Far Left Crank David Gregory Under Investigation After Flashing Gun Clip on National TV

Far left crank David Gregory is under investigation after flashing a gun clip on Meet the Press last week.

Possession of a 30 round high-capacity magazine is illegal Washington DC.
WJLA reported:

“The D.C. police confirmed reports Wednesday that they are looking into an incident in which David Gregory, the host of the television show “Meet the Press,” displayed what he described as a high-capacity ammunition magazine… The incident came as Gregory was interviewing Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the National Rifle Association, about measures that Gregory suggested might reduce the potential for mass killings, such as the one that occurred in Connecticut.

NBC News is resisting inquiries on the ongoing police investigation.

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  • dba_vagabond_trader

    😆 😆

    Sure hope he wasn’t anywhere near a “gun free” zone while in possession of this illegal magazine.

  • Dusty

    “NBC News is resisting inquiries on the ongoing police investigation.”

    Resisting inquiries or obstructing justice?

    If Washington DC wants to keep their law on prohibiting large magazine clips from the city, they’d do well not to turn their law into a bill of attainder.

  • Kate

    But, but, laws don’t apply to far left liberals in the media. In fact, laws don’t apply to Democrats and minorities. They pick and choose which laws to obey. That’s the way it works, right?

  • redc1c4

    it’s a magazine, not a “gun clip”… whatever that is supposed to be.

    the M-1 Garand uses an “en-bloc clip” to hold 8 rounds of ammunition in its internal magazine, but that is about the only firearm i can think of off hand that uses a clip.

    except for single shot weapons and revolvers, everything else uses a magazine, either fixed or removable.

  • Amalgamated Cliff Divers, Local 157

    Zero-tolerance! repeal the 2nd should be by any minute now to request that Mr. Gregory be sent to prison or worse, right?

  • srdem65

    We know they’re going to claim that it was a “prop” and not the real thing. Nothing will happen.

  • Thanks redc1c4 — Y’all done up’n beat me to it. 🙂

    Magazine, not clip.

    Clips are for ties, hair, money……… and Garand’s.

  • Lyle

    The most amazing part of this magazine gun clip thingy that lefty doofus Gregory pulled out was that no one was killed.!!!

    I mean, we all know how dangerous magazine gun clippy thingys are, just as we all know that bullets come out of a black in color assault rifle thingy way faster than a normal gun without a black stock thingy.

    I should think David Gregory would be willing to go to jail, lose his job, pay a hefty fine, and do it all with a smiley face since that would save the lives of so many children. In fact, the executives of NBC news should gleefully join in with his incarceration and being unemployed themselves for the higher good. As shoud the overpaid GE exectuive father of Lanza, all of whom are big supporters and Obamaphyte sycophants, wanting gun control for the masses.

    But not for themselves, Muslims, women, minorities, media members, DC politicians, or anyone not white and not Christian.

  • Jesusland

    Sign the White House petition to have David Gregory prosecuted. Make libs play by their own rules.


  • Erik

    I have a problem with calling it a “high capacity” magazine. The phrase implies that a 30-round magazine is somehow specially made to carry more ammunition than is needed, but 30 rounds is a standard size magazine. The current NATO standard issue magazine for the M16 is also a 30 round.

    Calling it “high capacity” is just a buzzword to make it sound more scary. “Oh, it’s ‘high capacity’, that sounds extra dangerous”.

    That said, if he’s not going to be brought to justice for breaking the law on air in national television, then the law should not be used at all.
    If that happens, there should be no problem for a bunch of people to show up outside NBC waving the same magazine, and then demand that the law does not apply to them as it does not apply to NBC.

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  • Harold

    Redc1c4, my SKS also uses a clip. You don’t have to use it but it just makes reloding faster.

  • JenBee

    HAHAHA!! Oh, sweet irony, I love ya!

  • Steve

    Erik has the smartest/best post of all! Stupid idiots trying to say 30 rounds is illegal is just a lie and a joke at best. Watch them start arguing about only 3 bullets per clip. It takes about 2-5 seconds to reload any clip and Obama kids school has 11 armed Secret Service agents for their school. I bet we could find a teacher or three that would be happy to carry a gun in school. They refuse all the ” science” and facts they claim ” we” don’t ” value” as another lie. I say ” we need our guns and clips for lefty losers trying to steal everything and rape us and our children to death”. Yes that’s the truth when you look at the very sick Base of pedophiles,perverts,rapists,drug addicts and the very worst of the worst just like they celebrate and support every time.

    Yes we need them to fight the Commies/Islamos as the very same scum millions died fighting against before. Sorry, but Eugenics Dictators are all the same so stop the ” Adolf was Right wing”.

    So if you cannot hear BLT Obama and his ” Rabbis/Reverends” of hate then deserve everything they get and more. Yes I’m an Ind/Conservative White American Jew and need my guns especially for Commie American “Jews”. If its not their UN Gun control scam they will try to just take away our guns.

  • Sam Stone

    Excuse the caps but STOP USING THE TERM “CLIPS” OR “CLIP”. It is a magazine.
    If you can’t define the item it makes it hard to take anything else too seriously.

  • Sam Stone

    srdem65 commented: “We know they’re going to claim that it was a “prop” and not the real thing. Nothing will happen.”

    ANY decent and just police investigation would include the answer to where did Gregory obtain it, who transported it into DC and who transported it out of DC, and where is it now? Is it STILL in DC? All these must be answered.

  • Sandy

    Now The Left is eating its own. The Enemy is not in our stars but in ourselves.

