A homeless man was found dead in his tent at the the Occupy Oklahoma City camp this morning.

This is reportedly one of the last videos of the young man before his death.
Verum Serum uploaded this.

How many more lefties must die for a mistake?
NewsOK reported:

A man thought to be a protester was found dead Monday inside a tent at Kerr Park, police said.

The man’s name has not been released by police, but he was thought to be in his 20s,
The man is part of Occupy OKC, a group of protesters who have been camping since Oct. 10 in Kerr Park near Robinson and Broadway avenues.

Organizers refer to the man as “Street Poet,” a homeless man provided with food, clothing and shelter by others involved in Occupy OKC, according to a news release written by Mark Faulk, who referred to himself as a moderator for the group.

“At a candlelight vigil last night to honor first responders, Street Poet delivered a powerful poetic commentary about the complexities of homelessness and drug abuse, and the system’s failure to adequately deal with these issues,” Faulk wrote.

“It was kind of amazing. It was like he was doing what he was born to do. And he had an audience of 50 or 60 really attentive people,” Faulk said.

Faulk said the man had been staying at Kerr Park for about a week.

Hat Tip Scott

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  • kringeesmom

    So sad…. too bad none of the attentive folks never offered to help him kick drugs, and persue a real life… what a waste.

  • gus

    EXACTLY LIKE THE TEA PARTY. It’s uncanny!!!!!

  • NeoKong


  • Cocaine is a heluva drug.

  • Gman

    Don’t care

  • Edouard

    “You don’t even know what pain is.”

    What a shame, he never learned empathy apparently.

  • Patty

    Stossel did something about the homeless. And there are more youth who are homeless these days. Some actually live in nice homes but attained more money by pan handling. Because of they can’t find a job but they could find work if they wanted too.

    I suppose the homeless are the best people who can express how it is to be homeless. Provided they are strung out of one thing or another. Just like a doctor can explain what is wrong with you.

    And speaking of Doctors, these people need help, some are very intelligent individuals who have a great education but lost their home for one reason or another. But if so intelligent you would think they would see if life could give them a second chance.

    Emotional problems, alcoholics or hooked on some drug. Eventually, it will caught up with them. Seem it did here.

    I don’t think some of the homeless want to do better. They have resigned themselves to their situation.

  • gus

    They’ll have to find another useless idiot to replace him.

  • Jeremy Cannone

    And this is supposed to make me feel how?

  • Buffalobob

    A poster on another thread a few days ago said the NYPD calling for the OWS protesters to bring out their generators and gas bottles reminded him of the Monty Python’s Holy Grail “Bring out your dead” skit. Comedy becomes reality.

  • Hedgehog

    Where were his parents? Where were his sisters and brothers? This poor man’s death is significant because it is the result of the break down of the family. Fifty or sixty really attentive people are not what he needed. He needed the support and the discipline of a family. You will not find that at a tent city. You will not find that in “the collective”. You can only find that with kith and kin. When will they learn?

  • Island Girl

    The best sound a family of a drug addict or serial pest hears is the thud of the coffin lid.

  • ccoffer

    Teacher says that every time a street junkie dies in a tent, an angel gets it’s wings.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Oh dear; It’s all so poetic an surreal.
    Tomorrow, they’ll all be quoting Solzhenitsyn.
    The next day, they won’t remember who died and will be looking for their next free hot meal.
    What a collective load of feces these people are.

  • I assume that a young drug addict would be homeless because his family employed tough love and kicked him out until he got clean. The risk for any addict is that they will die before they hit bottom and clean up their act. He became another statistic.

    It looks bad for OWS because he blended in so well with them.

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  • Molon Labe

    This poor loser was a good representative for these drones. Its society fault not his choices. Thats the song they all sing.

    Let’s all clap if we think clapping will make this man whole. Clapping everyone?

  • Dave-O

    #11 Hedgehog – superb post! you hit it spot on!

  • Clutch

    My give-a-damn is still reading zero. Changed the batteries and everything.

    (Probably OD’d on the free drugs he ripped off from another useless junkie.)

  • Utopia having the predictable effects in record time.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • BuyAHeart

    For heaven’s sake, people, a young man is dead. Could you please manage to tone down your hate for a day out of respect?

    You did not know Street Poet. I did. You know nothing of what you speak.

    Drugs? Wow, amazing how you jump to conclusions about someone you never met and don’t know the first thing about.

    What part of “natural causes” do you not get? The kid had terrible asthma and had been complaining for two days that he could not breathe when he woke up in the morning.

