Hillary Wins Hill-Larious Endorsement from Snooki!

Snooki, who ‘needs her b**ches’, endorses Hillary in today’s must read:


Ok so I’m not even going to start with politics, because I have no idea what I’m doing nor am I gonna try, but Hillary Clinton just announced that she is going to be running for president. She’s going to be a candidate!

I love it because she is a woman. This would be HUGE. I don’t follow politics but I’m definitely going to start because I want to vote for someone that I love.

I remember when Bill Clinton was president, besides him being addicted to sex, he was a good president!

By the way, if I was Hillary Clinton, I would have kicked the other woman’s ass LOL. But I do hope she kicks ass in this election.

I asked Joey if she supports the gay community because that’s all that matters and Joey said she does because they feature a gay couple in her commercial. LOVE! Plus, Joey is like in love with her campaign manager…


No one’s criteria for best candidate should come down to anatomy, just sayin’.

By the way, Snookums, Hillary did kick the other women’s asses. She worked with John Podesta to destroy all of them because she’s a champion for women’s dignity, just like you are.


Thanks for sharing!