rifle like a slut.”

The person filming the event is heard saying she will post the video on the social networking website Facebook.

The new scandal broke up only days after another group of female Israeli soldiers posted half-dressed photos of themselves on Facebook.

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