Livid Jill Biden “Lashing Out” at Those Who Want Dementia Joe to Step Aside

Joe Biden’s attempt to calm the waters following his debate debacle last week has gone horribly wrong with his poll numbers completely collapsing and Democrats abandoning his sinking ship daily.

Biden’s interview with Clinton crony George Stephanopoulos did not fare much better either as he was confused and made multiple delusional remarks throughout.

However, despite countless calls from Democratic donors and elected officials for Biden to leave the race, he and his family remain defiant. His chief enabler and handler, Jill Biden, has proved particularly intractable.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz explained to Stephanopoulos Friday evening that administration officials are telling her that Biden’s tight inner circle says he can still win and needs to continue.

She further revealed that Jill is going off on people demanding that he drop out of the race.

“This includes his wife, Jill, who they said is lashing out at those who want him to get out of the race,” she said.


As the Gateway Pundit reported, Jill has reportedly been the primary driving force to ensure Dementia Joe does not think about quitting the Presidential race despite bearing firsthand witness to his daily mental decline.

If Jill were a good person with compassion and love for others, she would tell Joe that he has had a decorated political career but is no longer well enough to continue.

However, these qualities do not exist with the First Lady. She only cares about power and control, even if it means causing others harm.

Out of all the awful figures in the Biden Crime Family, Jill stands out as the most loathsome of all.


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