St. Louis Youths Play “Knock Out” Game With Elderly Vietnamese Man… Kill Him

72-year-old Hoang Nguyen and his wife Yen went shopping at a Vietnamese market in the 3900 block of South Grand last Saturday morning just as they did every weekend. It was their last trip to the market. After leaving the store the couple was attacked by four black youths playing “knock out.” The thugs killed Nguyen in an alley.

FOX 2 has video of the couple’s last trip to the store. That is Nyuyen in the white hat shaking hands with a friend.

This was the first of several “knock-out” attacks in the city of St. Louis.
KSDK reported:

The funeral for 72-year-old Hoang Nguyen was held at Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church in South City Thursday morning. Police say the Vietnamese immigrant is the victim of a deadly game called the ‘Knock Out’ game. City leaders are trying to get the word out.

St. Louis police and Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce are tweeting about it, they’re talking to community leaders about it, and city leaders are finding out this Knock Out game, where you attack and try to knock out someone vulnerable, may be happening more than they realized.

Hoang Nguyen’s death followed an incomprehensible crime in an alley near Spring and Chippewa. According to court documents, Nguyen was punched in his head, causing him to fall to the ground and smack his head against the pavement, allegedly by this man, 18-year-old Elex Levell Murphy, who has been charged with first-degree murder. Another male suspect started kicking Nguyen in the rib cage. And it says Murphy admitted it was part of the Knock Out game. Ward Alderwoman Jennifer Florida attended Nguyen’s funeral.

“In the words of Mrs. Nguyen, were ‘father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,'” Florida said.

Alex Murphy was charged with first degree murder for killing the 72 year-old Hoang Nguyen in a game of Knock Out. (KSDK)

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  • maria

    what a sick world is this now……

  • Andre

    This is disgusting.

  • GrayRider

    So our once civil society has come to this.

  • BH

    Since when is attempted murder allowed to be called a game? I’d bet that the store owner who was interviewed knows and has experienced much more harassment by thugs than he is willing to say on camera. Those who murdered Mr. Nugyen and hurt his wife, were already
    “wasted” individuals before they did the assault and homicide. They spring from “Cradles of Crack” if you ask me. Please find them, charge them and let justice be done, or they will keep on killing.

  • Bobby

    This is Liberalism come to fruition…be on guard…more of this is coming.

  • bigkahuna

    I am betting they will plead innocent and were only reacting to high gas prices, no jobs and Wisc. Gov Walker’s attack on union benefits.

    Hopefully they will go to trial and then play those other fun games..

    .Hide the Salami..of your cellmate and then quickly afterwards….

    Dodge the bullet aimed at your your head at your firing squad party.

  • avery

    Alex Murphy, is one of Eric Holder “people” nothing will be done, they will push it under the rug.

  • ahem

    I have an idea for a new game: Death Sentence.

  • Joe Camel

    “In the words of Mrs. Nguyen, were ‘father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,’” Florida said.

    Unfortunately, they did know exactly what they were doing, that is the issue here. The constant perpetuation of this species will not end until we stop the cycle of what breeds it. Liberalism and the Nanny state has caused this, just no one wants to do anything about it. Much easier just to bury someone and the story, move on. This will only continue to go on and get worse as the world continues to denigrate into the depths of animal behavior I feel for everyone who will have to live it. God help us all.

  • workingclass artist


    There is no excuse for this protection by the paper of these murderous hooligans….Kinda like hiding Muslim attacks on Christians or Jews or Hindus as “sectarian violence”

  • ahem

    Actually, what this is is the fruits of 50 years of television pumping ever more evil and vicious material into the home. Sex, sex, sex. Serial killers with hearts of gold. Left-wing social propaganda. We’re living in a cesspool, up to our ears in sh*t.

  • Joe Camel

    Ahem #11, amen brother, amen…

  • listingstarboard

    Whenever there is no race identified it is always black. WHenever there is no political affiliation identified they are Democrats. The murderers , if sentenced to jail, will then be able to convert to Islam and become even more of a threat to society. I shudder to think what will happen here if the prisons are breached —

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    And all the defense attorney has to do is: move the trial to black-dominated East St. Louis, stack the jury with poor blacks with a victimhood mentality, and then turn the entire trial into a referendum on race relations between the kind-hearted, do-nothing-wrong, suffering-from-300-years-of-oppression, black race and the keep-to-themselves, closed-minded, hate-black-people, Vietnamese immigrant race, and an acquital on all charges is virtually assured.

    Poor black youths ONLY get sent to prison for murder if the murder victim is a poor black too because the local blacks are out screaming for justice. If the victim is some other race, then the poor misquided black youth killer is the real victim in all this.

    We’ve seen this same scenario play itself out over and over.

  • JohnRalph

    G.W.’s polices drove them to this, these are God fearing black American Christian kids.

  • Bitter Clinger

    The fruits of Obama’s “Department of Just Us” have come home to roost. Nothing will happen to these vile thugs because of their skin color. They may even be The Newer Black Panthers for all we know. Remember “Wilding” in New York’s Central Park? That’s what we’re now seeing all across the country. The ramparts have been breached in our society. The summer will be frightful I fear. God help us.

  • Militant Conservative

    Yet another reason I carry a gun. when are the rest of you going to realize that you are practicing irresponsible behavior by not carrying?? Your endagering yourself and family by relying on the good will of strangers. Get your lazy butts off the couch and learn what it is to be a citizen. The threat is all around you, you’ve just been lucky so far.

    powder is dry

  • Sasja

    One more reason I am always armed. And no, I do not leave my weapon in the car no matter what that little sign reads in the window. You can bet the evildoer is not paying attention to any sign.

