In April St. Louis youths playing the “knock-out game” beat, kicked and punched 72-year-old Hoang Nguyen and his wife on their way home from the grocery store.
Nguyen died in the attack.

In June black youths playing the “knock-out game” targeted and beat a gay man going to work. The victim suffered a broken nose, a sore jaw and a black eye.

Now this…
This past week black youths in St. Louis playing the “knock-out” game are targeting cyclists in the city.

KMOX reported:

There’s an alert out about recent assaults on bike riders in south St. Louis., an organization that promotes hiking and biking, is cautioning riders to be on the alert for roving bands of teenagers who swarm and attack riders.

Trailnet says the latest attack was last Thursday (8/25) afternoon near Missouri Botanical Garden where a group of 10 to 15 African-American teens charged and attacked a cyclist.

“They weren’t really interested in robbing me. It just seemed like they wanted to beat me up,” says assault victim Cheech Ramirez. “They weren’t interested in letting me get off the ground and having a fair fight.”

Ramirez says he and his friends returned to the scene minutes later to help another bicyclist who was being beaten.

Police say there have been other, similar attacks in the city, and they believe all the victims are picked at random.

Mayor Francis Slay is calling for action, possibly with citizen bike patrols set up with the help of Trailnet and local police.

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  1. ++

    i can hear the great “unifier” speaking of “hope” for
    the youth of generational Democratic voters.. /sarc/


  2. I know I woulda picked my own cotton.

  3. From all the successful attacks, I’m surprised the police isn’t cheering on the violence from the sidelines. It doesn’t seem like they’re going out of the way to lead in prevention.

    Next time they try to attack an armed person, you’ll have a nice lil bloodbath.

  4. Are these people targetting blacks? Or are these roving groups of Lutherans targetting Jews?

    By the way has any of these people ever been charged with a hate crime?

    People in an area that may be subject to these sort of attacks should take all necessary steps to protect their safety.

  5. This is why you carry a gun.

    This is why you practice with said gun.

    This is why you shoot to kill.

  6. law or no law the people need to start arming themselves. The police can’t protect you and they are never there when you need them. We have to start protecting ourselves.

  7. The best cure for this would be for some of the punks to be shot dead, preferably the whole lot in one of the attack mobs.

  8. Now there’s a smart mayor. I think a civilian bike patrol, with groups of civilians on Harley’s, taking a dozen Dobermans out for a run, would be a fine idea.

  9. Since they’ve already killed, now it is reasonable to shoot and defend yourself if you’re the next victim. If a mob surrounded me, I’d be in fear of my life…

  10. Just testing the waters folks, this is just the beginnning wait until the real race riots begin.The media and adminastation has already begun fanning the flames, Obama wants to be the first dictator it doesn’t matter what the cost.

  11. More cyclists should ride armed. Sure, my PM9 adds some weight to my ridiculously light Cannondale, but it certainly adds safety.

  12. From the thugs own vocabulary “I’d put a cap in their ass” !

  13. Welcome to your
    It’s for the children.

  14. Let’s see if these thugs are up for a game of Punch-Out; they attack me, I punch their card with a .45…

  15. “…assault victim Cheech Ramirez”?…..”says he and his friend Chong “Rambo” Gonzales returned to the scene minutes later to help another bicyclist who was being beaten.”…well, that’s how it should read…. :)

  16. Mayor Slay? He’s concerned? Really!

    This is what happens in every large metro area. They are dominated by the “Gimme my gub’mint cheese” mentality and Democrat politicians who sell the public’s safety for their re-election.

    Slay is a joke, just like the last five or six that have preceeded him. Typical democrat!

  17. This racial unrest is part of the globalist plan to destablize our nation. This is the reason for the open boarder with mexico. Once the final bring down of the dollar takes place. race riots will ensue. The globalist are now in our face with thier plans. Type illuminati backwards into your browser followed by dot com.. They are in our face telling us who they are..

  18. Police say there have been other, similar attacks in the city, and they believe all the victims are picked at random.
    At random ? Really ? How many perps are blacks ?
    How many of their victims are non-blacks?
    Why is that police department so protective of black thugs ?

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