Texas AG Ken Paxton on Impact of Biden’s Illegal Aliens: “The Plan From the Beginning, Get These People Here As Fast as Possible and Get Them Voting” (VIDEO)

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning to discuss the impact of illegal aliens on voting.

“I want to talk about the potential for illegals voting in America, what can you tell us?” Bartiromo asked AG Paxton.

“On day one, Joe Biden of his administration not a week into it, not a month into it, he announced that he wasn’t going to deport illegals anymore,” AG Paxton said.

“The plan from the beginning, get these people here as fast as possible and get them voting,” AG Paxton continued.


Texas AG Paxton also discussed the impact the open border has on Americans being murder victims at the hands of illegal aliens.

“We have to watch all these murders taking place. What can you tell us about the status of the open border today now that we know that American citizens have been murdered at the hands of illegal migrants?” Bartiromo asked.

“The Biden administration is allowing criminals into the country purposely. These other countries are emptying their prisons so we are getting the worst of the worst,” AG Paxton continued.

“We are going to see more and more random crimes, people dying, and that is directly goes back to Joe Biden allowing these people in,” AG Paxton said.


Thanks to the corrupt Biden regime, many Americans have been victims of illegal thugs that otherwise would not have been here in the first place to harm them. The White House issued pathetic and calloused responses about the murder victims Jocelyn Nungaray and Rachel Morin.


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