  • Mac in NM

    @#7-Those were my 1st thoughts when I read this article. Welcome to Obama’s America. Also, wonder what kind of rap sheet do he be havin’?

  • Noovuss

    I’m shocked to think that Obama’s base would act like this?
    Maybe Obama, Mr. Hoang Nguyen’s widow and the murderer could all sit down and drink a beer at the WH in the spirit of sub-cultural understanding. It was very unfair of Mr. Nguyen to place his head in front of Alex Murphy’s fist.

  • DonnaS

    What dumba$$ decided to call this a “game”. Where I come from we call it murder.

  • John

    There is a lesson in this for all of us:

    CARRY. A. GUN.

  • Stephen Morgan

    A new game that needs to start being played by Races other than “Eric homo holders people” is catch and release .. Whic means, Catch em’ and release em’ back into Africa.

  • woofguy

    You know, this would make an excellent ‘teaching moment’. Maybe a little beer summit with our commander might clear up this clear misunderstanding….

    Settle down all you bible toters….Obama is our President… it is a new era of race relations.

  • a former democrat

    Everyday I keep thinking I’ve seen the worse, yesterday that poor young lady beat up at a mcdonalds.

    and now this?

    a frail 72 punched and then killed. May these thugs rot in hell after they get the death penalty.

  • Andreas K.

    ahem, sure, blame the TV…

    Ignore the parents, who are supposed to be parenting their kids, to raise them properly, to make sure they don’t end up stupid stuff.
    Ignore the shools, that are supposed to educate the kids.
    Blame the TV instead. That’s the solution.

  • Marsh626

    “Very approximately,
    (1) About 0.2 percent of Black-on-White interracial crimes are labeled “hate crimes.”
    (2) About 3.2 percent of White-on-Black interracial crimes are labeled “hate crimes.”

    Every year there are about 1,700,000 violent crimes between Blacks and Whites. Of those crimes, Blacks commit 85%. The remaining 15% are committed by someone whom the U.S. Department of Justice considers “White,” which includes most of the Hispanics resident in the United States. When you remove the Hispanics from the tally of “White” offenders, the proportions of B&W crimes shift to 90% having Black perps and 10% having White perps.

    So for each violent crime having a White perpetrator and a Black victim, there are 9 crimes having a Black perpetrator and a White victim. That’s an astounding imbalance of violent crime, especially when you consider that Whites outnumber Blacks in the USA by a ratio of six. It means that Blacks are 54 times more likely to commit a violent crime against Whites than the reverse.

    That ratio of 54 is only for crimes with a single perpetrator and a single victim. Black GANGS are about 200 times more likely to attack someone White, as compared with the reverse.

    Despite the huge number of violent B&W crimes, a typical year sees less than 10,000 “hate crime” accusations. Only one out of every 200 interracial crimes is considered a “hate crime” by the police.

    You’d think that the Black-to-White per capita rate ratio for “hate crimes” would be about the same as that rate for violent interracial crimes, wouldn’t you? After all, any violent interracial crime is a candidate for the “hate crime” category, yes? Well, if you think that those ratios are at least roughly equal in value, then you’re wrong. The police seem to have a strong aversion to accusing Blacks of “hate” offenses. Blacks are only 2.25 times more likely to be “hate criminals,” as compared with Whites.

    Why the drop, from a ratio of 54 for interracial crimes, all the way down to 2.25 for “hate crimes”? Why is a White who commits a violent act against a Black 24 times more likely to be slapped with “hate crime” charges, as compared with a Black who commits a violent act against a White?

    Most of the Hispanics resident in the United States (both legals and illegals) are Mestizos, who are biologically non-White. Nonetheless, the Justice Department calls them “Whites” when they are offenders, but recognizes them as being a separate group when they are victims. That’s some of the official cheating that our government does with race statistics. Why does the DoJ do this cheating?

    Per capita, Mestizos are about 3 times more likely to commit violent crimes, as compared with ‘real’ Whites. As a rule of thumb, any of the Justice Department’s per capita ratios of Black-to-White crime offenses should be corrected by raising them by a factor of about 1.4.”

    Asians also commit virtually zero violent crime, statistically, in America.

  • Andreas K.

    Another problem: Hoang Nguyen wasn’t black. If he was, the media would be all over this, protests would be held against racism and every politician would vow to fight racism.

  • Jim

    “For the record, the St. Louis Post Dispatch hid the race of the attackers from the public for several days.”

    So, what’s new? Just protecting their chosen ones. Wake up people, it’s time to take our society back and stop this BS!

  • CommieJuice

    Prayers go out to Hoang’s family. May God comfort them through their pain and sorrow.

    Of course they hid the race, that’s what statist do! If a story of a violet crime doesn’t mention the race it’s normally someone black, latino, or middle eastern muslim. White male or white Christian male will always be the first words spoken if it wasn’t a minority. The sad part about the reporting is that it wouldn’t matter the race if the left hadn’t made it that way, a crime is a crime until you have Marxists divide it into hyphens which becomes the standard element for the story, unless it’s now one like this.

    Hopefully justice will be served to the fullest extent! Hate crime? Probably not, but it is a good example of why we have the second amendment. As a friend in law enforcement always said “I rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6”, I agree completely. CCW’s are being more and more common, and rightly so!

    JUST REMEMBER… These are Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s people, just ask Eric Holder.

  • a former democrat

    ““For the record, the St. Louis Post Dispatch hid the race of the attackers from the public for several days.””

    WTF??!?! hey race baiting Sharpton, Jackson, where the hell are you race baiters????

