Teens Playing “Knock-Out Game” Beat Gay Man Bloody in St. Louis (Video)

Youths in St. Louis playing the knock-out game beat a gay man near the Galleria in St. Louis.
The victim has a broken nose, a sore jaw and a black eye.

The attackers were screaming “f*cking f*ggot” while they beat the gay man.
FOX2 reported:

A robbery victim attacked near the Galleria says he was targeted for the “knock-out” game in which gangs of teens strike someone until they are knocked unconscious.

22-year old Matthew McLeod of Crestwood had just left the Richmond Heights MetroLink station Thursday at 2:30 PM when a group of five teens approached him on the Galleria Parkway near the I-170 overpass. McLeod said he was struck by two of them once in the eye and nose and once on his jaw. Witnesses saw him fall down and called police.

McLeod said the teens cursed him for his sexual orientation before striking him.

Richmond Heights police were able to round up the 15 to 16-year olds and turn them over to juvenile authorities. The victim’s mother, Sue Lamartina-Virga said police told her the youths confessed to “playing the ‘knock-out king’ game” and targeting Matthew because he looked feminine.

Lamartina-Virga said she was not aware of the “knock-out” game until her son became a victim. She checked it out on the internet. “It was frightening what I read,” she said. “A gentleman was killed..an old man was killed. They target the small, the weaker and they travel in packs when they do it.”

The teens face second degree robbery charges, but the victim thinks they should be charged with assault and a hate crime. McLeod has a broken nose, a sore jaw and a black eye.

,,,Families with small children, retail workers and customers often walk the two blocks between the MetroLink station and the Galleria Shopping Center on Brentwood Blvd.

In April black teens in St. Louis playing the knock-out game murdered an elderly Vietnamese man as he was walking home from the grocery store.

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  • John03

    Maybe someday they’ll attack someone and find out what the “hot lead” game is.

  • toongoon

    No mention of race but they reported that the victim is gay, what does that mean?

  • OxyCon

    Hate crime. Targeting gays and no doubt targeting him because he is White also. Of course I’m assuming the attackers are Black, since I’ve never heard of Whites “playing” the “knock out game”.

  • jerrylud

    black teens sure are cowardly and violent and been getting worse ever sence eric holder let the black panthers off the hook

  • Smarty

    They make it sound like bored white kids picking on a homosexual, which fits the media narrative.

    Just another black-on-white crime would be buried on page 30

  • Chisum

    All eight suspects in brutal Five Points beating in custody

    Section 16-3-210 of the South Carolina Code of Laws defines lynching as an attack on one person by two or more people. Police haven’t said whether lynching charges will be filed.


  • Greg

    Future Democrat voters?

  • Valerie

    The victim and his mother are right about one thing: it is a safe neighborhood. Somebody noticed what was happening and called the police. Somebody bothered to act as witness and help the police catch the perps.

    The police by themselves can’t make a neighborhood safe. But where they are willing and able to do their job properly, that power is in the hands of passers-by.

    We are not helpless.

  • Rob Crawford

    Doesn’t Missouri have concealed carry?

    Oh, wait. Yeah — only Illinois denies people the right to self defense.

  • kansas

    The yewts beat the gay man? What kind of yewts? Just your average run of the mill suburban white kids?


    can almost guareantee you the perps were black…hard core labor/prison…say hello to your cell mate BUBBA…he will teach you the knock out game

  • Valerie

    “#6 June 25, 2011 at 11:27 am
    Chisum commented:”

    Interesting, that in Five Points, the parents brought some of the younger perps in.

    “Timmons said most of the suspects turned themselves in with their parents after the surveillance footage was shown on the news.”

  • Stu Strickler

    One of these days these young punks will attack the wrong person. The sooner this happens, the better!

  • vityaz

    Reparations. Retribution.
    Post Racial Presidency.

  • Missy8s

    There is such a thing as right and wrong, all “crimes against persons” ARE by definition “hateful” in nature.

    Anybody who witnesses such a crime is duty bound to try to prevent it for the sake of moral decency no matter how they may feel about a person’s lifestyle.

    Why do we insist on attaching the word “hate” to the word “crime” when we are already aware of the moral implications of the word “crime”???

    Whatever happened to “equal justice under law”, have we truly replaced this concept with dogmatic “special justice for some” in place of our foundational documents?

    Have we really thrown our constitution under the bus for the sake of political correctness?

    Sadly, it appears we actually have…

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Beating people, robbing them is hate crime? Then Obama is committing a “hate crime” against America.

  • Mikey

    mandatory castration for any of these perps after they commit their second violent attack on another human.

    problem solved

  • 9 Rob Crawford:

    Yes, but the victim was using St. Louis’s public transit, which disallows CCW.

    That this happened at the RH ML station tells all — Black crime has gone way up at and around the Galleria ever since the leg of the ML opened. A police chief (?) in RH was fired (?) for having said that very thing.