    Jesus Christ, this could’ve been your kid. Would you like to read comments like those above about your own child, especially if 98% of what was said was hateful and untrue?

    i think not.

    Buy a heart if you ain’t got one.

    That is all!!

  • Capitalist Infidel

    BuyAHeart, and you did nothing to help him? You are one disgusting person!

  • heartnotsale

    “The kid had terrible asthma and had been complaining for two days that he could not breathe when he woke up in the morning.”

    And none of you bleeding hearts thought about taking him for medical treatment because you were enthralled with his hip beats and soulful longings of a better place? There hasn’t been a case of “death by natural causes” in decades. Admit it, you all let him die. No blood on my hands, what about you Brutus?

  • kansas

    Boo hoo.

  • Ginger

    #21…Thank You for being his friend. I said a prayer for him when I read Jim’s head line. So sad. He was a cutie.

  • kansas

    Wonder if his inhaler had been confiscated?

  • Ginger

    He said at the end… “dry my tears in the wind…you don’t know what pain is!”

    Sorry..this is wrong something failed this young man and my heart is breaking.

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  • Rob De Witt

    Kid wanted so bad to be black. Wanted so bad to be bad, and wanted so bad to be a victim. There’s absolutely no excuse for anybody living within walking distance of an emergency room to die of asthma.

    #23 heartnotsale, you nailed it absolutely.

    And you “supporters” of this kid just helped him die a needless death. Congratulations.

  • Callipygian1

    A relatively productive member of American society would have received help for his asthma; didn’t OKC have a clinic or hospital? No? Reallly? Sounds like a fourth-world country… even third-world countries have rudimentary medical services.

    I’m not as compassionate as some of the better people on this site, but I’ve walked in the shoes of many of the protesters; the difference is I gave up the pot, crack, and meth and taken my high school education and made something of myself, and I feel disgust for those lazy, privledged punks that watched The Simpsons, played Nintendo for years, and now decide that the big, mean ‘ol world is too tough…

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  • thats sad

    That’s sad. May God be with him.
    Cause of death? Drank too much Obama koolaid??

  • Libs Suck

    This punk a*s phucker got exactly what he paid for, standing there with a shuffle and jive line about “You don’t know what pain is.” Screw him and the white horse he rode in on – he’s so tough, then throw away that joint and drugs and walk the line! Oops…can’t do that now, can ya stupid!

    The reason he’s dead is because he’s weak like every limp dick living in those tents! If he had any strength of character he would have picked up his burden and done his responsibilities to himself and to the society he lives in – but it’s a lot easier to cop-out and blame society, mom, dad, his first bad trip, the cop on the corner. Yeah, the teachers trained him all about having self-esteem but never about perseverance or standing tall in a crisis. Great self-esteem Mr. Sh*t-for-brains – to bad you’re dead!

    It’s just like some sloppy drunk looking for an excuse to get soused! “It’s to wet to plow, so I might as well get drunk!” OR, “The suns to hot outside, so I might as well get drunk.” There’s been people all over the world who never had the advantages that this welfare baby had, and they turned out to be responsible adults – crap, children grow up on metropolitan garbage dumps and are more thankful and ambitious than this loser.

    He did America a big favor dieing young; good riddance. Now…. If he’d only taken about 10,000 of his brethren with him America would be a much better place.

    ALSO, if there’s any limp-wristed liberal who reads this and thinks I’m being to harsh on this turd who flushed his life away – I lived on the streets of this great country for over 10 years as a homeless person. People like him are a dime a dozen; rural or urban, their story is always the same. Whine whine whine. Miserable a**holes – get a job! I know whereof I speak.

  • Zed Dehart

    To everyone here who’s saying “he got what he deserved” or anything along those lines: You are horrible people. YOU are the ones making it hard for moderates to consider your side, you heartless pricks!

    A man–an American–is dead, and you call it a victory? There’s a special place in hell for you, and no forgiveness could ever be enough.

  • Island Girl

    Bwah bwah Zed. 13 Americans died on fire in Kabul this week. I will save my sorrow for them.

  • Militant Conservative

    Liberalism, a deadly disease which is 100% fatal

    Every time. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Useful idiot.

    Powder is dry

  • Libs Suck

    @ Zed Dehart #34 November 1, 2011 at 1:27 am

    Guess what Zed… You live your life like this fool lived his and we’d be saying the same thing about you too chump.

