Hillary Wins Hill-Larious Endorsement from Snooki!

Snooki, who ‘needs her b**ches’, endorses Hillary in today’s must read: https://twitter.com/Joecairo29/status/587692498123894784 Ok so I’m not even going to start with politics, because I have no idea what I’m doing nor am I gonna try, but Hillary Clinton just announced that she is going to be running for president.

Jeb Bush: Confirm Lynch; There Should Be Deference to POTUS

Jeb wants to defer to Obama In Concord #NewHampshire Jeb Bush jokes anyone who wants to criticize his brother, George W, they can "step outside" pic.twitter.com/TEbIC0fHUF — Anthony Terrell (@AnthonyNBCNews) April 16, 2015 During a town hall in New Hampshire yesterday, potential 2016 Presidential candidate Jeb Bush made comments likely to earn him even more skepticism from conservatives.

AG Nominee Lynch Refuses to Answer Whether She’d Investigate Hillary’s Emails

US Senator David Vitter (R-LA) wrote Lynch, laying out the allegations and concerns arising from Clinton’s use of a private server and deletion of her emails, asking: If you are confirmed as Attorney General Eric Holder’s replacement, will you commit to a vigorous and transparent investigation of the allegations that Clinton used her personal email account and server to shield politically-sensitive material from FOIA requests?

Coptic Christians, Planning Church to Honor Martyrs, Attacked by Muslims

Fox News reports: Relatives of the Coptic Christians beheaded last month by jihadists in Libya – their deaths immortalized in a gory video set against the backdrop of a Mediterranean beach – are facing new extremist-Muslim violence as they seek to build a church to honor their murdered loved ones.