Occupy Vancouver Protesters Clash With Police – Lash Out at Camera Crews After Protester Dies of Overdose (Video)

A woman at Occupy Vancouver was found dead on Saturday in her tent. The protester apparently died of a drug overdose.

The protesters clashed with police and rescue crews when they arrived at the scene. Protesters also harassed camera crews who were reporting the story.
In the video the protesters harass a local camera crew and lash out at police.

From the video:
A 20-ish year old woman has died after being found unresponsive in a tent at the Occupy Vancouver encampment at the Vancouver Art Gallery. “I thought she was sleeping” a distraught woman told onlookers during attempts by police and paramedics to resuscitate the woman.

Some protesters and residents of the tent city became angry and hostile towards photographers and media personnel.

In a strange twist of events, the band D.O.A. began performing a live outdoor concert about 20 metres away while police set up crime scene tape around the now-collapsed tent.

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  • JDStone

    Leftists will be leftists Canadian, American,European they are all one in the same. Filthy, rotten no good scum all wanting a free ride on the backs of hard working people.Keep up the good work Jim lets show the American people for what they really are.Election is one year away i think the american people will have a belly full of this ridiculous display by then.

  • Just waiting for the first murder; it’s coming.

  • You cannot have a self-declared and highly publicized lawless zone that will not eventually draw those interested in a little personal bloodshed.

  • MrGoodWench

    I am trying to feel sorry for this OD’d ” protester”
    but I really don’t …good riddance to bad trash.
    As for the leftwing parasites like her ,
    they can all go straight to hell

  • Conservative to the Core


  • Donovan

    Have a small amount of compassion and respect for the dead. I understand your general outlook on the protest, but you only poison yourself when you speak this way. If this person died on your street in your home town, you would not call them scum to their grieving mother. While we are all safe on the internet to say things we wouldn’t say to others in person under any circumstances, we only belittle ourselves, our country and our race by doing so.

    We are all part of one larger thing, whether you believe that is God, Nature or the Universe. The idea that we are separate is a fallacy.

  • regularguy

    What a tremendous waste and sadness all of this is. Pure madness, so destructive, and so completely counterproductive, all of it.

    Look for the media to start dropping coverage of this kind of idiocracy. They cannot afford to expose the true face of this evil, which will further backfire on the narrative, even though that is the inevitable outcome.

  • alison richards

    I am disgusted by this blog and the comments. (with the exception of Dononvan’s comment)

    I pray you never know the pain of losing someone to an illness.

    Drug addiction is an illness.

  • John Bissell

    strangers come to help them and they smash the ambulances windows. Yeah these are the people who we want to change the world.

  • Bill Mitchell

    This is nothing compared to the scores of dead found at Tea Party Rallies due to the violent racist marauding mobs. One grandmother stabbed a black man to death with a tiny America flag. It was sick.

  • Island Girl

    Dead as a doornail.

  • squeaky

    “…come to help them and they smash the ambulances windows. Yeah these are the people who we want to change the world.” i don’t know how many actually support these bozos but i would assume a good amount from the gime gimme segment of society and various other government connected cretins. they may want change but they should reconsider handing over the keys of their car to a toddler. many moons ago my brother and his friends decided to take apart one of the guys mustang [car]. they did a good job with that but they didn’t know how to put it back together and i might add that it was a new car. most of the pampered poochs at these sites would have a hard time dealing with their current locations if it became a no longer voluntary event.

  • squeaky

    and i don’t think tea party events led to the job loss of other citizens. they also didn’t tie up certain real estate from other citizens who might want to exhibit their freedom to use it for their pleasure.
    [..that a complaint had been made to US Bank by a customer concerning being surrounded and harassed by subjects from the “Occupy” group, when they attempted to use the US Bank ATM] they are impeding other peoples rights and all you hear about is their rights.

  • Militant Conservative

    Just another leftie showing thier intellect and

    Wisdom of how to use your freedoms.

    How long before anyone noticed?!

    Enjoy room temp dirt nap.