    I never knew the DOJ hides and delays things like this. So is Holder going to react to this? Didn’t he say not americans, but AAs were “his people”. My friend who was watching c-span told me he said this, I didnt believe her, when I watched Holder say “my people” and he was not referring to all americans, chills went up my spine.

  • auntie em

    The blacks in this country have long outlived their usefulness. They’ve lost their freaking minds.

  • auntie em

    I want Allen West to run for President. So, my statement above including all blacks was too extreme, and I apologize.

    Afrocentric gorillas have long outlived their usefulness. They don’t belong here; they belong in a zoo (jail) or the jungle. They don’t want to live in a lawful society.

  • Militant Conservative

    Just don’t become a victim. Empower yourself to be able to take care of yourself no matter what. Hello, that means carry a firearm. Become proficent, train so your not a gun toting idiot.

    All of this is so avoidable. Yet you none gun carrying people have allowed the cancer to spread. The left and the criminals could be just a small minority due to attrition over the decades. YOU non carry people are the irresponsible terds.

    Man up

    powder is dry

  • O:F

    I’ve started to wonder how much our western “free media” really hides from us. This time they wouldn’t tell the race of the killers.

    In swedish media they always exclude religion whenever there is violence in some far away country. Like when muslims started killing christians in the ivory coast and that other african country some days ago. Swedish media always calls it “ethnic conflict”. The logic behind that is: ethnic conflict = racism, racism = nationalism = neo nazism/right wing. Conclusion: they are against international socialism, that’s why they kill people.

    Yesterday 4 people were shot at a café in Gothenburg, but there were no reports as to why this happened. They didn’t even say it was a “gang conflict” as they usually call it. Makes me wonder what they are hiding this time.

  • a former democrat

    “The blacks in this country have long outlived their usefulness. They’ve lost their freaking minds.”

    There are proud, self made patriotic americans like Col West. What has happened is race baiters like Sharpton want AAs on the gov’t’s plantation (and I use that word deliberately), because when americans, of all and any race, think for themselves, become successful, people like sharpton and those who use this power become powerless.

    I always thought affirmative action policies should be done based on income, why should a latino or black millionaraire’s kid get AA, they will have more opportunities than a poor black, white, latino kid. It should be done on income, that way those disadvantaged kids have a chance at success.

    Why is it Asians, who are really the smallest minority, do not receive any affiramative action, yet have the highest rate of success, even more than whites, in many cases.

  • a former democrat

    #33 April 23, 2011 at 8:13 am
    auntie em commented:

    Thank you, I posted my post before I saw your response. I agree with you, Allen West would be a rocking awesome president, Herman Cain as well.

  • Marsh626

    Indeed Mahdi Al-Dajjal. Indeed…

    I experienced this myself.

    My best friend was murdered by illegal immigrants simply because he was white and his girlfriend was hispanic. Yet they weren’t accused of hate crimes due to the races involved. The shooter only got 13 years…

    That was my wake up call. I was a hardcore leftist activist my entire life who supported open borders, amnesty and fully believed in this disgusting “white guilt” worldview.

    Yet another former leftist mugged by reality…

  • gorgo

    Speedy public trials and public executions would deter this sh*t FAST. But those days are long gone, never to be repeated. The decay will continue because it was predicted to continue. We just happen to be living at a time when no one can cover up the smell of rot any longer and almost no one is even trying anymore.

  • a former democrat

    #38 April 23, 2011 at 8:18 am
    Marsh626 commented:

    Sorry for your loss.

    I was a leftist as well until 2008. Loyal lifelong dem, then 2008 happened. The idiots at the DNC still send me pre-paid envelops pleading for donations, I send back to them phonebooks, lots of them.

  • Sickofobama

    If you see a black person today stay far, far, far, far, far away from them.

    Obama’s New Black Panthers have sent out messages for blacks to attack and kill anybody that isn’t black.

    Welcome to Obama’s America.

  • NC Cop

    Knock out game? How about “Try and knock me out and meet Mr. Springfield .45”. I like that game!!

  • ahem

    You think _you’re_ sick of Obama; listen to this guy:

  • maynard

    Perhaps Planned Parenthood need MORE centers in the ghettos.

  • mg4us

    Disgusting. . . these people are worse than animals. . . they are savages. . . animals kill when threatened or for food. . . not for sadistic enjoyment!!

    I hope MO has the death penalty. . .

    Just like cancer needs to be surgically removed. . so too does this caustic element need to be removed from society. . . Where are their parents and church ministers?. . .MIA??? Thought so.

    Time for the police to do their job and crack down on these thugs. . . . and neighbors need to help.

    And while race seems to have played a role here, like in the McDonald’s in Balitmore, it is time that Black Americans step up to be model citizens like Rep Allen West and others. . . and not tolerate thugs & gangsta rap in their neighborhoods. . . vet out these evil elements and hold them accountable.

    Our prayers are with the Nguyen family. . .

  • bobdog

    Don’t I recall a story this week about two Brits who wandered into a black neighborhood in Florida and were killed as part of a “gang initiation”?

    And that McDonald’s “beatdown” story this week. Were the attackers rich white kids? The Department of Justice had no interest in pursuing this story, but now it turns out that the victim was “transgendered”. The likelihood that a Justice Department Hate Crime probe will be announced next week is about the same as the sun rising tomorrow.

    DISCLOSURE: Please note that existing Anti-Discrimination laws prohibit the drawing of any conclusions from these events, on pain of federal Hate Crime prosecution. Do NOT draw any conclusions. These are “random crimes” by “disadvantaged youths”. Really. Put it out of your mind.

