Panic: George Stephanopoulos Interview with Joe Biden Moved Up Signalling Increasingly Desperate Efforts to Save Candidacy

George Stephanopoulos previously interviewed Joe Biden in August 2021./Image video screenshot/ABC)

Despite years of gaslighting by the MSM and Democrats, Joe Biden’s disastrous appearance at the Presidential debate exposed his mental decline to the world.

Although there have been increasing calls to replace him, some in the liberal media are still trying to save his candidacy.

Ex-Clinton official and Trump-hater George Stephanopoulos is set to tape an interview with Biden early on Friday that was originally scheduled to air on Sunday night.

According to ABC News, a “first look” from the interview was originally set to air Friday night on “World News Tonight,” with other segments airing during Saturday and Sunday’s broadcasts of “Good Morning America.”

The “extended interview” would then air on Sunday’s installment of “This Week” and Monday’s “Good Morning America.”

But, in a desperate move to prove Biden can stay in the race, the interview’s air date has had to be moved up to Friday night.

The New York Post reports:

The ABC interview — despite being a taped appearance — will give voters their first chance to see Biden speak at length since the debate, where he gave several rambling, incoherent answers and appeared to lose his train of thought entirely on one of the first questions.

Stephanopoulos, a virulent anti-Trump “journalist,” does not like to hear questions about Biden’s fitness for duty. In an interview with Nikki Haley last year, when Haley questioned Biden’s ability to finish out a second term, Stephanopoulos shouted at the former presidential candidate.


The Stephanopoulos interview will be taped on Friday, likely due to worries about how Biden will actually perform and to leave time to edit it favorably.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Stephanopoulos has been critical of live interviews with President Trump calling it “journalistic malpractice.”

It seems more likely that, in light of Biden’s inability to string a coherent sentence together in a live setting, and is simply another way that the MSM is coddling and protecting Joe Biden.

And lying to the American people.


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