Confidence in Obama and Economy Continues to Decline

Worst. President. Ever.
Confidence in Barack Obama and the economy continues to decline.
Five Thirty Eight Blog posted the latest trend lines yesterday.

More concerning for the president is the fact that he continues to see a decline in support from groups that are critical to his reelection.
From the article:

Three groups in particular stand out for having especially large declines. First is what Gallup terms “pure independent” voters, among whom Mr. Obama’s approval rating has dropped by 10 points since the start of the year. These pure independents are true swing voters; Gallup defines the category to exclude the many voters who call themselves independent but in fact lean toward one or another party and behave like partisans… Another group with whom Mr. Obama has experienced an alarmingly large decline are Hispanic voters — also about 10 points since the start of the year… Finally, Mr. Obama’s approval ratings are down about 9 points with conservative Democrats.

If these trends continue Barack Obama will have a very difficult time in next year’s election. Not even the liberal media will be able to save him.

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