  • Didn’t you know, it’s ok now Obama and Eric Holder got their back. That’s the “Color of Change”

  • Scott

    Where is the Federal subsidized section eight neighborhood? Ten will get you twenty that these youths grew up in Federal subsidized housing…Our Federal government pays for young women to have children. Children that are raised by child mothers in drug and crime infested conditions…The so-called safety net programs of the Federal government have become the engine of destruction for black,white, and hispanic families…

  • Dave-O

    #5 Bobby and #16 BC – you are both soooooo right.

  • ImpeachTheThug

    Big bad brave gangstas…

    4 young (in age AND mind) thugs beat up two senior citizens – COWARDS!

    Just the kind of thugs Eric Holder likes to protect – because they’re his people.


  • Sickofobama


    That was great!

    Can we get the whole country to listen to that somehow?

  • pst314

    I wish there had been an armed citizen passing by who could have shot and killed those thugs. (But no head shots, please: We want the thugs to have time to realize that they are dying.)

  • NeoKong

    Well his daddy had to pull some strings and call in a few favors but with any luck his son will be able to go to the same prison he went to just like his old man.

  • pst314

    Black American culture is infected with a pervasive evil. Racism, resentment of achievers, a sense of entitlement, cruelty, sadism, and every other evil. This subculture should not be tolerated. And nobody who defends or excuses it should be tolerated, either.

  • StrangernFiction

    When the spigot gets turned off the inner cities will burn. Hell, they may well burn if Barky doesn’t get reelected.

    And no GOP, this is not a reason to not attack him. Quite the contrary.

  • Somewhat Reasonable Voice

    Take God our of our lives, don’t preach the uncomfortable doctrines of Sin and Hell, accept any Satanic “works” religion, and poof! You have modern day America. Fleshly, steeped in sin, un-accountable to God or anyone, seared conscience so there is no sense of guilt, lust for fleshly things, desire to destroy anything that is decent and good, and a supernatural hate of Jesus or anyone who loves Him. That’s the cause of this behavior.

    Yup, that checks all the boxes, we’re living in the end times. Any Christians out there surprised by this? You shouldn’t be. Better get into the scripture more and see what’s going to happen next.

  • DeeDEE

    I feel it is important to take any home that supports violence off any kind of federal or state assistance ASAP.

  • GrayRider

    WTF ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • retire05

    Shocking? Yes. Surprising? No.

    These crimes we are seeing are the end result of decades of pandering to one group of people who, just 140 years ago, only wanted to be able to learn to read and write, to own their own property, to start a business and leave it to their children, to be able to vote for that right.

    Now we are seeing the result of do-gooder socialists who thought that they could level the playing field by taking from one group and giving to another. Chances are, these thugs were raised by single moms who have spent their lives on welfare checks and in public housing. These punks have been taught by the race baiters and poverty pimps like Jackson and Sharpton, that they are owed something in life because their great-great-great-great grandfather might have been a slave. So they have no respect for anything but gaming the system.

    If you want an explaination as to why we are seeing this in society, heed the words of Tip O’Neill:

    “The central conservative trait is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society. The central liberal trait is that politics can change a culture and save it from itself.”

    I would posit to Tim O’Neill, were he still alive, that it is politics that has destroyed the American black family, and therefore, the American black cuture itself, and until men like Allen West, Rev. Jesse Lee Jackson, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Larry Elder become the role models for the black youth of America, instead of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and numerous drug addled athelets like Michael Vick, we are going to see more of this, not less.

  • John

    Stories like this screw up the media’s narrative, just as the battles 20 years ago between black social activists and Korean fruit market owners in Brooklyn did, or the post-Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, when Korean-owned businesses were targeted specifically for looting and destruction.

    There’s no way someone with the name of Hoang Nguyen fits into the normal media template of black rage over 200-plus years of discrimination justifying anti-social behavior. Under the rules of identity politics, Nguyen’s death would qualify as a hate crime, but the perps in this case blow up the media’s desire to play it that way, while the same time the crime is both so outrageous and random, they can’t avoid reporting on it in case this does suddenly become more common.

  • Overlord

    Don’t just “carry” a gun, know how to use it! To hell with the law when someone is trying to harm or kill you…..

  • Dawgonitt

    For the record, the St. Louis Post Dispatch hid the race of the attackers from the public for several days.

    What do you expect from the Post Discrace. I refuse to have that LIBERAL RAG on my property. Left Wing all the way. It is a Socialist/Democrat/Muslim appoligist Paper.

  • John B

    Holder will not prosecute his peops who worked so hard to get where they is.
    Bernie Goetz is coming.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    What a Great Freaking Society we have now. WTFG LBJ, you must be so proud of your bastard children.

  • uncle monkey

    You know, when A Clockwork Orange starts to become quaint…

    “Play” knock out?

    Is that as much fun as playing “set the senior on fire”?
    Or “hit their face with a baseball bat until it’s hamburger”?

    Good times, good times.

  • Dawgonitt

    pst314 commented:
    Black American culture is infected with a pervasive evil. Racism, resentment of achievers, a sense of entitlement, cruelty, sadism, and every other evil. This subculture should not be tolerated. And nobody who defends or excuses it should be tolerated, either

    And they are incouraged and Led by Race Baiters (So Called Rev’s) Sharpton & Jackson.
    Did anyone see this

    or This

  • Jim

    We need a Charles Bronson Death Wish type movement!

  • feduptoo

    Something is going on with these black gangs! Beatings in McDonald’s all the time, even at McDonald’s in Britain, where a 32 yr. old father was killed after he left thugs that were inside McDonald’s.

