OCCUPY DEATH CAMPS – Fourth Protester Found Dead In Tent

Fourth Occupy protester found dead in a tent!

A week ago Monday a young man was found dead in his tent at Occupy Oklahoma City. Organizers referred to the man as “Street Poet,” a homeless man. The camp organizers provided him with food, clothing and shelter at the camp where he died.

A woman at Occupy Vancouver was found dead in her tent on Saturday. She apparently died of a drug overdose. She was in her 20′s. The Occupy protesters clashed with police and reporters when they came to investigate.

Also on Saturday a protester at Occupy Bloomington was found dead in his tent.

An Occupy Bloomington protester was found dead in his tent on Saturday. He was a homeless man who was staying at the squatters camp. The group claims the homeless man was not part of their protest even though he was sleeping in one of their tents.
Indiana Public Media reported:

A report from the Monroe County Coroner’s office says a local homeless man died of natural causes early Saturday. Occupy Bloomington protestor Aaron Pollit was one of the first to discover the man.

“A fella came up to me at about 5:30 [a.m.], and he said that he thought that there was somebody dead that was in his tent,” Pollit says. “And, that was really surprising to me.”

…Mayor’s office spokesman Jared Schlemmer says the man’s death does not affect the city’s willingness to let the protest continue.

“It doesn’t change anything right now,” he says. “You know, the information we’ve been given so far is that the man wasn’t a part of the Occupy protests. As long as it remains a peaceful gathering of people then we’ll just take it day by day as long as allowing them to stay in the park.”

Also— On Tuesday a protester was found dead in his tent at Occupy New Orleans. The 53 year-old man had been dead for two days.

So far the corrupt national media has been completely silent about these numerous protest deaths.

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  • MikeSilver

    Jim, cut the corrupt bastards a break. They are digging through Herman Cain’s trash can. As a 1%er, his trash can is HUGE.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    More protestors have died in the last week from their Occupy activities than U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

  • MAJ Mike

    Yup. Just like the Tea Party demonstrations. So who would you rather have in charge? Tea Party folks, or #Occupy folks?

  • donh

    Scientology cult leader Alex Jonestown ring leading OWS…>>> http://youtu.be/2Wq6rpZzkfQ …. Scientology cult leader Jim Jonestown passing out the arsenic cool aid…>>> http://youtu.be/hXmwc45uDt8 …Homeless men and women STAY AWAY… Don’t eat their food….DON’T Drink the Water !!!!!

  • Patty

    What hasn’t Fox been reporting this more. Seems all I hear is they are getting out of hand and something bad is going to happen.

    WELL, IT HAS. The leaders of each state are responsible whether dem or rep. doesn’t matter. I feel they all have blood on their hands.

  • a 4th?

    Just like the GOP, blogs, talk radio, FNC, etc. has been SILENT on Barry’s FAILED E-Verify letter –

    1 subpoena to Social Security Admin. Records, from Issa, ENDS the ILLEGAL Occupation of 1600.

  • Black Sabbath

    Notice the Occupy crowd are quick to tell us how many people they have joining them UNTIL something bad happens – which is hourly now – then suddenly THAT person was never associated with OWS?
    I’ll say it again: We have yet to see a single OWS accomplishment other than a rolling crime wave, filth, rambling nonsense, and the disgust of most everyone who is unfortunate enough to encounter them. They have not helped the community in any way. They do not get along well with anyone outside their movement, much less each other. They are destroying every place they are encamped. They do nothing positive for anyone.

  • john03

    Well at least some progress is being made.

  • Patty

    Now, will the bodies be buried on site or will the occupiers allow cops to take the body. You see, the Occupiers have more rights then we do. They seem to be giving the Orders. While the cops have their hands tied.

    THIS IS AMERICA? shameful

  • owl

    Give the man some credit. Obama sent them into the streets.


    filthy stinky A-holes may they ALL rest 6 feet under

  • forest

    “Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!”

  • Texas_Treeroach

    “What happens in the tent, stays in the tent.”

  • atticcellar

    Another piece of non-news, attempting to attack citizens exercising their first amendment right.. People die every day.. Have you looked at an obituary page lately..

