86 GOP House Candidates Are Ahead Of or Tied With Opponents in Dem-Held Districts

A GOP tsunami?
According to the latest NPR Battleground Survey 86 Republican candidates are either tied or ahead of their democratic opponent in democrat-held districts.
The Hill reported:

Republicans maintain an edge over Democrats in some of the most highly contested congressional districts, a new poll found Friday.

GOP candidates have a four-point edge among likely voters in the 53 most competitive congressional districts held by Democrats, and they’re tied with Democrats in an additional 33 seats that make up a group of the next-most-competitive Democratic-held seats, the new NPR Battleground Survey found.

Forty-eight percent of voters on the first “tier” said they planned on voting Republican on Nov. 2, while 44 percent said they planned to back a Democrat. The voters in this tier reside in 53 currently Democratic seats rated as “likely Republican,” “lean Republican” or “toss-up” by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. Five percent were undecided.

Voters in a series of 33 Democratic seats rated as “lean Democratic” are split over their preference in the elections, at 45 percent apiece. Ten percent were undecided.

Republicans, meanwhile, maintain a hefty seven-point lead in 10 of their seats rated the most vulnerable. Forty-nine percent of Republican voters in those districts plan to vote for their GOP candidates, and 42 percent will back Democrats, with 9 percent undecided.

If these polling results were reported correctly this should be the story of the day.

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