    Two young British guys, vacationing in Sarasota, Fla., murdered by a 16 yr. old black teen.

    People like to say it is because they are poor…bull! They spend their money on tatoos, gold chains, ipods, cell phones…..there is just something wrong here.

    The welfare crowd will pop out all kinds of kids, and that is about the end of their parenting….then there is this gangster rap music, with horrid lyrics.

    White kids on FB, post these lyrics, act like it is some kind of cool thing to do….their language is horrible!

    We have Russian gangs, Asian gangs, black gangs, Hispanic gangs…..and far too many that say it’s because they are poor, and take up for them in one way or another!

    Our society has hit bottom……these are supposed to be the future of America, yeah right! They can’t spell, or do simple math! They are thugs and only want what someone else has got!

    And all Obama can do is continue to create more class warfare, making things worse!

  • This has the Black Panthers hand ALL over it. They called for violence against all “NON WHITE” businesses to begin in MAY.
    This is outrageous!!!

    And look at the white girl at McDonalds who was beaten (by tow black chicks) until she seized up. The word has gone out and this is the race war Obama has been wanting since election day.
    Snactioned of course by Eric Holder!!!

  • feduptoo


    The smoking gun has a picture of the twerp that worked and filmed that beating in McDonald’s.

    His stupid reasoning, was this white person was a transgender….so it must be ok to beat him/her???

  • Shrewz92

    They really wouldn’t HAVE to release race, would they? Just publish the names. Just publish the names. What kind of inferiority complex does a person have to have to attack, as part of a gang of 4 persons, a 72 year old couple? The Vietnamese couple should/would’ve had a greater chip on their shoulder for how history has treated their culture, however the attackers had the best culture to grow up in (American) with the greatest number of opportunities for greatness. They squandered that, and ‘played’ a ‘game’ in which everyone lost. Shameful.

  • Anonymous

    The idiot in the photo looks as if his two brain cells are rubbing together at last.

    Why can’t these subhumans (and I do not mean AfAms, so don’t get out the race card) invent a game in which they knock out each other?

  • Beachluver

    With what has happened just the last 2 days….re-thinking my stand on abortion!!!!! Clinic on EVERY corner I say…….save on ENTITLEMENTS!!!!!

  • Feduptoo-

    The leftist agenda of keeping minorities living in hell, is now coming to fruition. I have never seen such an a-moral, vile, hate filled class/race of people in my life. The LA riots will look like cream puffs compared to what’s coming. I will be using my carry permit from now on…I have kept it for such a time and that time is here!

  • Welcome to our

  • greenfairie

    I’d trade the feral beasts who attacked that poor couple for another 5000 people from Vietnam. Those folks contribute to society. They prize hard work and success. They have strong families. They are devout Catholics or devout Buddhists. Almost every Vietnamese person I’ve met has been kind, gentle, good-hearted.

    More feral children of unmarried moms and baby daddies who never stick around, slapped with bizarre names, and left to their own devices as mom spent her day collecting her welfare dough and worked on finding the next baby daddy.

  • wow

    #76 April 23, 2011 at 10:47 am
    greenfairie commented:

    I’d trade the feral beasts who attacked that poor couple for another 5000 people from Vietnam. Those folks contribute to society. They prize hard work and success. They have strong families. They are devout Catholics or devout Buddhists. Almost every Vietnamese person I’ve met has been kind, gentle, good-hearted.

    More feral children of unmarried moms and baby daddies who never stick around, slapped with bizarre names, and left to their own devices as mom spent her day collecting her welfare dough and worked on finding the next baby daddy.

    I second everything you wrote. In my experience they are the nicest people, hard working, who cherish what they have here, unlike the dregs that hunt in packs for “fun” and with no sense of decency, responsibility or anything for that matter.

  • Iconoclast

    Large numbers of armed plain clothes members of a “Committee of Public Safety” (*) would go a long way to inspiring such vermin to rethink their behaviors. If not . . . well, the ones who don’t get the message won’t be around long.

    (*) a.k.a., law-abiding American citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.

    I’ve only had to draw once, but I never leave home without the capability to do so. With this particular group, a can of roach spray would be most appropriate, though.

  • Dawgonitt

    Beachluver commented:
    With what has happened just the last 2 days….re-thinking my stand on abortion!!!!! Clinic on EVERY corner I say…….save on ENTITLEMENTS!!!!!

    I am with you brother.
    These animals do not belong on this planet.

  • Ed from Ohio

    Brutal truth: there is a segment of the african-american population in this country that should be avoided at all costs. These sub-humans all live in concentrated urban areas, and if you do have to deal with them in any capacity, I suggest you do it with extreme suspicion, great caution, and be ready and willing to commit extreme acts of violence in self-defense. This segment of black america is not civilized. They have not been raised property, and therefore have no sense of right or wrong, or any regard for the rights of others. Because of the violence in my town, Columbus, OH, I now have a concealed carry permit. I will not allow some daddy-less section-8, racist 4th grade dropout get the best of me. Society needs to declare war on these vermin.

  • USMC Thomas

    With a birth rate fast approaching 75% for black babies born to single mothers the senseless violence will only get worse, but black’s demand for reparations and government handouts increase.

  • Pete_Bondurant

    Would this be considered a “Hate Crime?” I am curious.

  • Conservative Ken

    We have a sham of a justice system. Just try and defend yourself but, be prepared to get the Bernard Goetz treatment. The following will happen

    Al and Jesse will be on the Red Eye flight
    Them was good boys, never got into no trouble
    They didn’t have no gun
    You committed a hate crime
    Legal fees will break you
    Your name will be mud via the press

    I’m interested to see if this will be covered on the local radio shows. Not holding my breath

  • Dawgonitt

    #27 April 23, 2011 at 8:03 am
    Marsh626 commented:

    Your comment is absolutly factual and truthfull and politically incorrect.

