President Trump Addresses Media on Capitol Hill (VIDEO)

Trump meets House GOP in Washington, DC

President Trump addressed the media in Washington, DC on Thursday to deliver a message of unity in the Republican Party and showcase how he is going to work with Republicans in Congress to fix our country and Make America Great Again.

The Gateway Pundit reported on live coverage of his speech earlier after meeting with Republican lawmakers and business CEOs to pitch his plan to Make America Great Again and push for unity within the GOP caucus.

During his meetings on the Hill, Trump reportedly floated a bold proposal on Thursday to abolish income tax and implement an “all tariff policy.”

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This bombshell proposal was made during his private meeting with Republican lawmakers at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, D.C., to pitch his plan to Make America Great Again.

During his speech to the press, President Trump preached unity within the Republican party, declaring, "We want to see borders, we want to see strong military, we want to see money not wasted all over the world."

This is a stark contrast from the statements by RINO Trump-hater Paul Ryan, who recently declared that he will not support President Trump in the 2024 election, calling him "unfit for office."

As The Gateway P{undit reported, Trump-supporting Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) exploded on the former House Speaker earlier this week, calling him "a piece of garbage" and saying he should be removed from the Republican Party for refusing to support "the leader of our party, Donald Trump."

The President also commented on Russia's show of force in positioning a nuclear-capable submarine off the coast of Florida, saying, "We don't want to see Russian ships right off the coast of Florida, which is what they are right now. That's unthinkable." In regard to Joe Biden, President Trump remarked, "We're a nation that is being laughed at out all over the world. We have a leader that's being laughed at all over the world."

Watch below:

Trump: Thank you very much. This was a great meeting. There's tremendous unity in the Republican Party. We want to see borders, we want to see strong military, we want to see money not wasted all over the world. We don't want to see Russian ships right off the coast of Florida, which is what they are right now. That's unthinkable.

We want to see just success for our country. And we don't have success right now. We have inflation that's killing everybody. We have levels of inflation that nobody's seen for; they say 42 years, they say 53 years, and they say 75 years, I would say probably all of them are wrong. Probably we've never seen levels like this before. And we're going to end that; we're going to bring back our jobs. We're going to bring back common sense to government. We're going to have strong borders, and we're going to have people come into our country, but they're going to come in legally. They're not going to pour in from prisons all over South America and all over the world. And it's not just South America, by the way; it's all over the world. And we're not going to have them pour in from mental institutions, which is where they're coming from, large numbers, and large numbers are terrorists, and we're not going to have this. So, what's happening to our country is of great concern to the group of people standing alongside of me. And I just wanted to say that we have great unity, we have great common sense, a lot of very smart people in this room and a lot of people that love our country; they love our country beyond just about all else. And the only thing that maybe supersedes it is their family and maybe their faith in certain instances, and that's very nice. But they want this country to be great again, and we're gonna make it great again. And so I just want to thank the Republican Senate, and I want to thank also the House. We met, as you know, with the full House, Republican House today, and we had a tremendous meeting with them also, and there's great unity, very similar and different topics, actually, not that different.

And there's one thing in common, we want to make America great again, we want to make our country great again, we're a nation that's in decline. We're a declining nation. We're a nation that is being laughed at out all over the world. We have a leader that's being laughed at all over the world. And we're going to turn it around, we're going to turn around fast. The polls are looking like they're very strongly for us. And if you, no matter where you look, in fact, a lot of states that people thought weren't in play are very strongly in play. Some we're actually leading in. But we have to get elected. We have to take this, beautiful place, and we have to make it really something very special again. Right now, it's not special. Right now, it's being scorned and being used as an example of when they look at the crime on the streets, when they look at all of the problems that we have, they're using us as a bad example of democracy. And they're getting away with murder, and we're not going to let it happen. So I just want to thank you for coming, and I want to thank everybody here. You're all either elected, or you're going to be elected again and reelected, and I'm with every one of you, and you know that. I'll be with you always. And thank you very much for inviting me, and we're gonna have great success.

I think we're gonna have a tremendous election. November 5 is very important, but we really start much earlier than that. You have North Carolina, as an example, you have North Carolina September 6, you have Pennsylvania starts on September 22. These are things different from the old days. We had election day, and you had paper ballots, and you had voter ID. Unfortunately, maybe someday, we'll get back to that. But you don't have that right now. But this is an outstanding group of people. I'm with them 1,000%. There with me 1,000%. We agree just about on everything, and if there isn't, we work it out. And I've had a really great relationship with just about everybody here, with everybody here, just about all of the Senators, and if it wasn't fantastic, it gets worked out. And we have one thing in mind and that's making our country great. So thank you all very much. We appreciate you being here. Thank you very much.

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