  • Carlos

    Carry a concealed weapon. Problem solved, perps eliminated. Shoot enough of these black thugs, and perhaps they may begin to get the idea that their conduct will NOT be tolerated.

  • brolin1911a1

    Rob Crawford: “Doesn’t Missouri have concealed carry?

    Oh, wait. Yeah — only Illinois denies people the right to self defense.”

    Unfortunately, Missouri’s CCW law doesn’t apply to riders of mass transit. It’s a felony under Missouri law to go armed on the Metro and other urban mass transit rides. Thus, the law-abiding are guaranteed to be helpless victims for the sociopathic urban animals who are indifferent to any concerns or questions about legalities. The law needs to be changed to allow self defense on mass transit in Missouri.

  • gus

    Let me see if I understand. Concealed carry is not allowed in the place where you’d need concealed carry. The CRIMINIALS KNOW THIS…..AND CARRY.


  • No mention of race but they reported that the victim is gay, what does that mean?


  • Gman

    I have noticed every news article does this now. If they don’t give a suspect description that means the suspect is not white.

  • Fionnagh

    #1 wins the comments prize.

  • Hooligan

    eventually white people will wake up and realize that when you are absolutely honest with yourself, and you look around and see where the crime is highest, schools are worst, there is always that one present common denominator. don’t be guilted into thinking these problems are caused by you. the liberal whites and blacks have been running most major cities for the past forty years, look at those places where blacks have been in charge of anything, schools, govt’ etc. name one that is a success story and now we have a president that wants to bring chicago values nationwide.

  • Also the Galleria doesn’t allow CCW. This man had a hair stylist job at a salon inside the Galleria.

  • Oldpuppymax

    So what are the odds Holder will press hate crime charges against “his people?”

  • Molon Labe

    Holder’s people? Be prepared for what is approaching.

  • Rob Crawford

    Yes, but the victim was using St. Louis’s public transit, which disallows CCW.

    Sounds like the victim has a BEAUTIFUL lawsuit against the state.

    How many millions for being denied the right to self defense by the state?

  • jony101

    They never mention the perpetrators, maybe they already know it’s not needed usually black or muslim or illegal aliens. (typical obama voter)
    If the police doesn’t start taking these attacks seriously, the population will start arming themselves and alot of perpetrators playing the “knockout game” are going to end up in the morgue. Which won’t be no great lost.
    Bernard Goetz knew how to deal with this type of troubled youth back in the day.

  • zaire67

    I thought the original intent of “Hate Crime” legislation was to penalize the terrorist aspect of a crime. i.e. the criminal act was to target a particular person that belongs to such a group to instil fear or punish a person that belongs to such groups, not criminal behavior where the victim(s) happens to belong to a “protected group”. If they were intent on attacking a homosexual person, then this, in my opinion, is a hate crime. If they were picking randomly and just so happens they came across a person in the “protected group”, then its not, in my opinion, a hate crime. This one could go either way, But should definitely be classified as a lynching.

  • zaire67

    “OxyCon” your are so right. White kids are just too smart to do such things. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BALa4G4TX7Y

  • afischer143

    The thing that disgusts me more than the fact that these ignorant adolescents beat up and robbed this innocent man because of his sexual orientation is the fact that so many people who are commenting here about it are making extremely racist comments. How can you argue for justice and equality for the LGBTQ community when you obviously have deep-seated convictions about the second-class nature of black people? Why does it matter if the kids where black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. unless there is clear evidence that they did actually attack him because of his ethnicity? I think it is completely unfair and ignorant to automatically jump to the conclusion that the attackers are black.

  • Steve Houldsworth

    @ #15:

    Hate crimes legislation is designed to create equal justice under the law. Research has shown the perpetrators of anti-gay violence are convicted under lesser charges and receive less jail time then perpetrators of the same level of violence on a the victim who is not lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Hate crime legislation is a temporary measure to correct that historic and continuing injustice.

  • Frosty

    Gays and Blacks.. screw em!

    Nobama 2012!

  • OMG that dude is totally… what’s the word. Not heterosexual?

  • Molon Labe


    That comment was so gay.

  • TiminPhx

    The attackers were Black????? Really? I am so…..well….not shocked in the least.

  • Arch

    Arm yourselves.

  • noah

    @#32 June 25, 2011 at 5:41 pm
    zaire67 commented:

    “OxyCon” your are so right. White kids are just too smart to do such things. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BALa4G4TX7Y

    Did those same kids take the game to the streets and go after someone who was an unwilling player… The answer is No..

  • noah

    Oh and in a large groups so the victim can’t run away.

  • mom

    the youths were black. the media would not mention that fact.

  • captchaos69

    It’s only a matter of time before they bump up against someone with a lagal CCW, then the Post Dispatch and Channel 5 will be screaming “Another black child is killed by a white man with a gun”.