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  • Militant Conservative

    Returning dead soldiers spat upon. They and thier

    Families hounded to the gravesite. Two people

    Have died for you. Jesus for your soul, the American

    Soldier for your freedom. Leftist’s do neither.

    She got what she wants, release from this rhelm.

    Have a nice trip.

  • Militant Conservative

    Cry use a river Alison. Some of use grow up and

    Understand death is part of life. These spoiled brats

    Seek thier pleasures that have occupational hazards.

    Whaaaaa, don’t see your side lamenting the dead

    Servicemen that died for you freedom. Hypocrite.

  • Joe College

    OWS — Be careful of what you wish for. European socialism extinguishes democracy and puts the ruling class in charge.


  • Carbon Pootprint

    Sure some OWS didn’t off her to cover up another rape?

  • Militant Conservative

    #19 see comment #2.

    Agree with both

  • bg
  • bg



    November 5, 2011


    a lot of pre-talk, Paul Ryan’s plan being the center of attention,
    the actual Herm Newt ‘discussions’ start about the 15:00 mark…

    hope you enjoy it as much as i did..


  • There is a lot of mayhem going on at these OWS protests, I am sure the police and security is stretched paper thin.
    I would hope that someone realizes how easy it would be to sneak in a weapon that could wipe out 10, 20 or even 50 people, which could conveniently be placed in one of the many tents. #2 and 3 is right murder is going to happen, the question is on what scale, and who do you guys think will get the blame on such an event. My guess would be either the Tea party or Conservatives…..or maybe George Bush……

  • Conservative to the Core

    The police are loving all the overtime.

  • OWSCarl Nitwit Extraordinaire

    I was there. I’m unsure why anyone called an ambulance. We have a Health, Wellness and Inconvenient Death Committee to take care of problems like this. The Burial Committee will be handling the remains immediately after the Autopsy Committee determines the actual cause of death. The Bloomberg agent provocateurs are probably responsible for this trajedy. Our Truthiness Public Relations Committee will be releasing information regarding the heroic young woman within 48 hours.

  • Militant Conservative


    Yes violence will happen(nature of man). How many

    Of YOU have the ability to defend yourself??

    THAT is the question. Most of the left is anti gun

    Few believe in putting forth the effort to obtain an

    Firearm and the training to use it. Thier whole

    Movement proves my point. I on the otherhand

    Am prepared for war. Night scope coming in this


  • spock

    “she’s dead Jim”.

  • spock

    “Set phasers to full power. This bunch could get nasty….. Scotty beam us down”.

  • spock

    Damn! The end of this inept administration can’t get here soon enough for me.

    The longer these squatters camps are allowed to stay the worse it will get. obama

    told them to offer up a little ‘skin in the game’ but this is not, and never was a ‘game’.

    Time for this s**t to cease and desist

  • LogicalUS

    “Drug addiction is an illness”

    Allison, you ignorant dork. She wasn’t ill, she was following the ignorant advice of your leaders and sticking it to the man by partying with illegal drugs.

    Well guess what the grown ups were right AGAIN, those pretty little drugs can KILL YOU and she should have listened to those people who knew better and made them ILLEGAL.

    But no like virtually everything these imbeciles think they know, she went with the idiots sitting around with their drum circles and their “superior” way of living and NOW SHE IS COLD DEAD.

    Think about that the next time YOU are sitting around listening to some smelly drum circle listening to some ignorant twit spout on and on about their “ideas”.

  • daryl

    P-P-M roused a bunch of rabble in their day to and had a better sound.
    But d.o.a. fits this bunch just as well.


  • Conservative to the Core

    In other news, a resident of Vancouver popped a pimple.

  • Fallon

    “In a strange twist of events, the band D.O.A. began performing a live outdoor concert about 20 metres away while police set up crime scene tape around the now-collapsed tent.”

    I feel sorry for the deceased’s family and friends but this stuff just writes itself, doesn’t it?

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “Drug addiction is an illness.”

    Yeah, it’s tragic when drug dealers physically hold people down and force drugs into their bodies until they become addicted. What? That’s not what happens? But, how do people get the disease of drug addiction, then??

