Leftists Eat Their Own: Radical Hamas Protesters Send Letter to ‘Progressive Left,’ “We Are Not Loyal to Our Oppressors’

Radical Hamas protestors are not happy with their comrades in the progressive left movement.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) recently wrote a letter to the “progressive left,” advising them that they’re not “loyal to our oppressors” and they “demand accountability.”

National Students for Justice in Palestine shared the message on X following Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s (D-NY) embarrassing primary election loss.

The group wrote, ”Our efforts are channeled through our organizations: prominent among them, the Palestinian Youth Movement, Within Our Lifetime, the US Palestinian Community Network, and Students for Justice in Palestine lead our fight ideologically, politically, and materially.”

“We echo the statement from the Palestinian Youth Movement on June 23: An attack on one is an attack on all, and an injury to one is an injury to all. Attempts to divide or undermine any sector of our movement, especially from the ‘left,’ are unacceptable. We demand accountability.”

They also decried the “smears” against Within Our Lifetime in recent weeks from Squad members AOC and Bowman.

Even President Biden is not radical enough for these folks.

They continued, “However, these are not isolated incidents; our movement has navigated counterinsurgent tactics, smear campaigns, and manipulation from the ‘progressive left’ for months. All the while, these same elected officials have used our mass struggle as a political prop. We are not loyal to our oppressors; elected officials who choose to enable genocide, endorse the architects of said genocide, or otherwise stand in the way of Palestinian liberation will face the political consequences of those choices.”

”Figures like AOC and Jamaal Bowman have utility insofar as they leverage their positions within the belly of the beast to shield the masses and our righteous struggles for liberation, directly challenge white supremacist power structures, and stand firmly against Zionism and all manifestations of US imperialism. Without these tangible actions, we regard these elected officials as our enemies.”

“All power to the people.”

The National SJP organization went as far as to call AOC and Bowman “our enemies.”


The actions of SJP have the full support of terrorists and brutal regime leaders.

The Gateway Pundit reported that senior Hamas official Khaled Mashal officially thanked student protesters at American universities for their protests and anti-Israel encampments and for their participation in the “Al-Aqsa Flood” war.

A translation of his remarks was provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Mashal said, “We thank the great student Flood, which emerged from the American, European, and Western universities, and has reached all the countries of our nation. We are grateful for the spirit that we have witnessed in our nation and in humanity as a whole. We are grateful to the free people of the world.”
“We have an opportunity to defeat Israel, Allah willing. We have an opportunity to dismantle the Zionist enterprise. We have an opportunity to change the world.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei also shared his support of the protestors in a letter posted a letter online:

“Dear university students in the United States of America, you are standing on the right side of history. You have now formed a branch of the Resistance Front and have begun an honorable struggle in the face of your government’s ruthless pressure – which openly supports Zionists…Dear university students in the US, my advice to you is to become familiar with the Quran.”

It seems that SJP and other radical anti-Jewish groups find leaders of brutal terror organizations to be more aligned with their thinking than even the radical anti-Semitic wing of their own party.


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