WATCH: “Meanwhile, We Have Biden Throwing a BBQ at The White House” – American Survivor Left Stranded in Israel Discusses “Incredibly Frustrating” Response From Biden Regime After Rep. Cory Mills Brought Her Home

As Joe Biden takes rest days and Americans are left stranded in a war zone, everyday Americans are stepping up to do what the federal government won’t: save Americans.

Erica Knight, president of Knox Strategies, is a political and crisis communications expert. She has worked with some of the top political personalities in the country, has directed strategies on numerous campaigns, and is a trusted source in conservative media. With the help of media allies and social media, Erica spurred a daring rescue mission to Israel led by Congressman Cory Mills to save a friend in need of a miracle. Joe Biden was reportedly throwing a barbeque with live music earlier this month as innocent Israelis were slaughtered and Americans were in danger. He continued vacationing this past weekend at his beach home in Deleware as we inch closer and closer to World War III.

Here is an excerpt from a recent article by Erica in the Washington Examiner about how she, with the help of Mills and others, saved the lives of Silver Prout and more than 31 other American citizens:

News outlets have become more biased on both sides of the aisle, and America’s trust in the media is at an all-time low. As someone who works in political communications and is very familiar with defamation cases, even toward media outlets, I’ve seen false reporting ruin people’s lives. But this unfortunate swing has caused us to forget that there is also a power of media for good.

On Saturday, Oct. 7, I woke up to a text from a colleague and friend, Silver Prout, who happened to be on vacation in Israel. The country has been hit by evil Hamas terrorists.

The tour company my colleague was with assured her she was OK for several days and to just wait it out. But in a country plagued by war, seconds matter.

Finally, on Tuesday, Oct. 10, I got the call that required action: Please get me out of here. Iceland and Brazil are rescuing their citizens, and Americans are stuck with canceled flight after canceled flight. There is no plan to get home, Tel Aviv isn’t safe, and the State Department is completely silent.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Representative Mills, a United States Army 82nd Airborne Division veteran, ventured into Israel to save 32 Americans stranded in the middle of armed conflict and unable to find flights home. This was after Erica Knight blasted the message and notified the world that Americans were left behind.

“The State Department is playing everything on a hope and a prayer and no real strategy,” said Mills, slamming the Biden Regime for “funding the very terrorism that’s hitting our allies” and refusing to save stranded Americans.

Republican Congressman Cory Mills Rescues 32 Americans Trapped in Israel:’ If I Have to Do Joe Biden’s Job Then So Be It’ (Video)

Moments ago, The Gateway Pundit reported on a demonic phone call where a Hamas animal brags to his parents that he murdered 10 Jews “with my own hands.” With tears of joy, the proud father wailed, “Oh, my son, God bless you!” The mother also cried, “I wish I was with you,” before her terrorist son responded, “Your son is a hero! Kill, kill, kill!”

Yesterday, we also reported on a horrific presentation that IDF soldiers showed journalists, revealing 43 minutes of documented bloodshed and animalistic violence perpetrated on people in Israel with never-before-seen footage. “Make it stop,” journalists could be heard while watching the gory presentation. See some of the newly released footage of the environment that Americans were abandoned in here.

Thank God for Erica Knight, Cory Mills, and all who banded together to save our people from these monsters.

Still, make no mistake; they will do this to Americans at home when the Squad and radical left Democrats bring One Million Palestinians from Gaza to the US in a neighborhood near you. Already, a Democrat Michigan City Councilmember was “rallying the troops” by whipping up a pro-Palestine mob in the streets to harass drivers and incite fear.

Additionally, a Christian Turning Point USA member was violently attacked by a pro-Palestine-pro-Hamas mob in Skokie, Illinois (outside Chicago) on Sunday because he was trying to help a lost, elderly Jewish couple. This antisemitism is nothing new on college campuses, with groups like Students for Justice in Palestine calling for holy war against Jews. The Gateway pundit has reported extensively on pro-terror groups on college campuses, including Arizona State University, where students have called for the violent invasion of Israel and held signs that  state, “Death to America.”

This is a small taste of what is coming soon via our open borders.

Erica Knight and Israel invasion survivor Silver Prout recently appeared on Newsmax to discuss the heroism of Cory Mills while Joe Biden took another day off.

Watch below:


Bob Sellers: Just how frustrating was it to see other countries like Iceland and Brazil were getting their people out but the Biden administration, they remained silent? They actually said they weren’t going to help. Why? I mean, they had to have been frustrating.

Prout: It’s great to be back on American soil. Not only was it frustrating, it was incredibly disheartening as an American abroad to reach out to the State Department and get answers like you know, we’re sorry, out of office, it’s a holiday, best of luck, find your own way home, you know, work with a foreign airline. It was incredibly frustrating, especially when you see foreign nations acting quickly to get their citizens out. Iceland, Brazil, we now have reports of Mexico, and now a long list of countries that sprang into action to get their citizens home. Meanwhile, we have Biden, who is throwing a barbecue at the White House, who quite frankly could care less about American citizens, in my opinion, on the ground in Israel. incredibly frustrating.

Heather Childers: Erica, when you got the text from Silver, first of all, what was your initial reaction? And then how were you managed to get in touch with Congressman mills to jump to action?

Knight: Look, the fact that Silver even had to call me, who by the way, I’m a publicist; getting Americans out of a war was not really something on my resume at the time. This is a complete and total disaster of the State Department and the entire Biden administration. So, I need to finally get to Congressman Mills, I did what I knew how to do was get to the media. So, I called a reporter that I know well and that I know had helped in Afghanistan to get this message out, and she’s helped me before to get good stories out there. So, I called Caitlin Doornbos at the New York Post, who immediately, no questions asked, jumped into action, and she said, “Yes, absolutely. Can you get silver on the phone?” So, we FaceTime audioed in her in Israel at the time, and she was with a group of the other Americans, and within about an hour she got that story up there. And I just started sending it to everybody I knew, and finally a podcast host said, you know, “it’s crazy, Erica, Cory Mills just saw the story and he left, and he went to Israel. He is on his way there right now,” and I’m just like, no way, absolutely not. Within a few minutes I was on the phone with his amazing Chief of Staff, and she said, “get me her location. They can be there in three hours,” and I was like, great, this administration does nothing!

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