Bob Barr Makes Surprise Appearance at Nutroots Convention

This fits.
Anti-Bush Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr joined the other wacky Bush-haters at the Nutroots convention yesterday in Austin.

Nutrooters strike a pose at the crazed blogger convention in Austin.
The Wall Street Journal and Power Line Forum reported:

Many attendees here were surprised by Al Gore’s unscheduled appearance this morning at the Netroots Nation blogger conference, but absolutely no one expected Bob Barr.

The former Georgia congressman turned Libertarian presidential candidate is in town for a fund-raiser for his third party presidential bid and decided to drop by the liberal blogger conference when his campaign manager informed him that more than 2,000 netroots activists were gathering in downtown Austin.

“There are a lot of libertarians here, a lot of supporters,” Barr said, when asked by Washington Wire about his visit. Conference organizers provided Barr and his son, who doubles as his campaign spokesman, Derek Barr, one day “temporary” access passes.

Barr’s name came up earlier this morning in a session with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California. Pelosi noted that many political forces were aligned in their opposition to a recent overhaul of domestic spy laws. “Bob Barr—even Bob Barr—opposed it,” she said, to a handful of laughs in the crowd.

Democrats could easily find humor in the alliance; Barr earned national prominence in the 1990s as one of the lead figures in the impeachment effort against former President Bill Clinton. He has since changed many of his political stripes and has been a vocal critic of many of the Bush administration’s policies.

Barr said he is scheduled to appear next week on Capitol Hill before the House Judiciary Committee for a hearing on the separation of powers.

Guess who also showed up?

…San Francisco’s antimilitary mayor Gavin Newsom.
Photos from Netroots Nation website.

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