AG Nominee Lynch Refuses to Answer Whether She’d Investigate Hillary’s Emails

hillary what difference

US Senator David Vitter (R-LA) wrote Lynch, laying out the allegations and concerns arising from Clinton’s use of a private server and deletion of her emails, asking:

If you are confirmed as Attorney General Eric Holder’s replacement, will you commit to a vigorous and transparent investigation of the allegations that Clinton used her personal email account and server to shield politically-sensitive material from FOIA requests?

The Hill reported her brief dodge:

“In my current role as the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, my awareness of this issue has been limited to media reports and therefore, I do not have enough information at this time to determine whether action by the Department of Justice is warranted,” Lynch wrote

“Hillary Clinton’s decision to destroy public records is a huge problem, and failure to investigate these practices sets a dangerous precedent for the administration moving forward,” Vitter said Thursday. “Loretta Lynch’s response gives me no confidence that she will hold the administration accountable for these sort of cover-ups.”

Apparently, Team Hillary has all the confidence in the world in her, running a “we need Loretta as our next attorney general” email campaign. (No word yet on which server was used to send the email.)

In this instance, Hillary does seem sincere. If somehow she actually makes it back into the White House (batten down the lamps and furniture) she most definitely would need an AG in place who will not commit to investigating her.

Alert the Sharpton rotating hunger strikers. They should be in for a long wait.


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