  • pst314

    Very important point:

    Black racism is often excused (by the usual liberal scum) as an “understandable” reaction to white racism of the past.

    In fact, black racism is against all other races, and in direct proportion to how successful the members of that race are. Those who study in school, work hard, and live responsible lives are hated by blacks who resent anyone who succeeds in life–their success is a slap in the face to all blacks losers who like to blame their failure on “the system”.

  • Mac in NM

    Let’s not mince words any longer. There is a 75% illegitimate birth rate with the unwed mothers in this group. Not ‘born out of wedlock’ to ‘single’ moms or ‘single’ mothers.

  • MamaGrizzly

    Hey Marsh — I was there once too. Then I wised up politically, morally, etc. Really sorry about your best friend. That is so awful.

    About these sub-humans: think of the photos and news you’ve seen of third-world Moslems–the lack of education, the lack of morality, the lack of humanity, the lack of intelligence, the lack of accountability, the demon-inspired “pack” mentality, the sense of societal permission, etc. and you have, essentially, the urban black thug thing here in America. You wouldn’t wander around in those countries, and where decency has failed here, you shouldn’t wander/live/be/drive in those like areas either. The sub-humans DON’T have our values, they WILL kill you or hurt you. And nothing close to justice will happen to them. Their only hope is the gospel, and a full commitment to the Lord. And they would need to get out of their old neighborhoods if they weren’t actually called to stay.

    My personal opinion is that these thugs are warming up, and some have crossed the line already, to making open war/assault on “whitey.” I think the Obama administration is protecting the illegal immigrants and the black and asian gangs because they are very much like the Moslem despicable radicals, who are worthy of death, who Obama has “sided” with.

    I agree — get a CC permit and carry. I haven’t done it yet because I live in a safe area, but I will. Lethal force can save you. Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    Secondly — if you can afford it and if you have the time and temperament to care for the dog properly — I recommend a german shepherd dog, or other large dog, because honestly, mostly these types of people are still afraid of dogs at a core level, and hardly any of them keep them, so they are unfamiliar with them.

    Amen, on Lt. Col. West.

  • Major Kong

    So with society continuing its deep slide into the morass, and Eric Holder’s unwillingness to prosecute “his people”, does the Great Pretender really have a reasonable expectation of re-election in 2012? Now that the Massive Silent Majority has finally awoken will it really matter how much The Fraud has to spend on his illegitimate campaign?


    The best response to the “knock out game” is the multiple gun shot wound game. Needs to be played more on animals like these.

  • decentAmerican

    I regret the racial undertones of this thread, and can just imagine the lefty wingnuts are going crazy, but there is no way around…..deny it you may, this murder was racially motivated. And it comes from the identify politics created by the wacko liberals…..Sharpton, Jackson, BHO….. we are not Americans united by patriotism, but DIVIDED into white-Americans, Black-Americans, etc. It is this type of thought that makes blacks in deprived areas resent other races, as they are the victims, the whites and Asians are the perpetrators, due their success.

    But more horrific is the media coverups of such crimes. The libbos will try to deny that race is involved, but if that is the case, then why cover it up? Do you think that they would cover it up, if the murderers were a gang of Tea Party whites, and the victim was white? NO!!!

    I can’t help but think of the 2007 horrific Christian-Newsom murders (white college couple, kidnapped by a gang of black youths, subjected to rape, sodomy, bleach poored down their throats, burned, dismembered, and stuffed into plastic bags). Racially motivated, true hate crime, a blasphemy against civilized society and decent human beings, and completely covered up by the media. check out michelle malkin’s report of it, if you dare. It will make your blood curdle, and cry out to God in heaven as to what type of evil is allowed in this world.

    Racism exists, on all sides. But libbo wackos (and that means YOU, racist Media Matters)….you better clean your own house of EVIL murderous racism before you make any silly accusations against the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Rush, or Breitbart. And never forget that the most hateful vile group in American history, the KKK, was founded by Democrats.

  • wolverinemex


  • wolverinemex


  • wolverinemex


  • Jim

    #83 April 23, 2011 at 11:24 am
    Conservative Ken commented:

    We have a sham of a justice system. Just try and defend yourself but, be prepared to get the Bernard Goetz treatment. The following will happen

    Al and Jesse will be on the Red Eye flight
    Them was good boys, never got into no trouble
    They didn’t have no gun
    You committed a hate crime
    Legal fees will break you
    Your name will be mud via the press

    I’m interested to see if this will be covered on the local radio shows. Not holding my breath

    Not a problem Ken! Just shoot and leave! Nobody saw nuffin anyway and probably aren’t smart enough to get a description of you in the first place!

  • Mac in NM

    Suddenly I’ve become pro Planned Parenthood. Give them all the money they need!

  • jdubya

    Can’t wait to here about how these thugs got “knocked up” then “knocked out” by their future prison lovers.

    What a terrible waste of life with the Nguyen family.

    I think it is time for all of us Traditionalists to replace elected officials with those who will support capitol punishment – speedy trials, quick executions.

  • Radegunda

    This is a predictable consequence of the ideology in which certain groups of people are never to be held responsible for their own failures and crimes, but must always be treated as victims of whitey. That’s how Muslims too are now being treated in Western societies.

    A couple of generations ago, there were black parents (and grandparents, uncles, etc.) who taught there children that it was their responsibility to conduct themselves decently even if others were not being fair to them. Those children have grown up to be successful and praiseworthy contributors to society. And happy.

