Putin Opposes Democracy Exports

It is not like this is the first time that he has done this…
While in Egypt Vladimir Putin made some remarkably ignorant democracy statements in an attempt to oppose the current US (Bush Doctrine)policy:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he opposes attempts “to export democracy from one country to another.”

“Institutions and principles of democracy cannot be effectively enforced in a territory without taking due account of the national traditions and setup,” Putin said at a press conference in Cairo on Wednesday.


He said, “Democracy cannot be a matter of export from one country to another since the moment it becomes an export item, it becomes an instrument of using the advantages of one country with regards to another.”

This just goes against the principles of democracy. It’s the people’s right to choose who they want, Vlad… regardless to how the system was put into place! This concept still seems too remote for some leaders to figure out. But, I am sure that Hosni would agree with him.

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