The "We Called the Cops" & "You've Got My Support" Swindles

The Danish Imam Swindles keep piling up like extra fake cartoons on a Mideast tour!

* First there was the “Pig Snout Swindle”
* Then came the “Ban the Koran Swindle”
* The “You’ve Got My Support Swindle” has been widely reported
* And, now Sir Humphrey’s Blog contributor Chefen blogging from Sweden enlightens us more on the “We Called the Cops Swindle”

Chefen translated the webpage of the Danish newspaper providing the docs that revealed the latest Danish Imam Swindle:


Cartoons sent anonymously

Who is behind the gross cartoon and the two derogatory pictures, which you can see on this page, is not precisely known by the representatives of the 21 Muslim organisations. According to Kasem Ahmad the cartoons were sent anonymously to Muslims, who have criticised Jyllands Posten for publishing the cartoons of Muhammed in letters to the editor.

Ekstra Bladet would very much like to contact these Muslims but Ahmed Akkari, official spokesman for the 21 organisations, refuses.

-Mysterious police complaint-

He claims that offended Muslims have made a complaint to the police over the two pictures and the cartoon of the paedophile Muhammed, to Århus police. But that is denied by Chief Criminal Inspector Allan Lund, Århus police, after having investigated the matter.

“Either we have all got Alzheimer’s or early dementia or we have not received the complaint,” says Allan Lund.

This does seem odd. If the offensive cartoons were really mailed to the Imams, why did they not rush down to the newspaper or police station with the letters? These don’t seem like the type of men who take such offense lightly. It is strange that the first time that anyone heard of the cartoons was when they made their world tour.

And, this brings us to the “You’ve Got my Support Swindle” that has been widely reported in the media.

This incident also involved Imam Abu Laban:

One incident involved imam Abu Laban telling television station al-Jazeera that he was happy about the Muslim boycott. Later the same day, he said to Danish television station TV2 that he would urge Muslims to stop the boycott immediately.

Naser Khader, the leader of the Moderate Islamic Network and a member of the Danish Parliament for the Social Liberal Party (Radikale), said this in response to Imam Abu Laban to the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten (via The Brussels Journal):

They can always move to one of the countries in the Middle East which are based on the Muslim values they insist on living by. It seems that their loyalty is mainly to countries such as Saudi Arabia, so I think they should move there. I am tired of hearing them complain about the situation in this country which has given them shelter, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and tons of opportunities for their children. If they cannot be loyal to the values of this country they should leave and by that do the majority of Danish Muslims a big favour.

Denmark this week decided not to include the Imams in the National integration process.

Jack Lewis has thoughts on the cartoon war.

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