    By contrast, the constant instruction in victimhood has produced a lot of resentful, parasitical, hateful and criminal behavior.

  • Francesca

    About teenagers, as a former high school teacher, I have long believed that one of our greatest errors has been to make teenagers into a type of ‘subculture’ with their own music, clothing, behaviors, etc. Many of them consider themselves so ‘special’ that they can behave any way they wish since they are not thought of as adults nor children. They have way too much freedom, and one way to limit that would be to raise the driving age to 18 as it is in many countries.

  • TNB

  • Marsh626

    The ability to place yourself in another person’s shoes, to see the world as they do, to empathize with them and to think ahead and fully understand the consequences of your actions; all takes a certain level of intelligence.

    Clearly, these dregs aren’t exactly breaking records on IQ tests… Well, they might be on the lower end of the spectrum…

    That’s the only way I can explain this kind of thoughtless savage attacks on innocent people. They’re seemingly operating primarily on impulse and instinct which is what animals do…

  • StandUp4Chuck

    Two words…

    Conceal carry.

  • Jayne on the left coast

    LBJ’S Great Society has come to fruition.

  • Jet Jaguar

    Why can’t those youths play their games in Democrat-Town?

  • Thanks Jim for reporting this sad but common story. Ghetto black violence is at epidemic proportions and rising! Decent people must protect themselves as well as avoid groups of young black people. Their actions are sub-human.

    Here is my Open Letter to Ghetto Blacks posted at Angry White Dude today:

    Angry White Dude

  • squeaky

    one man’s mental illness is another’s racism.

  • Rock

    Only wish these low life’s had ran into Epic Beard Man first, maybe the story would have had a better ending rather than someone having to die.

  • Gman

    Obamas base

  • Iconoclast

    Four teens “take on” small-framed, frail Asian gentleman. Too bad he wasn’t a real-life “Mr. Miyagi.”

    At one time, MO was one of those places where CCW was prohibited. Is this still true? Between the urban entitlement mentality and defenseless citizenry, such events are all too common.


    So answer thisw question: has the Great Society helped or hurt? Sometimes three or four generations living on welfare and handouts, now Imam Obama refusing to enforce laws against ‘his people’, is this the new norm for ‘social justice’?

    I know many decent black folks. How do you seperate the thugs from those who actually deserve our respect: stop the Welfare payments now! That will seperate the wheat from the chaff. The chaff gets consumed by fire.

  • squeaky

    and sadly the focus will end up being on how hard the perps lives are – suffering from a history of slavery and the ever current racism. the victim evaporates to dust in death and after as advocates focus on the defendent. what society could have done. sometimes in life there is only one victim and it’s not always the one you would think.

  • pst314


    This is a cultural problem, *sshole. Take your jerkwad genetic theories, carefully write them down on crisp, heavy, bond paper, then fold it till it’s all corners and shove it up yourself.

  • bubbabrain

    i am so glad i have my Concealed Deadly Weapons Permit, as do a number of growing law-abiding citizens……if there is ever a case to be legally armed, it is this disgusting story

  • bobbymike

    It is time we all became a little like Charles Bronson in “Death Wish”

  • Scott

    ” but black’s demand for reparations and government handouts increase.”

    Shhh, reparations are already here…In a thousand different ways, blacks receive their reparations…There are more Federal and state programs than you can count. Blacks are the overwhelming recipients of these hand-outs. Obamacare is the icing on the cake…Black politicians realized that Congressionally mandated cash payments for reparations would never be acceptable. So, they lobbied and sued and whined until the black community is nearly entirely supported by hand-outs.

  • Reston

    It’s a sad state of affairs when one can read the headline and know with virtual certify the race of the attackers.

  • Dawgonitt

    Obama wants a RACE WAR……………………………………………

  • ahem

    Let’s not globalize or descend into kneejerk racism ourselves. It’s not about Black Americans in general; it’s about a particular underclass of Black people that was created back in the 1960s as a result of braindead and destructive liberal policies. There’s nothing inherently evil about Black people. Give me one man like Allen West, and I can conquer the world. (“GoWest in 2012!”)

    The folks who beat up this woman are part of this underclass. Programs like LBJ’s ‘War on Poverty” were well-intentioned, but deeply destructive of Black society. This program consisted of warehousing urban Blacks in dangerous and ugly high-rise Public Housing and removing any incentive they may have had to live lifes of self-respect, enterprise, and success. Nothing says ‘Society gives up on you’ quite as fast as assuming all responsibility for someone else’s life. Where there had once been vibrant Black economies–Harlem, Bronzeville–there was left devastation. No banks. No nightclubs. No laundries. No retail stores–nothing. Ultimately, no family. The liberals did them incalculable damage.

    So now we have two generations of Black underclass that lives almost entirely outside the scope of regular society. They’re uneducated, angry, poor, socially disorganized, and without hope.

    If we could only make them realize that the Democrats are among their worst enemies….





  • c-rider

    is the perp a black muslim?? or a graduate of rev wright’s/farrakhan’s training centers?—

  • #117 ahem,

    Let’s not globalize or descend into kneejerk racism ourselves. It’s not about Black Americans in general; it’s about a particular underclass of Black people that was created back in the 1960s as a result of braindead and destructive liberal policies.

    I believe the underclass you’re referencing are nigg**. He11, even black people are afraid of the nigg** in their midst.

    My post may be politically incorrect, but it remains nonetheless true. And everyone here knows it’s true as they’ll think it but won’t say it. Self-censoring the truth is a losing proposition.