    Being an ‘American’ isn’t some magic tribal word that embracing all that is lovely, wholesome, pure and virtuous. Being an ‘American’ embraces the idea of personal responsibilities, possible opportunities and the liberty and freedom to either fail or succeed with the cards your dealt. There is NO guarantee of an outcome of success and ‘Americans’ (true Americans) frequently fail. Failure isn’t the issue, getting off your dead a** and standing back up on your hind legs is the issue as you look failure in the eye is the issue. AND, often time’s success is almost worse than failure because people often grow lazy and careless after a career of success.

    This turd was a coward, a pussy, a no-nothing failure that refused to act like an American – just like all the #OWS garbage littering up the public spaces for the past week. They can be very very VERY thankful that this is 2011 and they have a treasonous President in office – eighty or ninety years ago the President of the United States would have called out the Army and told them to disperse or they would be forcibly removed (guns, bullets, and deaths following). Do us and yourself a favor Zed Dehart, stop playing on the Internet and start reading books – focus on real History, not that pap your High School pushed.


  • Libs Suck

    FURTHERMORE & BTW, just in case you believe that fairytale that “Life Just Isn’t Fair”, I have a surprise for you.

    Life is EXCEEDINGLY fair! Young Mr. I-Can-Do-What-I-Want managed to learn that the hard way – he ran hard after death until he caught up to it. Life is REAL — our decisions are real with real consequences.

  • jimg

    Don’t. Care.

    If that makes me anti-life, I still … don’t. care.

    Not my freakin’ problem.

  • jimg

    @21 – haveaheart

    I read your post.

    I still don’t give a damn.

    He made his bed. Die in it.

    I don’t care.

  • jimg

    @34 – Zed?

    I don’t give a damn what you think, either.

  • Militant Conservative

    Hey Zed, how bout the president calling for the

    Assassination of an American citizen? At least

    This gutter snipe got to live and die doing as he

    wanted. You want use to grow a heart, we want

    You to grow a brain. Liberalism kills.

    Powder is dry

  • J.J. Sefton

    How about the bad choices an individual makes of his own free will to put him in that position in the first place? So we need an all-powerful state to control every aspect of our lives in order to prevent this. I feel sorry for this guy, but then reality kicks in.

  • J.J. Sefton

    “..about the complexities of homelessness and drug abuse, and the system’s failure to adequately deal with these issues…”

    What I was referring to above. Sheesh, I can’t figure out how to work this thing…

  • If I had to guess, I’d say that the more lucrative panhandling and easier procuring of drugs due to his many new fans and hangers-on probably killed the guy. Where-as before, his poverty kept his drug addiction down to a manageable and non-lethal level, the notoriety he gained by being a very vocal and extroverted crazy in a sea of crazy gained him just enough money or free drugs for him to kill himself. Notwithstanding the scold above who berates us to have compassion for this guy, what we see here is Darwinism in action. The world is better off if this guy’s genes are not propagated. The world doesn’t really need “Son of Street-Poet” crazy, we’re all stocked up here.

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  • vityas

    I seem to recall not that long ago when the left rejoiced in the death of Tony Snow, wished for Dick Cheney’s heart attack, and threatened to kill President Bush. The list of the times the left has rejoiced over the hardship or death of military personnel is pretty near endless. The vile names we’ve been called, again, pretty near endless.

    The fully operational “community” of OWS doesn’t have a field hospital where they can treat what was it terrible asthma? None of those college grads have medical degrees?
    Maybe all that’s on the schedule after the yoga meditations and drum circling.

    It would almost be worth the complete downfall of civilization for them to take over the running of the country and see them try to get the roads plowed in a snowstorm, try to repair downed powerlines or fly a helicopter to rescue someone in trouble.

  • Gipster1980

    Cold, callous thought is this, but, frankly, this will be exploited by the leftist wingnut media as if it’s somehow Wall Street’s fault; i.e., if not for corporate greed there would’ve been no protests and if there were no protests then this person would be alive today. Therefore, it’s Wall Street’s fault & his blood is on their hands.
    What a massive crock of Pelosi! No one twisted this guy’s arm to ‘join the protest.’ His decision to align himself with this group was voluntary. I seriously doubt he fully understood the reasons for the occupation. In fact, after listening to various talking heads I get the impression THEY’ve little or no idea why they’re there other than their perception of ‘corporate greed.’ It’s not clearly defined by them nor are they able to express in cogent terms what it is they hope to accomplish. It really boils down to these tools being nothing more than useful idiots of the underlying reason for the gatherings, to wit: ultimately a switch to the socialist/Marxist way of doing things.
    The occupation puppets have no idea that they’re being used. They think theirs is a noble cause…even though they’re unable to articulate it.

