Johnny Depp Wants Tonto to Boss Lone Ranger In His New Film

Was Tonto feeling slighted and abused by the Lone Ranger?

Johnny Depp thinks so.
The Hollywood loon wants Tonto to boss the Lone Ranger in his upcoming movie.
FOX News reported:

Actor Johnny Depp, who is developing the movie version of “The Lone Ranger” with his “Pirates of the Caribbean” director Gore Verbinski, wants someone other than the guy wearing a white hat calling the shots.

“I remember watching it as a kid, with Jay Silverheels and Clayton Moore, and going: ‘Why is the f***ing Lone Ranger telling Tonto what to do?'” Depp told Entertainment Weekly about the durable black & white Western TV series that ran in reruns well through the 70s.

“I liked Tonto, even at that tender age, and knew Tonto was getting the unpleasant end of the stick here.”

…When the idea came up (for the movie), I started thinking about Tonto and what could be done in my own small way try to–’eliminate’ isn’t possible–but reinvent the relationship,” Depp said. “To attempt to take some of the ugliness thrown on the Native Americans, not only in ‘The Lone Ranger,’ but the way Indians were treated throughout history of cinema, and turn it on its head.”

Really, Johnny? Tonto looked pretty content to the rest of us.
What a complete nut.

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