Jill Biden Reveals What Dementia Joe Said to Her After Debate with Trump as She Cruelly Pushes Him to Stay in The Race

As The Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor reported, Jill Biden came over to her husband Joe at the end of the debate and slowly led him as he stiffly took the few steps from the podium to the edge of the stage so he could talk with the CNN debate moderators, Dana Bash and Jake Tapper.

This was indeed a sad scene all too familiar to Americans who have parents in mental decline.

Despite this, Jill has reportedly been the primary driving force to ensure Dementia Joe does not think about quitting the Presidential race despite bearing firsthand witness to his daily mental decline.

Now, a new development has emerged that casts Jill Biden’s character in an even more sinister light. New York Times White House reporter Katie Rogers revealed that Jill and Joe were at a fundraiser when Jill brought up her husband’s debate performance unprompted to campaign donors.

She revealed that Joe told her he was utterly puzzled over what happened and did not “feel that great.” Despite this concerning statement, Jill showed zero empathy and told him not to worry.

“So let’s talk about last night’s debate because I know it’s on your minds,” Jill began, according to Rogers.

“As Joe said earlier today, he’s not a young man,” she continued. “And you know, after last night’s debate, he said, ‘You know, Jill, I don’t know what happened. I didn’t feel that great.'”

“I said, “‘Look, Joe, we are not going to let 90 minutes define the four years that you’ve been president.'”

A good person with compassion and love for others would have told Biden that he had a decorated political career but was no longer well enough to continue.

But these qualities appear to be lacking with the First Lady. She only seems to care about power and control, even if it means causing others harm.

Out of all the awful figures in the Biden Crime Family, Jill stands out as the most loathsome of all.