Texts Between FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh and Dirty NY AG Letitia James Shows Contempt For Male Firefighters: “I Can’t Fix Them”

FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh/Image: NYC Fire Department

Commissioner Laura Kavanagh has consistently fumbled her leadership since being named the first female commissioner of the FDNY in 2022.

Now, leaked texts obtained by The New York Post show Kavanagh’s utter contempt for the predominately male workforce and her “frustration” that she can’t “fix” them.

In March, The Gateway Pundit reported that members of the FDNY, fed-up with Trump-hating fascist attorney general Letitia James, booed the AG during a promotion ceremony.

After honoring FDNY Commissioner Kavanagh, James’s speech was effectively drowned out by LOUD pro-Trump chants in the crowd. She struggles a bit to find her words amidst the commotion.

In response to the incident, Kavanagh initiated a “hunt” for those responsible for the outburst.

FDNY Chief of Department John Hodges emailed the department’s leadership, stating that the Bureau of Investigation and Trials (BITS) would investigate the matter.

He urged those involved to come forward voluntarily, implying that consequences would be less severe for those who did not wait to be “hunted down.”

In a March 8 text exchange between Kavanagh and James, obtained from the AG’s office according to records obtained by The Post through a Freedom of Information Law request, Kavanagh apologized to James and vented her frustration with the men she leads.

From the Post:

“I should have called you last night, but I’ve been trying to find a way to say I’m sorry that doesn’t involve me apologizing for men who don’t deserve such grace,” texted Kavanagh, according to records The Post obtained from the AG’s office through a Freedom of Information Law request.

“I haven’t succeeded. I am sorry that we didn’t stop them and that I can’t fix them.”

What would the public response be to a male leader of a prominently female workforce who expressed frustration at not being able to “fix” women?

This is not Kavanagh’s first foray into controversial behavior.  She has come under fire for several decisions in recent weeks, including a reminder sent by FDNY to firefighters and medics to limit “political expression” on the job. Some claim the move is an effort by FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh to silence supporters of President Donald Trump.

According internal order reviewed by The New York Post, “The department reminds all members during this time of heightened political debate, particularly in the lead up to the November 2024 elections, to be mindful of engaging in conduct that creates division within our workplace. The workplace is generally not the appropriate place for political expression.”

In March, Ladder Co. 11 in the East Village was told to remove its “red line” American flag after a neighborhood resident complained it was “fascist” and a local politician questioned whether it was a “politically charged symbol.”

Ladder Co. 11 lost six brothers killed on 9/11, and the flag is to remember and honor the fallen.

After intense public backlash, Kavanagh and Hodgens reversed the decision.


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