Quagmire Alert: Caracas Is More Dangerous Than Baghdad

The Real Cuba reported:

April 15 – During the last weekend, a total of 77 persons were murdered in Caracas.

From Friday to Saturday, 26 people were murdered; another 25 from Saturday to Sunday and 26 more from Sunday until Monday morning, which thank God signaled the end of the weekend and also the bloodshed.

This was just an average weekend. Nothing special was going on.

The population of Caracas is 4.7 million, including neighboring cities around the Capital District.

Venezuela is not at war. No one has invaded it. These are Venezuelans gangs and crooks killing innocent Venezuelans.

Baghdad has a population of 7 million, almost twice as many as Caracas. It is a nation at war.

Still, you have a better chance of surviving in Baghdad, than in Hugo Chavez’s Caracas.

That is frightening.

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