  • Vicky Hernandez

    So armed guards “may or may not work?”

    However, according to the Washington Post, the Gregory kids attend the Quaker school Sidewell Friends. Sidwell has armed guards patrolling the campus. Aaaaand the added security of the Secret Service because the Obama’s kids attend there, too!

    Looks like a case of “high-security schools for kids mine, but not for thine.” Elitist hypocrite!!

  • American Woman

    NBC will never face any kind of police investigation, and this case will never go to court. NBC and those who work for it carry the Progressive banner and spread Progressive propaganda. In short, NBC is America’s Pravda. As such, it will prosper, just as General Electric prospers.

  • Skandia Recluse

    Well, obviously, whatever ya wanna call it, [magazine] it wasn’t ‘real’, it was a movie prop, you see, so it’s obviously legal. because if it was ‘real’, then somewhere there is a gun and a gun owner to go with it. because who buys just the magazine?

    So where did it come from whatever it is?

  • Look-Out

    From #12’s article above linked at LI —

    NBC was told by the Washington, D.C., police that it was “not permissible” to show a high-capacity gun magazine on air before Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” according to a statement Wednesday from the cops.

    “NBC contacted [the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department] inquiring if they could utilize a high capacity magazine for their segment,” Gwendolyn Crump, a police spokeswoman, said in an email. “NBC was informed that possession of a high capacity magazine is not permissible and their request was denied. This matter is currently being investigated.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2012/12/cops-nbc-told-dont-use-gun-clip-85497.html#ixzz2GBa6n3D2

    So Gregory’s doing all he can – INCLUDING IGNORING POLICE WHEN THEY DENY PERMISSION – to limit your ability to protect your children/families/selves, while he sends his kids to Sidwell where there are NUMEROUS armed guards along with the Secret Service that protect the Obama girls.

    Some really think laws are not for them. They’re that special.

  • Look-Out

    Re this thing about some being above our laws…

    We all probably remember Turbo Timmy owed alot in back taxes. I guess he just thought he didn’t need to pay them. Til he had to since he’d been chosen as our Treasury Secretary.

    Seems to happens alot (more often) with Dems. I think my memory is right, but when the Clintons left the White House after Slick Willy’s second term, it was reported that his staff (or a good number of them) hadn’t paid their taxes during those years. I remember being shocked and disgusted…hope someone can verify my memory. Or tell me I’m nuts.

    But I’ve got an idea that’s one of the reasons Dems don’t mind taxes going up on everyone. Many of them, those in politics anyway, simply won’t pay them.

  • Tom Kanicknyk

    I saw the segment thispast Sunday and thought David did a great job challenging the NRA’s position. Evidently he has stirred the pot and someone’s crying foul over a technicality. What’s everyone afraid of?! And the wankers that created this age call him a “Far Left Crank”? IMHO, he’s one of the best, fair journalists out there. If the truth hurts, then just suck it up… Just like the election. Get over it already!

  • Tom Kanicknyk

    Maybe David should be arrested! It would further prove the point that if these magazines are illegal in DC, why should they be legal anywhere else!

  • Chas

    David Gregory should turn himself in. The whole country saw him commit a felony on national TV, and not only that, but one that he himself advocates be made a felony for the entire nation. Let him be punished for what he did, just as he argues that others should be punished for doing the same thing.

  • mg4us

    Arrest David Gregory. .lock him up. . and throw away the key

    After all he probably will love showering in jail with bubba! That wasn’t an accidental drop of the soap bar on the floor. . .

  • He’s a Liberal living in Liberal-Land. Nothing will happen to him. Liberals will not be held accountable for their actions. Prosecution of this type of offense is strictly reserved for NRA members, Republicans, and/or Conservatives.

  • bg
  • bg


    and just in case you missed it..

    David G Dancin’ Jiggy


  • Robert

    Gregory is your typical anti Second Amendment Democrat, who wants to infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms, but he won’t abide by the very laws that scum like him seek to impose on TRUE AMERICANS. Once again, we are left with that great question: When only Democrats/criminals have guns, how SAFE will TRUE AMERICANS be?

  • Buffalobob

    NBC suits claim that they checked with ATF officials to see if it was OK for them to possess an illegal magazine in DC. The say that NBC got some conflicting advice. So the DC police response to their request told them no but they tried an end around with ATF. Or more to the truth they are once again lying. Oh has anyone seen Little Davie lately ? Word on the street is he is hiding in a closet in the fetal position shaking with fear of the thought of meeting Bubba in a DC prison.

  • Highlander

    As far as I’m concerned, the outrageous thing, and the point we SHOULD be arguing here, is why it’s ILLEGAL to POSSESS a simple standard rifle magazine anywhere in this country. That simple fact is a shining example of why I go ballistic every time I’m asked why I’m against registration or “common sense” gun controls. Piece by piece, weapon by weapon, rule by rule, and caliber by caliber, these gun grabbers WILL NOT STOP until they have stripped us of our second amendment rights. Anyone who cannot see that is either very naive, or complicit in their efforts…

  • Look-Out

    You see? If a “good guy” like David Gregory thinks he can – AND DOES – ignore/break the law…just imagine what a “bad guy” will do.

    As those in the UK warned us – actually a “bobby” that didn’t want to be named – “it’s the CRIMINALS that have the guns now. And they use them” … “weren’t not safe anymore” —


    “Why Switzerland Has the Lowest Crime Rate in the World” —


  • Mommabear

    Far left?? LOL is that why he headlined GOP fundraiser this year and was slow dancing with Karl Rove. You idiots are devoid of logic. Please secede already!