After Attacking Republicans for Months Harry Reid Urges Congress to Come Together & Have a Rodney King Moment

After bashing conservatives for months Majority Leader Harry Reid urged the senate today to come together and have a Rodney King moment.

Of course, this is just two weeks after he told Republicans they were pro-slavery for not supporting his nationalized health care bill.

The Hill reported:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday the Senate needs to have a “Rodney King” moment in its healthcare debate.

During a speech on the Senate floor this morning, Reid channeled King, the victim of a 1991 police brutality incident, who made his famous plea for unity after courts acquitted police officers in his beating, sparking the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.

“I’ve said to a number of people, Rodney King: ‘Let’s just all try to get along,'” Reid said this morning on the Senate floor.

“I said when the Senate opened today and I’ll say again because of the long hours we’ve spent here for weeks now, there’s a lot of tension in the Senate,” Reid said. “And feelings are high. And that’s fine. Everybody has very strong concerns about everything we have done and have to do.”

Here’s Harry Reid on the senate floor today pleading for a Rodney King moment:

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