  • forest

    BTW, at the fourth death in New Orleans, the authorities are saying the guy could have been laying there in the camp deceased for two days.

  • Gus

    Talk about ground ZERO.

  • Gus

    atticcellar. We’re not attacking anyone. We’re just laughing at you. You’d have a better pont if you told us that we are making fun of the retarded.

  • forest

    “#15 November 9, 2011 at 11:10 am
    atticcellar commented:

    Another piece of non-news, attempting to attack citizens exercising their first amendment right.. People die every day.. Have you looked at an obituary page lately..”

    Taking over and destroying city parks without permits, insurance or porta potties is not a 1st amendment right.

    And people do die every day, in hospitals, of heart attacks, in accidents etc. Illegal squatters dying of drug overdoses in devastated parks at unlawful organized events is a little different.

    Maybe decent productive people would like to take their kids to the park, but they can’t because selfish derelict barbarians are crapping all over it and raping each other and stepping over dead bodies that have been laying there for two days.

  • vityas

    “If Obamacare was in place, these people wouldn’t have died. (Still proud of you guys!)”–Nancy Pelosi

  • Blackbird

    They are trying to #Occupy the Morgues now? Huh, I wouldn’t think that strategy would work, but what the heck I guess anything goes with this crowd.

  • patman

    You stick your hand in a rat hole, a rat just will think you’re feeding him sausages.

    This goes for ANYONE associating themselves with these losers.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Occupy = FAIL

  • john03

    Autopsy just in…Cause of death confirmed…..Lice Poisoning….

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  • Dave J

    …but when the MSM does report on this the spin will be along the lines of:
    ” QWS Protesters serious and committed, willing to die for their cause”

  • john03

    Maybe they just meant he was like all the others……”Brain Dead”

  • Mutnodjmet

    In related news: TEA PARTIER/CITIZEN REPORTER ATTACKED BY OCCUPY SAN DIEGO PROTESTER!!! I know the woman attacked. She is a long-time citizen activist and highly respectful of others.

  • JB

    End The Occupation!

  • jorgen

    So what, a few of the expendable go from brain-dead to dead.

  • Sally


    They’ll be suing the cities/parks departments and possibly the police departments for responsibility for the deaths.

    After all; the police have a responsibility to clear the heroin to avoid these overdoses.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Good news! He has been dead for two days but New Orleans records show he still was able to vote yesterday!

  • JPeden


    That’s a great one! I wonder if Alinsky +/- whomever decided to us pure sophistry as a tactic furthering “perception is reality” delusionalism as reality, ever envisioned that these tactics would be turned back more objectively against the unhinged Socialist or Dialectical Materialists themselves.

    Last night on Red Eye, Andy Levy pulled another great move on Bill Shultz who was arguing that these vile “exceptions” to the rule were not really the rule when it comes to characterizing the OWS degenerates themselves.

    Levy said, ~”But, Bill, they are the ‘99%’.”

  • JPeden

    atticcellar commented

    oops, yet another Freudian reference as to the rather euphemistically described nature of the poster’s own brain, telling us the realms which it ‘occupies’……just forgot to mention the gutter and sewer, eh?

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  • Bozo the Clone

    As long as it remains a peaceful gathering of people then we’ll just take it day by day . . .

    There is NOTHING “PEACEFUL” about #OWS. Creating a public nuisance and disturbing the peace and occupying places meant for the general public or private property is not peaceful by a long shot. The absence of outright violence does NOT constitute “peaceful” behavior.

    Too many of our municipalities are run by incompetent cowards.

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  • American Woman

    Seriously, the problem is the people in authority, who have given protesters carte blanche to basically lay siege on their cities. This is a battle of wills, and the protesters plan to win control through attrition.

  • Epsilon

    Welcome to the fact that homeless people often die early….

  • JPeden

    Meanwhile, also on Red Eye, Tucker Carlson was arguing that the point of their discussion about Herman Cain was that, ~”He is not fit for the Presidency”, when the topic of the discussion was instead the smear campaign against Herman Cain!