    And what is Vancouver Occupying against? They already have a socialist paradise; enormous welfare state, high taxes, socialized medicine with free treatment protocols from the 1970’s, a military so impotent that it could be taken out by the Dallas Police Department in a war…what more could these people want?

  • Catherine

    #16 &#17


  • Granny

    #8 November 6, 2011 at 3:12 am
    alison richards commented:

    I am disgusted by this blog and the comments. (with the exception of Dononvan’s comment)

    I pray you never know the pain of losing someone to an illness.

    Drug addiction is an illness.

    That is Bull! Drug addiction is a CHOICE. If you never do drugs then you never become addicted. If you don’t drink you don’t turn into a drunk. If you never pick up a cigarette then you never have to quit.

    One of the most basic rules of life is that when you play you will surely pay. Don’t provide excuses for those who are now paying the piper.

  • bg
  • Ginger
  • Ginger

    CW…Was that you in the video? I love it!

  • Ginger
  • mcc

    The Cain/Gingrich discussion was wonderful. And together they make a terrific pair – one Americans can easily see getting our country back on the right track. Yeah, I think alot of us are thinking we’ll take this duo any way we can get it. I fully expected it to be a gentlemanly discussion rather than a debate – these two really like and respect one another.

    Last evening must leave Romney/Perry wishing they’d somehow been a part of it. Maybe they should have their own evening together. And what an interesting/different dynamic that might make…Or make other pairings of those two with the others. Or maybe Bachmann/Santorum? The rest can bow out…

    So much more is learned about the candidate and his ideas in this forum.

    Btw, I heard Jim DeMint (forever my favorite) won’t be endorsing one candidate this election. He’ll be spending his time getting more strong conservative/TParty types for the Senate. He says by not endorsing a candidate, it leaves him free to really hold the (future) president’s feet to the fire.

  • Ginger

    As usual not a word from GP…about the debate last night with Cain/Gingrich! hmmm but wait until his sweetie does something it will be here like lightening. If his sweetie does anything that makes him look bad it will never be on this Gateway Pundit.

    btw…..I am soooo tired of the Accupy stories!

  • mcc

    More re #41 (as it’s compared with what GP posted) —

    Americans need to see the sad and ugly truths of the Left – lives lost and wasted by their false teachings and beliefs. Nations ultimately brought to ruin. These are the things that Obama endorses. I find it incredible that the evil of it all escapes him.

    Instead, let America see the productive, healthy minds of men and women as they argue for a right and healthy course for our country. And then in 2012, they’ll properly decide. Once they’re fully informed. But let the stark contrast be seen.

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  • Joanne

    They are angry because they need another ‘hit’ of something.

    It is a tragedy about the young woman and the drug overdose. Young people these days are very ignorant; I have no idea what they are being taught in schools, but it may very well not be the truth.

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  • Mad Hatter

    Is this really a surprise?

    This isn’t due to someone having an “illness” this is due to someone having a drug habit. This is due to the City of Vancouver tolerating junkies and druggies in their streets for years, and years, not arresting them when they get caught with HIV’s and drugs.

    Don’t be surprised to see the beautiful City of Vancouver become the Amsterdam of North America in the next ten years.


  • Mad Hatter


    ***not arresting them when they get caught with needles that cause HIV and drugs.***

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  • PL

    Drug addiction is not an illness.That is an excuse and a bad one at that.I got hooked on cocaine years ago and kicked the habit.You are not helping these people by lying to them.

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  • chaz

    The police should move in and clear out the camp.

    They would already be perfectly justified: This is no longer a protest or a camp site… it’s a crime scene.

  • Kensbev

    The Elector of Saxony (#34) – “But, how do people get the disease of drug addiction, then??”

    Maybe a drug addict sneezed on her? I hear it’s communicable.

    Seriously, as the sister of a recovered coke addict, my brother knew the dangers, and he did it in spite of what he knew. Going clean was tough for him, but he hit rock bottom, and the only way up was to go to rehab. He took it seriously, cut off all ties with people he knew who used (moved 1,000 miles away, even) and he just plain did what he’d made up his mind to do. Drug addiction is a CHOICE, you cannot convince me otherwise.

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