WATCH: Crazy Nancy Pelosi Loses it After Trump Visits DC, Calls on Trump Family and Republican Party to Stage “Intervention” for Trump: “They Have Become a Cult to a Thug”

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in an interview Thursday, reacted to President Trump’s Washington, DC Visit earlier in the day, calling on The Trump Family and the GOP to “have an intervention.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Trump visited Washington, DC on Thursday in his first trip to the Capitol since the January 6 protest. There, he met with Republican lawmakers and delivered remarks at a press conference. Watch President Trump’s press conference on Capitol Hill here.

Nancy Pelosi, triggered by his visit to the Capitol, called him an “imposter” and a “master of projection.”

Pelosi also asserted that the President “tried to return to the scene of the crime” in reference to January 6.

This comes after new footage was released on Monday from the House Oversight Committee that shows Nancy Pelosi taking responsibility for the January 6, 2021, protests and rioting at the US Capitol.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Pelosi responded to the video exposing her on MSNBC, attempting to brand the video as “revisionist history,” insisting that the real blame lies with former President Trump and his supporters.

Furious Pelosi Rants on MSNBC, Dismisses Explosive New Video Admitting She’s Responsible for Lack of National Guard on J6!

Pelosi further tried to claim on Thursday that the Republicans are attempting to "pull the wool over the American people's eyes."

As reported back in 2021, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and GOP Leader Mitch McConnell refused National Guard support before the announced protests on January 6.

This was well documented and explains why Democrats closed their bogus impeachment case against President Trump rather than allow the light of truth to shine down on the American public who would learn that it was Nancy Pelosi who failed to secure the US Capitol in January.

Pelosi further ranted, spewing off pro-Biden propaganda and claiming that Biden lowered unemployment and inflation as President, while Trump destroyed our economy, which we all know is untrue. She also repeated Biden's lie that the Democrats cut the cost of insulin AFTER Joe Biden in 2021 ended President Trump’s policy that provided lower insulin prices to Americans.

To open the interview, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell had a bizarre meltdown over the disappearing "male ego" of Republicans in Congress, a "phenomenon" that he noticed during the Trump years.

Watch below:

Pelosi: This guy is a former president. He is a master of projection. Everything he says about somebody else, whether it's a judge in the courtroom, a witness, a juror, a member of Congress, a woman, an opponent in an election, everything he says, is a projection of his own shortcomings. “Crooked [this person],” he's crooked. “Lazy [this person]. Name any subject, any subject that you can name, “wacky [this person], he knows he's wacky, he knows he's an imposter. So, if we're going to do psychoanalysis of him, I think we have to have him in person in front of some healthcare professionals.

But I do wish there would be an intervention from his family, assuming they love him beyond the resources, assuming that they love him that they would intervene, that the Republican Party would have an intervention. They have become a cult to a thug. And that is really a tragedy for the Grand Old Party and what they were. So I'm really then going into insecurities. Really, you know the insecurities I'm concerned about are some of the voters out there who fall for his line. But, I'm here tonight to say to you on this day when he tried to return to the scene of the crime, he didn't dare come to the Capitol, as he didn't dare come to the Capitol on January 6. But we cannot let this be whitewashed. This is a disservice to the vision of our founders for a democracy, the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform who have fought for our freedom that he wants to dismantle, and the aspirations of our children to live in this great country.

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