Increasingly Unpopular Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Suffers Shocking Defeat as ‘Fortress Toronto’ Votes for a Conservative MP for the First Time in 31 Years

All around the world, a conservative wave has been sweeping through these 2024 elections – and it seems Canada is being primed to be the next example.

Embattled Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just suffered a shocking defeat in the liberal stronghold nicknamed “Fortress Toronto” – a result that signals terrible times ahead for his Liberal party come next future general election.

Telegraph reported:

“It represents an embarrassing loss for the Canadian prime minister, who had personally travelled to St Paul’s – a wealthy seat the Liberal Party has held since 1993 – in a bid to shore up support during a by-election.

However, Leslie Church, the Liberal candidate and former chief of staff to Mr. Trudeau’s finance minister, was defeated by the Conservatives’ Don Stewart by just 590 votes.”

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Poilievre’s Conservatives may win over 200 Parliament seats in next election.

Trudeau’s popularity has cratered because of his failed Globalist policies bringing about a high cost of living, a lack of affordable housing, steadily declining living standards, and of course, his crippling carbon taxes pushing up petrol prices.

“Polling shows that most Canadians believe he should step aside. Mr. Poilievre has claimed that Mr. Trudeau is personally responsible for Canada’s high prices, which he has dubbed ‘Justinflation’.”

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This by-election is thought by many Liberals as “Trudeau’s last stand”.

“According to projections by 338Canada, the Conservatives would take 209 seats if an election had been held on June 23 – substantially clear of the 172 seats needed for a majority – while the Liberals would topple to 70.”

The Fraser Institute held a study in May showing that ‘Canada was suffering one of its worst declines in living standards in 40 years’.

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