  • LW

    “A relatively productive member of American society would have received help for his asthma; didn’t OKC have a clinic or hospital?”

    Of course we do. I don’t know about clinics, but St. Anthony’s and University Hospital are both within a few miles of this park. Neither would have turned him away from their emergency rooms, had he chosen to go there.

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  • Lyrical_Liz

    I’ve lived with asthma now for over 35 years. This guy was being a total douche when it came to his condition. “Had problems for a week”?!?! DUDE, go to the flipping doctor!! You can’t tell me there’s not a place where he could be seen for his condition for free. Also, as cold air is one of my primary triggers, it’s just not a good idea to be CAMPING IN THE COLD!! DUHH!

    Knowing the limitations of your condition is a LIFESAVER in this case, and this guy decided to ignore his warning signs. Did he not carry his rescue inhaler with him at all times? I do. Even during times when I was dirt-poor I had an inhaler. This guy gambled with his life and lost. There’s not a thing to celebrate in this case. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • I R A Darth Aggie

    A man–an American–is dead, and you call it a victory?

    Obama did.

    Al-Awaki. Ring any bells? Hello?

    As for this particular guy: I didn’t know him. I wasn’t there. Those who where there, who claim to have been there, what did you do? did he refuse help? I guess it’s sad that he was surrounded by goofballs that didn’t think to take him in for medical care.

  • YourMaster

    he had a problem breathing cuz he was sucking 5000 muslims off each day….
    and was being gangbanged by jihadists up the booty each night. *lmao*

  • He must’ve had a brain aneurysm because I couldn’t understand one single thing he said.

  • Heidi Owens

    You apparently never knew this sweet boy. I spent countless hours with him and loved him as though he was my own son. He was brilliant and smart and kind, he was more full of love than almost any person I have ever met. Yesterday I was quietly approached by the person who found him that they thought he might be dead; we had worried about him because we had not seen him all morning, he was that important to us.

    You didn’t step into the tent and hold that sweet boy in your arms and call his name desperately hoping he would respond with “Hey Mom, I’m up already!” You didn’t call the police captain, barely able to speak through tears. You didn’t go to bed last night without his voice outside your tent yelling, “I love you Mom, see you in the morning!” You didn’t wake up this morning to see his empty hammock.

    I did. I did all those things. I loved Poet as though he were my own child. I lost someone who changed my world forever. Poet was a life full of potential; I told him that several times a day. You clearly have no sense of compassion if you could say such things about someone you never even knew. How horribly unkind of you to feed on our pain. Shame on you.

  • Militant Conservative

    You loved him so much yet would not get him out of

    The cold. Life is hard, it’s harder on those that make

    poor decisions. Reflects poorly on the left.

    Easy to be sympathetic. Harder to have morals

    And ethics. Liberalism = morally bankrupt.

    Powder is dry

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  • BS-meter

    Sorry, Heidi Owens.

    You let him die, not me. If he was indigent he had access to care thanks to me and millions of others who pay insurance premiums and who are productive citizens.

    If he changed your world forever, I hope it was from some sh!t hole environment to the one you’re occupying now, because you haven’t liven in places like the one you would turn this country into.

    Don’t speak to me about compassion. Face it. Your world view sucks, and your pain is self-inflicted. There are thousands of ways to address the world’s problems. Unfortunately for you and your ilk, you all picked a loser’s strategy. Deal with it!

  • Jonny C

    The sound of a jackhammer, wielded by a gainfully employed man, tearing up old asphalt is my kind of street poetry.

  • sheltered poet

    His awful rhymes couldn’t pay for bread,
    Gainful employment was his greatest dread,
    So the street was where he often laid his head,
    And the foolish kept him at least well-fed,
    He could’ve pulled himself up, instead
    With the perils of the homeless life he led,
    And no bone of sense inside his head,
    Is it no surprise that they found him dead?

  • Ripped

    “Organizers refer to the man as “Street Poet,” a homeless man provided with food, clothing and shelter by others involved in Occupy OKC”

    They probably also provided him with the Heroin he Over Dosed on.

  • NoelArmourson

    “…a homeless man provided with food, clothing and shelter by others involved in Occupy OKC.”

    Does this description obviate the possibility that this man was hired to participate in OWS, as evidence indicates may have occurred in some cities?

    Just wondering…

  • Chip

    I was a street poet once, but the pressue was too great. I’m much more content now with my job as a day trader while working weekends in air traffic control.

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  • herrhauptman