NATO Leaders Are Pressuring Canada To Boost Its Low Defense Spending – But Justin Trudeau Is Eager To Talk… About Climate Change!

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is always ready to yell ‘Slava Ukraine’ while posing with other heads of state for photographs, or else receive Volodymyr Zelensky with honors in his Parliament to celebrate elderly Nazis to the scandal of the world, when it comes to defense spending, that’s when the real commitment – or lack thereof – is shown for all to see.

As the North Atlantic Treaty Organization celebrates its 75 years, Trudeau’s Canada is under relentless pressure to increase its underwhelming military spending.

Ottawa continues to fall short of the target of 2% of the GDP that NATO members agreed to, raising fears that the country ‘is becoming an outlier among its allies’.

BBC reported:

“Canada, a NATO-founding member, ranks seventh overall in the amount of money spent on defense among the 32-nation alliance.

But it falls way short of the alliance’s doctrine, which requires Nato countries to spend at least 2% of their GDP on the military. Using that metric, Canada – which spends 1.34% of its GDP on its military – is ahead of only Slovenia, Turkey, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg in the alliance.”

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In the meantime, the UK is spending just over 2% of its GDP on its military, while the US spends as much as 3.5%.

Canada’s defense budget is now the equivalent of $19.8bn, and while Trudeau promised it will boost it the amount is expected to only reach 1.76% of Canada’s GDP.

Trudeau and his obsession.

A bipartisan group of Senators sent a letter to Trudeau lamenting that ‘it will not reach its two percent commitment this decade’.

“In less diplomatic remarks, US House Speaker Mike Johnson said on Monday that it is ‘shameful’ Canada has not hit the 2% mark.

‘Talk about riding America’s coattails’, he said.

[…] Meanwhile, Canada’s ambassador in Washington, Kristen Hillman, told reporters that while the pressure is on to step up, there is also ‘a strong recognition that Canada is a steadfast ally in all aspects’.”

Historically, Canada did not feel the urge to focus on its military spending because it was protected by nuclear allies like the UK and the US.

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So, when Trudeau spoke today at the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C., he focused instead in his Globalist obsession.

During a meeting with the NATO Climate Change and Security Centre of Excellence, he said that ‘climate change is affecting global security’.

Trudeau is always ready to support Ukrainian Nazis.

Yahoo News reported Trudeau as saying:

“Canada and NATO have long recognized an indisputable fact climate change is not only an existential environmental threat, but one of the defining security issues of our time.

[This understanding] has been with NATO for a long time and climate change is not only an environmental threat but it’s the greatest challenge safety challenge.”

He insists that Canada ‘has shown Global Leadership’ in addressing the climate crisis.

“[We have a] strategy showing every step of the way that good climate policy is good Economic Policy. What gathers us here today is that it is also good security policy addressing a global problem like climate change requires a Global Response a Global Response which we’ve been coordinating in close partnership with our 31 fellow member states in NATO”

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