    For some reason, a lot of alleged Conservatives are becoming unhinged by Herman Cain’s success, including his brilliant news conference, when they should be trying to deep-six the “perception is reality” smear tactic against Cain itself, which is the issue involved in the upcoming election:

    Both as to what the Progressive Communist thought controllists will still necessarily do to any Republican candidate,

    And which also goes to the heart of the reason for Obama’s complete failure as President Perception is Reality embodied, except for his attempt to loot and destroy America under the guise of Communism’s “redistribution”, “equality”, etc., along with the other various Progressive fetishes and phobias which play right into the wheelhouse of many Progressive infantiles like a key fitting Pandora’s Box.

  • eaglewingz08

    Evolution in action. The US gene pool is growing by leaps and bounds. Keep them together for another year and noone will be left. #winning.

  • JPeden

    Welcome to the fact that homeless people often die early….

    Welcome to Communism. The self-described “99%”. Or just compare North Korea to South Korea, brainchild.

  • YourMaster

    he must of died after he saw the porn of 0bama having sex with muslim minors. Also when he saw the video that told the story about how Michelle 0bama was created in a vat of toxic waste where she really is deformed and mutated with 200 eyes…. and looks like Medusa.

  • jimg

    Tap. Tap-tap.

    Dang. My Sympathy Meter is busted.

  • Paul Believes Obamas A Dictator

    Four down, A couple of thousand to go.

  • kansas

    I suppose waiting on them to die is one plan. But only 4? That’s gonna take too much time.

  • Molon Labe

    This is the reason we should legalize drugs. In five years we’d clean out the gene pools and the progressives would just be a bad memory.

  • Aussie

    Jim I saw this reported on another site. The man was not a protester, and those folks were trying to do the right thing by giving him shelter.

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  • john03

    @Kansas – Maybe we can hope it’s the start of an epedemic. With that many nasty, filthy people living together it could really spread fast.

  • Faithful Servant

    Is this what we want? So much has come true already! http://www.uhuh.com/nwo/communism/comgoals.htm
    Wake up America there is no degrees of honesty! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afX6VYn48KE&feature=related
    I will surely tell of the decree of the Lord; He said to Me, Thou art My Son, Today I have begotten Thee.

  • Molon Labe

    Druggies, commies and perverts, oh my.

  • logic101

    The city’s approval of ows is understandable. Public employee unions. It is sooo obvious. The unions have to be dismantled, from the top down. The 50% of folks that pay taxes, need to stop paying into this corrupt system. No money, no public employee unions.

  • JPeden

    Aussie commented:

    Jim I saw this reported on another site. The man was not a protester, and those folks were trying to do the right thing by giving him shelter.

    But after a while they noticed that he even began to smell like them, concluding that the transition had become complete!

  • JPeden

    The true homeless are dying because the Progressives won’t let them be institutionalized, because of their, er, rights! So you can’t force them to take their meds, etc., or to even live in homes! Mayor Ed Koch tried that in NYC by building a nice housing facility. So one of the homeless, assisted by a protector of her rights, sued him and won, ending that!

    A friend of mine works at an inbetween home, where the “clients” never go home. Some of them smoke. So to get them to stop smoking, first the adm. did force them to take Wellbutrin – they didn’t know they were getting it – but strangely, this did not make them stop smoking…maybe because they didn’t want to?

    So I asked her how they get their cigarettes to begin with. She reported that the State gives them spending money because of their rights! Then they go and buy the cigarettes when they are taken in to town.

    They all seem to like being there, though, instead of being more industrious and sallying forth bravely to make their living….off homes. Restaurants, etc.. You really just don’t find the homeless living out there in the forests. The o’so passionate OWS Parasites couldn’t make it there, either. Someday there’s gonna be a showdown, and I think the true homeless are going to win, because they’re obviously more skilled compared to reality.

  • west1890

    Dying lying in a tent in the cold……….a preview of Obamacare. Thank you Obama voters. You’ll all get what you deserve… sharing the rationed healthcare the rest of us will be forced to endure.

  • JPeden


    Yes, when you change the ethics and goal of health care from “best” to cost or human “worth” based, it’s eventually Universal Death Panels for all! Except for those doing the holy “redistributing” of the progressively made more scarce supply, who have to wait a bit longer until even the Victory Gin ceases to be produced for them.

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