Rolling Thunder Rolls Over to Code Pink House! (Video)

Pro-American Rolling Thunder and Gathering of Eagles members rolled over to the Pro-Saddam Code Pink House in Washington DC this weekend.

The Pro-Chavez ladies of Code Pink captured the episode on video.

Actually, that looks like Code Pink member Midge who ran against Roy Blunt this past year in Missouri who is speaking to the camera man.
(Around 1 minute in length)

The Code Pink video says the guests were Rolling Thunder members but they were definitely Eagles
And, they definitely did not approve of the Pro-Chavez socialists at the Code Pink house.


Peg C. comments:

The best part about the shrill shrieking during the Petraeus hearings was that you could not understand a word and they sounded totally insane. There is a reason the word “hysteria” is related to “hysterectomy” and refers specifically to wombs and females.

Come to think of it, they sounded exactly like Hillary! -when she gets wound up.

First Hillary is linked to MoveOn and now Code Pink?
The horror!

And, Amy P. adds:

I have 4 children and all the Code Pink girls and cross dressers act in the opposite manner which I teach my children: don’t yell indoors; don’t interrupt; be respectful; say ma’am and sir to your elders…. These Code Pink flunkies are the kids I try to keep my kids away from in school.

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