J6 Defendant Taylor Taranto’s Claims About Ashli Babbitt’s ‘Puppet Performance’ Ignites Violence In DC Gulag: ‘He May Be Put Here For Some Nefarious Reason …To Do Whatever He Was Sent Here To Do’

J6 defendants detained in the District of Columbia Central Detention Facility called The Gateway Pundit to address “false narratives” surrounding their contention with Taylor Taranto, the 37-year-old suspect apprehended with firearms in former President Barack Obama’s Washington, DC, neighborhood last week and accused of threatening several politicians.

As TGP reported, a fight broke out between Taranto and several inmates inside the “Patriot Wing” of the facility on Monday, resulting in 11 inmates getting sent to the hole.

During the Capitol riot, Taranto entered the Capitol building and was amongst the group of protesters who witnessed Ashli Babbitt’s death, alongside John ‘Jayden X’ Sullivan, who now resides in Ukraine as a war correspondent, suspected Antifa activist Zachary Alam, journalist Taylor Hansen and Infowars reporter Samuel Montoya.

While Taranto is clearly seen in footage of the incident, unlike other J6ers, he was not detained for his “role in the Capitol riot” until last week. On June 29, he was spotted by Secret Service blocks from Obama’s home, arrested and jailed in the DC gulag. Law enforcement officials found multiple weapons in the van in which Taranto was living, including some kind of unassembled explosive device akin to a Molotov cocktail.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations had already been “monitoring [Taranto’s] online activities” for two and half years following his presence at the Capitol on Jan. 6, according to federal prosecutors.

To date, Taranto’s charges are not listed in the DOJ’s online database, where the government’s indictments against J6 defendants are publicly disclosed, nor is Taranto listed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for US Capitol violence.

Last month, Taranto claimed Ashli Babbitt is a crisis actor. In a two-hour and thirty-six-minute interview with a YouTuber who uses the moniker D.O.A., Taranto warned Babbitt’s murder was actually a government-orchestrated “puppet performance.”


Days later, Taranto claimed while live-streaming outside of a DC school that students were prompted to evacuate because a “violent white supremacist” was in the vicinity of the school.


Allegedly, Taranto was aggressively and persistently proselytizing his views about Babbit’s death being orchestrated and defending his allegations from the moment he was released from his cell in the DC gulag to the general population, igniting agitation among the cell block of J6ers.

“As the situation quickly spun out of control, Taranto ‘doubled down” on his insults toward Ashli Babbitt — saying ‘he didn’t give a fuck about’ Ashli or her mother, Michelle Witthoeft,” TGP reported.

Political prisoner Barry Ramey, one of the inmates moved to solitary confinement following the altercation, questioned why Taranto was housed in the Patriot pod instead of a mental institution in light of his psychotic behavior. 

“We can only speculate, but it does seem very fishy — his doubling and tripling down on his actions and trying to enroll other J6ers in these views. He may be put here for some kind of nefarious reason, I don’t know what that reason is, but, just something doesn’t seem right,” Ramey told TGP in an exclusive interview. “He’s obviously a mental health case that needs to be evaluated on a mental health professional level.

“They had him behind his own locked cell and then on the fourth day, they let him roam around. He willingly walked around and spread his views and tried to enroll people in his agenda and his ideology — that was a very strange part to a lot of us. Somebody ordered him out of his cell and to do whatever he was sent there to do.”

The government is attempting to further muck the already smeared reputations of J6ers by associating them with Taranto’s terroristic actions and bizarre behavior, Ramey surmised. 

“We wanted him out to get a mental evaluation. We thought that he, more appropriately, should be housed in a different pod that caters to mental health,” he said. “The correctional officers agreed with us. When they went to the top administration. They came back and told us that, ‘Unbeknownst to them,’ which they themselves found odd, ‘the top administration of the DC jail demanded that he stayed housed with us.’ Having him around these guys in here puts them all at risk and him at risk.”

Inmates in the patriot pod are weary that the government has embedded Confidential Human Sources, undercover operatives, in the jail to “set people up.” Additionally, some J6 defendants have agreed to cooperate with the government in exchange for exoneration and lucrative payments. 

Ramey wrote a statement “on behalf of the guys that are here in the hole” to address false narratives and “clear the air.”

I would like to make a statement on behalf of the Patriot pod and the J6ers held in the DC jail. While I cannot comment on the exact details surrounding the situation due to an ongoing investigation, I can and will comment on thoughts that we collectively share as a group.

Recently, an individual by the name of Taylor Taranto was arrested for allegedly possessing firearms and explosives in front of former President Barack Obama’s DC residence. It is also alleged that he was ordered by a federal judge to be housed with J6ers, as he is facing misdemeanor charges surrounding the Capital protest on January 6, 2021.

Prior to his arrest, Taranto was seen on multiple occasions around the J6 vigil hosted by Micki Witthoeft, the mother of Ashli Babbitt, a woman who was murdered by Capitol Police on January 6. It was soon discovered that this individual was part of the group of Antifa members that counter-protest the Patriots at the vigil, usually by harassment and threats of violence.

Mr. Taranto deliberately played a loop of Ashley’s death on a projector screen outside the jail so that her mother Mickey would bear witness.

After bragging about the charges — getting caught with weapons outside of the residence of Barack Obama and openly admitting to showing the Ashli Babbitt footage on loop, as well as aligning with Antifa, we the J6ers decided to inform upper ranks of the DC jail to request his removal from the pod. It was at this time that we were informed that the upper echelons of the administration insist he must, for unknown reasons, remain in the unit.

Officers that brought Mr. Taranto into the pod kept them separated from us for approximately four days, until one officer let Mr. Taranto out into our general population housing.

On behalf of the January 6 community, while we wildly disagree with Obama’s policies collectively, but we in no way shape or form support any kind of acts of threats or violence towards him or his family. We do not condone Mr Taranto’s actions nor do we align with his extreme views.

While we overwhelmingly believe in compassion and forgiveness, we remain faithful to Ashli Babbitt and her life as well as our supporters. We have consciously decided to support Ashli and not Antifa as an agenda.

Respectfully, the real J6ers.

Members of Congress have not demanded an investigation into why Lt. Michael Byrd, who shot Babbitt in broad daylight was exonerated of all criminal charges.

In March, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told Babbitt’s mother, Micki Witthoeft, he has never seen the viral footage of Babbitt’s murder.

A Give-send-Go fundraiser launched by Babbitt’s family for a wrongful death lawsuit garnered approximately $500,000 in donations from patriots across the country, including the Gateway Pundit’s readers.

To date, no wrongful death lawsuit on Babbitt’s behalf has been filed and the statute of limitations has passed.

In Washington, D.C., the statute of limitations for a wrongful death claim or survival action is two years from the date of the person’s death. If the case is not filed before this deadline, recovery may be barred altogether.

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