  • Glad to see that self-censorship I mentioned in # 120 is alive and well here. Sad.

    N.W.A – Real Nigg** (I’ll censor the song title so this site does not have to.)

    Or maybe this song: N.W.A. – Real Nigg** Don’t Die (Same self-censoship dealie.)

  • beat a seventy-two year old man to death and not think a thing about it. fifty years ago that was me on those streets. these kids(if you can call them that)kill people like we stole apples. the difference between them and my generation is we had a family. then came the sixties and all its wonderful ideas and the family of the poor vanished. what you see here is the product of liberal, civil rights america.

  • A simular attack took place on an Atlanta subway train, when two delta airlines workers were beaten by a group of 30 young thugs. just think if thugs had been white the media be having
    s—storm.some states think kickball and tag are to dangerous for kids wonder what they think about this knock-out game.

  • TiminPhx

    The election of Obama simply unleased a subset of the population to follow their most primal instincts. It wasn’t good to begin with. Of course the ratio showing such crimes between races gets buried because it’s so shocking.

    I don’t care how I’m perceived with regard to this. Any casual watching of the news shows the insanity from a Mickey D’s to 90% of convience store robbery vids, to the surge in cop killings, to this.

    And I am sick of it.

  • This sad incident is exactly why I have a concealed carry permit and always keep a firearm at hand. They may eventually take me out, but I will take as many with me as I can.

  • wanumba

    #98 April 23, 2011 at 1:03 pm
    Francesca commented:
    About teenagers, as a former high school teacher, I have long believed that one of our greatest errors has been to make teenagers into a type of ‘subculture’ with their own music, clothing, behaviors, etc. Many of them consider themselves so ‘special’ that they can behave any way they wish since they are not thought of as adults nor children. They have way too much freedom, and one way to limit that would be to raise the driving age to 18 as it is in many countries

    I don’t agree and I agree.
    Your observation is correct, the subculture of “teenager” is a patent fraud, creating a immature, self-centered, undisciplined result.

    Your solution is only doubling down on one of the causes of this problem: EPIC FAIL to bestow and TEACH responsibility. NO! Youth require supervised stages of increasing responsibility especially from 13 onwards.

    200 hundred years ago, there were no “teenagers.” There were apprentices at age 13 -19, contracted out to work and learn a trade in exchange for food and lodging.

    The Liberal Left has gutted the 13-19 employment sector, BLOCKED able-bodied youth form working in the name of “child protection.”

    During the formative and extremely impressionable years of learning personal responsibility and solid work habits, the LEFT has FORCED IDLED our youth. Too many are not learning ANYTHING except being bored with no goals or purpose.

    It’s not hard. Our son at 13 was thought to be 18, our other son at 21 was thought to be 30 and our now 14 year old (son #3) was believed to be a senior graduating this May.

    They wear real pants, keep their hair out of their eyes, say hi and shake hands where they are introduced. Adds TEN years to their actual ages. Unbelievable!!! We watch how other parents talk about their young men and women in front of them – they’re “kids” or the ubiquitous “my baby.” Then, publically humiliate them by complaining how useless they are and how they can’t do anything right.

    But we, their parents, TREATour sons as YOUNG MEN at 13, NOT “boys.”
    We do not put them down, give them humiliatingly baby activities to fill their time, and we speak to them as if they are adults, discussing right and wrong, how to behave with people, how to work. We do not insult them. If we have a complaint, we discuss in PRIVATE. We do not push them into inappropriate situations. WE HAVE THEIR BACKS when they are inappropriately pressured.

    Too many parents and teachers push youth 13-19 into relationships and by that a far greater chance of early sex at a time when they should be learning solid skills and developing a mature poise and confidence based on lots of cordial and professional interactions with other people.

    “Prom” and “homecoming” and worse…”fun” are obsessions, when “math” and “science” and “hard work” should be championed.

  • just bob

    These feral beasts live on the 4 f instinct Fight it ,f##k it ,Filch it or flee from it.

  • dani305

    The sad thing is that you can’t arrest all these thugs. There’s no jail big enough for them.

  • Molon Lobe

    Two British tourists were killed in Sarasota Fla. tHEY WERE TARGETED BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE AS PART OF A GANG INITIATION. Guess what the papers did regarding this crime?

    I no longer expect the streets to be safe. But I will not be a victim.

  • Roger

    Where’s Dirty Harry when you need him?


    How about we just knock them off this earth and call it a day

  • Freeway

    Here’s a thought, lets play knock out with them…… lethal injection…

  • Col. Angus

    “Father forgive them, for they know not…………….”

    I recall seeing a quote from one of our former military leaders, (paraphrasing,) “It’s God’s job to forgive, our job is to arrange the meeting.”

    I hope the juries concur.

  • Mari

    Hello prosecutor. Hate crime.

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  • deenie

    Those youths were morally dead which is worse than being dead for real.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Those of the liberty school recognize our mind’s limits & are humble toward the processes through which Western civilization has expanded.

  • Montesquieu

    The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

  • LoStranger

    This is not the knockout game Alex Murphy has gone on record saying this was just a senseless robbery that went too far and was NOT pat of some “knockout game”

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    At this related link, an audio introduction to Hussein Obama’s opinions on the 2nd Amendment:

  • Fresh Mountain Air

    A fairly typical example of a deranged democrat lunatic waging war against our Constitution and our Bill of Rights:

  • Defend The Constitution

    Anytime, anywhere – violent crime knows no boundaries:

  • doggmaninva

    i wanna play….please please please….but go buy you some funeral plots first….oh by the way…you dont have to be the one that hits me…if youre in the crowd egging it on youre fair game too…so lets play

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